The Order of the Moonlight Horse (月光木馬團) was an organization of assassins that had been operational since the Dark Ages, until its destruction in S. 1194. The Dark Ages ended in S. 500, meaning the organization had existed for at least 700 years.


The Order of the Moonlight Horse was an organization of assassins. Sharon Kreuger was formerly a member; back then, she had the title of "Severing Chains" passed down to her, and she was only known by her designation as "Kreuger" (not taking up the name "Sharon" until much later). She described herself as being its second most skilled member when she was 13 (in S. 1194).

In its final years, the organization held a rivalry with a then-new faction, Ouroboros, behind the scenes. In S. 1194, the rivalry ended when Ouroboros's most powerful agents - McBurn, Leonhardt and Arianrhod - destroyed the Order. However, three of its members migrated to Ouroboros:


  • When Sharon confronted the Emperor in Hajimari no Kiseki, he remarked that he knew that Sharon was a member of the Moonlight Horse, and Sharon was surprised for him to be aware of this. This suggests there is a connection between the Emperor's Organization and the Order, as they are both assassination organizations, however the Emperor's organization is still standing.
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