Ouroboros (身喰(みく)らう(へび)), also known as the Society (結社(けっしゃ)), is a mysterious organisation that operates from the shadows.


With its access to powerful, talented agents and the latest technological advances, it is (in)directly involved in many incidents that occur in Zemuria. Their ideals often clash with those of other parties, such as long-time rival the Septian Church and more recently the Bracer Guild.


It is unknown when exactly Ouroboros was founded.

Its leader, the Grandmaster, started recruiting forces from S.1185 onward. In S.1186,[Note 1] she invites Lianne Sandlot. Sandlot initially rejects her invitation to continue her search for Dreichels Reise Arnor's transmigrated soul.[3] Once she finds him living a happy life as Giliath Osborne, she is relieved to find Ishmelga has not yet transmigrated along[3]. Reassured, but wary the darkness cannot have disappeared entirely,[3] she considers and eventually accepts the Grandmaster's invitation to serve her at Ouroboros.[3][4]

The Grandmaster, however, immediately warns her for an impending crisis. The instant she took her eyes off Osborne, the darkness reared its head again. Lianne speeds to Osborne's house, but was unable to make it in time: In order to save his son's life, Osborne had made a pact with Ishmelga, who had been waiting for Dreichels' reincarnation for 200 years.[3] On that moment, Lianne decides to help advance Ouroboros' Phantasmal Blaze Plan, absorb the strength of the five other Deus-Excellion in her Knight and slaughter Ishmelga for once and for all.[4] She assumes the identity of Arianrhod and serves the Grandmaster as the seventh Anguis.

Other Anguis were recruited in the following years. First, the ex-communicated bishop of the Septian Church, Georg Weissmann. Then, in S.1194, the Fourth Anguis and his partners from the Order of the Moonlight Horse, Kreuger of the Severing Chains and Golden Butterfly, join her side. In S.1197, Vita Clotilde leaves the Hexen Clan behind to join Ouroboros.[Note 2]


Earliest reports of their involvement date back to S.1192, prior to the Hundred Days War, but it is generally assumed that the organisation has been around for much longer. Ouroboros is operating in order to complete the Orpheus Final Plan, which is divided into three phases: the Gospel Plan, the Phantasmal Blaze Plan and the Eternal Regression Plan. The meaning behind the Grandmaster's plans is guiding and witnessing what endings await the Sept-Terrion in the hands of the man of "this possible world".[7]

The aim of the first phase, Gospel Plan, was to obtain the Sept-Terrion of Space, the Aureole, which was in the possession of the House of Auslese. The Aureole possesses the ability to generate infinite amounts of energy, which led its original owners to seal it away in an alternate dimension. Ouroboros used the Gospel, a terminal of the Aureole, to release the seals situated in City of Grancel's Sealed Area and the four Tetracyclic Towers. From the alternative dimension emerged the floating city of Liber Ark, on which Ouroboros retrieved the Aureole from its core. The Gospel Plan was guided by the third Anguis, Georg Weissmann.

The second phase, Phantasmal Blaze Plan, was "a plan to use the Hollow Phantasm of Crossbell to awaken the blaze in the Empire". For this plan, Ouroboros was operating simultaneously in Crossbell and Erebonia. In Crossbell, they collaborated with the Crois Family to witness the completion of the man-made Sept-Terrion of Zero. In Erebonia they staged battles between the Sept-Terrion related Deus-Excellion until they were placed into a deadlock by Giliath Osborne. They decided to collaborate with him and advance his Great Twilight Plan.

The third and last phase, Eternal Regression Plan, started after completion of the Phantasmal Blaze Plan. The aim and scope of this plan are currently unknown.


Main articles: Anguis and Enforcers

Ouroboros is led by the infallible Grandmaster, loyally supported by the seven Anguis. All seven seats of the Anguis are occupied; if one seat does happen to open up, the Grandmaster is responsible for inviting someone to take this seat.

Anguis I
Anguis II
Anguis III
Anguis IV
Anguis V
Anguis VI
Anguis VII
Thirteen Factories
Enhancer Jaegers

The plans drafted by the Grandmaster and overseen by the Anguis are executed by the powerful agents known as Enforcers. The first Enforcer, Campanella, is the only Enforcer known to report back directly to the Grandmaster. Some Anguis, such as the Seventh, also has a private army at their disposal.

 Relation with the Septian Church

Like Ouroboros, the Congregation of the Sacraments of the Septian Church, in particular, the Gralsritter, also seeks artifacts. There are, however, some differences in their approaches to artifacts.

The Septian Church has dedicated its chivalric order to retrieve 'live' artifacts to subsequently seal them away in Primal Grounds underneath buildings of the Church. Ouroboros, however, seeks the Sept-Terrion for a greater purpose aimed to guide "the souls of all"[9] and hands Artifacts to people to help them, such as the Fool's Locket to Hermann Conrad[10] or the equipment required for the stage at Arc en Ciel.[11]




  1. In S.1206, it was "20 years" ago.[1] It is unknown whether Ouroboros already existed or whether Lianne Sandlot had already assumed the alias of Arianrhod. Arianrhod severed her ties with Roselia, whom she met for the first time in "approximately 20 years" in S.1206.[2]
  2. From S.1204, this happened "7 years ago",[5] and "half a year" later after Vita Clotilde left the village as a "wandering witch",[6] putting this event in the first half of the year.


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