Orchis Tower (Ao)

The Orchis Tower during its public reveal on August 31st, S.1204.

The Orchis Tower (オルキスタワー) is a 40-story tower located in the north of Crossbell City, Crossbell.


The Orchis Tower serves both as the new city hall for Crossbell City, replacing the old city hall in the Administrative District, and as an international hub for conferences and a trading centre.

Construction on the Orchis Tower was completed on August 30, S.1204. It was unveiled to the public on August 31, S.1204, alongside new mayor Dieter Crois' assumption of office as well as the start of the West Zemuria Trade Conference, which was held in the Orchis Tower.


Trails of Cold Steel III


  • The Orchis Tower is considered the largest man-made structure in Zemuria.

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