“Heed my call, Ordine!”
— Crow Armbrust, summoning Ordine

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Ordine, the Azure Knight ((あお)騎神(きしん)) is one of the seven Divine Knights of Erebonia.



Black Alberich described Ordine, Valimar and Zector as being the three weakest of the seven Divine Knights. Ordine possess a so-called "Boost Mode". Crow once commented to Duke Cayenne on the non-omnipotence of Divine Knights, specifically commenting that Ordine wouldn't be able to annihilate Garrelia Fortress the way Crossbell's Aions could.

Just like its Awakener, Ordine wields a double saber.


Ordine's final (and only known) Awakener was Crow Armbrust. In S.1201, Armbrust, the leader of the Imperial Liberation Front, acting on the guidance of Vita Clotilde, successfully completed the trials to become Ordine's Awakener in Ordis, Lamarre Province. He described the trials he went through to become Ordine's Awakener as identical to the trials Rean Schwarzer went through to obtain Valimar in the Old Schoolhouse.

Crow kept his Divine Knight and Awakener status a secret to the public for the next three years, including to his fellow classmates at Thors Military Academy. He finally unveiled it publicly when he revealed himself to be the ILF leader (previously masked and using the alias of "C") during the breakout of the October War. As a matter of fact, G. Schmidt used Ordine as the basis for the design of the Panzer Soldats, which became standardized Erebonian weaponry beginning with the war.

On two occasions throughout the war, Crow and Ordine effortlessly crushed the relatively inexperienced Valimar. Crow attributed this to Rean's relative inexperience. Towards the end of the war, they were finally defeated in the Infernal Castle thanks to Rean's bonds with his friends and newfound experience. Afterwards, Valimar and Ordine worked together to halt the Vermillion Apocalypse, but Ordine was struck in the heart during the process, causing the seeming death of Crow.

Because Ordine itself wasn't fatally damaged in the attack, Crow was later able to revive himself as an Immortal during his time as Gnomes agent Azure Siegfried. After losing the Siegfried identity, Rean/Valimar and Crow/Ordine held the First Rivalry in the Bryonia Island shrine. Ordine lost, which would normally dictate the absorption of Oridne (and therefore the termination of Crow's immortality), but Valimar declared Ordine as its kin and refused to absorb it.

Ordine went on to assist Valimar in every subsequent Rivalry. At the end of the game, with the Rivalries completed, all of the Divine Knights were permanently gone.


Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Name Description Class CP
Craft (Sen Skill).png Arc Slash


[Attack - Can't guard/counter]

30% chance to unbalance.

B 20
Craft (Sen Skill).png Criminal Edge


[Attack - Can't guard/counter]

60% chance to unbalance.

S 40
Craft (Sen Skill).png Chaos Saber


[Attack - STR-25% (3 turns) - Can't guard/counter]

90% chance to unbalance.

S+ 60
Craft (Sen Skill).png Blade Throw


[Attack - DEF-25% (3 turns) - Can't guard/counter]

90% chance to unbalance.

S+ 60

Monster Book Entry

Azure Knight
Ordine (Sen Monster).png
LV80 STR6171
HP242000 DEF12100
Knight by the name of Ordine, with Crow as its Awakener. Fights with a double saber, completely free of hesitation.
Elemental Efficacy
Earth (Sen Element).png 100
Water (Sen Element).png 100
Fire (Sen Element).png 100
Wind (Sen Element).png 100
Sepith Dropped
Earth (Sen Sepith).png×1 Water (Sen Sepith).png×1 Fire (Sen Sepith).png×1 Wind (Sen Sepith).png×1
Time (Sen Sepith).png×1 Space (Sen Sepith).png×1 Mirage (Sen Sepith).png×1 Mass (Sen Sepith).png×1
Unbalance Efficacy
Slash (Sen Attack Type).png Thrust (Sen Attack Type).png Pierce (Sen Attack Type).png Strike (Sen Attack Type).png
Star (Sen Percent).pngStar Off (Sen Percent).pngStar Off (Sen Percent).pngStar Off (Sen Percent).png Star (Sen Percent).pngStar Off (Sen Percent).pngStar Off (Sen Percent).pngStar Off (Sen Percent).png Star (Sen Percent).pngStar Off (Sen Percent).pngStar Off (Sen Percent).pngStar Off (Sen Percent).png Star (Sen Percent).pngStar Off (Sen Percent).pngStar Off (Sen Percent).pngStar Off (Sen Percent).png
Status Efficacy
Poison (Sen Status).png 0 Burn (Sen Status).png 0 Deathblow (Sen Status).png 0
Seal (Sen Status).png 0 Freeze (Sen Status).png 0 Nightmare (Sen Status).png 0
Mute (Sen Status).png 0 Petrify (Sen Status).png 0 AT Delay (Sen Status).png 100
Blind (Sen Status).png 0 Faint (Sen Status).png 0 Vanish (Sen Status).png 0
Sleep (Sen Status).png 0 Confuse (Sen Status).png 0 S Down (Sen Status).png 0


  • Of all the Divine Knights except Valimar, Ordine was the only one:
    • That appeared in each of the Cold Steel games.
    • That Valimar never absorbed the power of.


Trails of Cold Steel I and II


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