Ored (オレド自治州) is a small state acknowledged and controlled by the Septian Church.[Note 1]


In S.1197, Ored hosted the annual archaeology conference.[2]

During the World War, Ored's National Guard allied itself with Mille Mirage force in order to obstruct the Imperial Army of Erebonia's northern invasion of Calvard.[3]


Ored is a rather inland state, accessible by both Transcontinental Railroad[4] and international airliners.[1]


Ored is known for its hot springs, agriculture, spices, first flush tea, vanilla beans and high quality vegetables (such as garlic).[4][5][4][6] Meteor & Co.,[JP 1] affiliated with Heiyue, is still trying to gain foothold in the state and therefore has focused its business on domestic affairs.[5]

Noteworthy characters

Noteworthy characters from Ored include:

  • The Reins brothers[1]




  1. In Trails in the Sky the 3rd, Star Door 12: "I Accept Your Request", Kanone Amalthea refers to Ored as a "small place".[1]


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