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Orbal arts (導力魔法,), commonly referred to as arts (アーツ), are a form of magic that can be activated by using a tactical orbment.


The quartz set in the tactical orbment determines which arts can be used, i.e. to cast water arts the tactical orbment needs to be equipped with quartz associated with the water element. Although it depends on the generation of orbment, a party member can utilize a multitude of arts depending on various factors including:the user's orbment aptitude, the number of quartzes installed the totalled elemental value, the presence of master quartz or the rarity of quartz.


It is noted that at some point in the ancient past, people could cast arts without an orbment, however this talent was lost over the centuries and remains with only a very small number of groups such as the Hexen Clan of Erebonia. typically, older bloodlines tend to have higher mana reserves as well, with some like the Arnor bloodline being particularly strong.

Since the innovation of Orbments by Professor C. Epstein during the Orbal Revolution, their usage has seen a significant increase across the entire Zemurian continent and have generally thought to have improved living standards. While most of the population harmed the generated Orbal Energy for powering mechanical peripherals and devices, it was eventually discovered that the users themselves can harness the Orbments.

The other purpose is defined as Orbal Arts, magic that is discharged through the exclusive use of Battle Orbments. Usually, only specialists from recognized organizations such as the Bracer Guild, the local authorities such as the police, and the nations' military are considered qualified to use orbal arts, for purposes such as protecting civilians. Brand Makers such as the Epstein Foundation, Zeiss Central Factory and Reinford Group are tasked with the research and new development of the modules for the population. There are factors that determine an individual's capability of performing Arts:

  • The latest Orbment model with the number of slots and lines (upgraded if possible)
  • Quartz that are found in the wild, or synthesized from orbal factories within towns.
  • The user's aptitude to which his/her Orbment is adjusted to.

Arts appear in varieties with multiple purposes and effects such as curing wounds, attack projectiles, or even turn the hands of time. Historically, depending on the Orbment itself and the Quartz setting, the formula for any individual the type of Arts an individual can utilize would vary depending on the elemental value and combination of the installed quartz. In modern orbments, the arts can be called upon depend on the type and rarity of the quartz itself.

Other Types of Orbal Art

Aside from the normal type of arts, there are some rarer or uncommon types.

  • Lost Arts: introduced in Trails of Cold Steel II. Ancient and extremely powerful magic from the Dark Ages that has been lost for centuries until its rediscovery due to the Azure Phenomenon in Crossbell.
  • Master Arts: Exclusive Arts only to Ao no Kiseki (+EVO). Unlocked once a Master Quartz reaches level 5.
  • EX Arts: Exclusive mecha-scale arts used in the 2nd-4th games of the Trails of Cold Steel series. One of the indispensable features of the Divine Knight System.