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Oscar (オスカー) is a baker working at Morges Bakery in Crossbell City and later Bakery-Lafite in Heimdallr for training.



Oscar is a tall young man with medium length dark blue hair and turquoise eyes. He wears a chef's uniform consisting of a sous chef hat and top with red trim, navy trousers and white boots. There is a light blue apron tied around his waist and he wears red oven gloves.


Oscar is fairly confident in his abilities, and Morges feels he is more than qualified to be calling the shots on what makes good bread in the bakery. He has a rivalry with Bennet over who can create the best breads, a comparison Oscar has nearly always one. Despite this rivalry, there is a hint that Bennet has feelings for Oscar, which others note Oscar is oblivious to. Oscar is passionate about improving his skills but acknowledges that he has learnt a lot from his rival as well, caring a lot for her well being. He is quite humble, feeling that he still has a long way to go.

Trails from/to Zero and Azure

Oscar works in Morges Bakery. Oscar is a childhood friend of Lloyd Bannings and enthusiastically greets him upon his return to the city after 3 years away. The Special Support Section complete a mission helping Oscar to gather ingredients. Bennet meanwhile, thinking hard about how to create the best bread in an effort to outdo Oscar, a contest she has never been able to win.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

Oscar travels to Bakery-Lafite in Heimdallr for training. During the summer festival, they are hosting a creative bread contest, and Bennet, who has followed Oscar there, decides to participate as well in an effort to outdo her rival. Oscar has a close working relationship with Philly, which makes Bennet jealous. When Cryptids and Magic Knights appear in the city, Oscar asks the two women to help get others to safety.

Oscar returns to Morges Bakery in Crossbell City following the evacuation in the Great Twilight. Soon after, he learns that he is to enlist in the Imperial Army of Erebonia as a frontline cook. Seeing no other alternative, Oscar decides to comply with the request and makes preparations, but he does not participate too long as the war ends swiftly.

Trails into Reverie

He later returns to Morges Bakery after being dismissed from the army when it is taken over by Supreme Leader Rufus Albarea, Oscar is helping to clear the shop. It is clear that the curse is affecting Bennet and giving her lots of anxiety as she muses that Supreme Leader Rufus may be needed to ensure peace. After helping Oscar to bake some natural bellberry bread - the first thing Bennet taught Oscar - the SSS finally manage to get through to her, and Oscar pledges to take the bakery forwards together with her. Oscar states he will try to be more receptive to her feelings.

When the city is attacked by the Crossbellan authorities, Oscar brought some supplies he had stockpiled and gave it to them as a sign of support.