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Ored (オレド自治州) is a small state acknowledged by the Septian Church.[Note 1]


In S.1197, Ored hosted the annual archaeology conference.[2]

Meteor & Co.,[JP 1] affiliated with Heiyue, is trying to gain foothold in the state and therefore has focused its business on domestic affairs.[3]

During the Great War, Ored's National Guard allied itself with Mille Mirage force in order to obstruct the Imperial Army of Erebonia's northern invasion of Calvard.[4]


Ored is in Northern Zemuria, bordering Remiferia to the West and Calvard to the South. It is reputably a country of 'unspoiled beauty', suggesting that is not very developed and features lots of naturally appealing terrain.


Ored is known for its hot springs, agriculture, spices, first flush tea, vanilla beans and high quality vegetables (such as garlic).[5][3][6]

Marduk Total Security Company abbreviate MTSC is a security company based in Ored. They specialize in providing security services to companies but have recently expanded into military services.


Ored is accessible by both Transcontinental Railroad[5] and international airliners.[1]

Noteworthy characters

Noteworthy characters from Ored include:


  • "Ored's Unspoiled Beauty"[JP 2] is a book found in Trails in the Sky the 3rd.
  • Richard is asked to investigate the markets in Ored by Mirano. He states the Reins brothers are stationed near there.
  • Gladys of Legion's foods in Crossbell claims to have spices from the Ored State, and later garlic is available.
  • Bennet feels like she can make great bread from the flour from Ored State.
  • Xin mentions that he is familiar with Ored due to Heiyue's affliate, the Ryushin Company, for example citing his knowledge of the hot springs.
  • F. Novartis states that there was a disturbance somewhere in Ored State that messed with his research following the events of Elysium.



  1. In Trails in the Sky the 3rd, Star Door 12: "I Accept Your Request", Kanone Amalthea refers to Ored as a "small place".[1]


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