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Rean Schwarzer and Toval Randonneur activating their Overdrive ability in Trails of Cold Steel II.

Overdrive (オーバーライズ) is an ability introduced in Trails of Cold Steel II. A small, red icon at the upper right corner of the screen gradually fills as actions are performed in battle. Once filled, two linked characters can go into Overdrive for three uninterrupted turns, which restores 30% of HP, EP, and CP, clears all status abnormalities, causes all attacks to unbalance enemies, and allows all orbal arts to be cast instantly (including Lost Arts).


The Overdrive ability is introduced at the start of Act 1: "Ashen Chronicles", day 1 when facing Grunoja at the entrance of Lunaria Nature Park between Rean Schwarzer and Toval Randonneur.

Overdrive requires certain character pairings:

  • Rean can always Overdrive with any other party member.
  • Other members of Class VII may Overdrive with each other after completing the blue Trial Chests found during the game. A typical Trial Chest contains a boss battle to challenge two specific characters, unlocking Overdrive for that pair. They must be both present in the party (attack or support) and they will be the only participants when the chest is opened. Some Trial Chests require four characters and unlock Overdrive between each of the six combinations.
  • Guest party members may only overdrive with Rean and certain Class VII members whom they have a special connection with (Toval with Sara, Claire with Millium, Sharon with Alisa).
  • In the Reverie Corridor in Epilogue: "Winter's End", all restrictions on Overdrive pairings are waived.

A second red icon is unlocked starting in Act 2: "The Awakening Lions", day 1, and allows storing up to two Overdrive actions at one time.

List of Overdrive character pairs

Character 1 Character 2 Acquire
Rean Schwarzer Toval Randonneur Initial
Rean Schwarzer Machias Regnitz Initial, East Celdic Highway 2
Rean Schwarzer Elliot Craig Initial, East Celdic Highway 3
Rean Schwarzer Fie Claussell Initial, East Celdic Highway 3
Machias Regnitz Elliot Craig Trial Chest, East Celdic Highway 3
Elliot Craig Fie Claussell Trial Chest, Twin Dragons Bridge - Garrelia Side
Fie Claussell Machias Regnitz Trial Chest, Terra Shrine
Rean Schwarzer Claire Rieveldt Initial
Rean Schwarzer Gaius Worzel Initial, Lake Lacrima
Rean Schwarzer Alisa Reinford Initial, Nord Highlands - Northeast
Rean Schwarzer Millium Orion Initial, Nord Highlands - Northeast
Alisa Reinford Millium Orion Trial Chest, Nord Highlands - North
Alisa Reinford Gaius Worzel Trial Chest, Aria Shrine
Gaius Worzel Millium Orion Trial Chest, Nord Highlands - South
Rean Schwarzer Sharon Kreuger Initial
Rean Schwarzer Laura S. Arseid Initial, Lohengrin Castle
Rean Schwarzer Emma Millstein Initial, Lohengrin Castle
Laura S. Arseid Emma Millstein Trial Chest, Aqua Shrine
Rean Schwarzer Jusis Albarea Initial
Rean Schwarzer Sara Valestein Initial
Fie Claussell Sara Valestein Trial Chest, Garrelia Fortress
Emma Millstein Fie Claussell Trial Chest, Ancient Quarry
Emma Millstein Gaius Worzel
Emma Millstein Jusis Albarea
Fie Claussell Gaius Worzel
Fie Claussell Jusis Albarea
Gaius Worzel Jusis Albarea
Laura S. Arseid Machias Regnitz Trial Chest, Twin Dragons Bridge
Laura S. Arseid Gaius Worzel
Laura S. Arseid Sara Valestein
Machias Regnitz Gaius Worzel
Machias Regnitz Sara Valestein
Gaius Worzel Sara Valestein
Jusis Albarea Millium Orion Trial Chest, North Kreuzen Highway 3
Alisa Reinford Emma Millstein Trial Chest, Spina Byroad
Elliot Craig Emma Millstein Trial Chest, Nortia Highway 3
Elliot Craig Millium Orion
Elliot Craig Sara Valestein
Emma Millstein Millium Orion
Emma Millstein Sara Valestein
Millium Orion Sara Valestein
Elliot Craig Gaius Worzel Trial Chest, Sachsen Mountain Path 2
Fie Claussell Laura S. Arseid Trial Chest, Eisengard Mountain
Alisa Reinford Fie Claussell Trial Chest, Terra Shrine - Trial
Machias Regnitz Millium Orion Trial Chest, Terra Shrine - Trial
Fie Claussell Millium Orion Trial Chest, Aria Shrine - Trial
Jusis Albarea Sara Valestein Trial Chest, Aria Shrine - Trial
Laura S. Arseid Millium Orion Trial Chest, Aqua Shrine - Trial
Alisa Reinford Machias Regnitz Trial Chest, Aqua Shrine - Trial
Alisa Reinford Sara Valestein Trial Chest, Ignis Shrine - Trial
Emma Millstein Machias Regnitz Trial Chest, Ignis Shrine - Trial
Alisa Reinford Elliot Craig Trial Chest, North Kreuzen Highway 2
Alisa Reinford Laura S. Arseid
Alisa Reinford Jusis Albarea
Elliot Craig Laura S. Arseid
Elliot Craig Jusis Albarea
Laura S. Arseid Jusis Albarea
Machias Regnitz Jusis Albarea Trial Chest, Aurochs Canyon 2
Lloyd Bannings Rixia Mao Initial, Divertissement: "The Occupation"

Special effects

When a pair of characters reach link level of 7, the common link ability Overdrive 2 increases both characters' damage output by ×1.2 during Overdrive.

Crafts such as Rean Schwarzer's Spirit Unification and Lloyd Bannings's Burning Heart 2 which have 0 delay do not count toward the uninterrupted turns if not used as the final turn. This allows them to apply the self buff then immediately act with Overdrive still in effect.

All victories with Overdrive in effect count as though a link attack is used for victory dialogue, even if the final attack was an orbal art with no link attack.

Switching a character's link partner or calling in a support character will cancel the Overdrive.