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Panzer Soldats (機甲兵(パンツァー・ゾルダ)) are humanoid combat armours, developed in secrecy by the 5th Development Division of the Reinford Group on behalf of the Noble Alliance for the Erebonian Civil War in S.1204.


Described as "knights for the modern age,"[1] are modelled after the Divine Knight Ordine. Ordine was found in S.1201 underneath Ordis, provincial capital of the Lamarre Province, and was reverse-engineered by Professor G. Schmidt per request of Duke Cayenne. Unlike the original Divine Knight's armours of Zemurian Ore, the Panzer Soldats are made of hardened steel.

In Trails of Cold Steel, Group A discovered that Reinford Group's 1st Factory had been dumping significant amounts of ore out of Sachsen Iron Mine in Roer into the black market but couldn't figure out what they were used for. It is highly likely that the Soldats were manufactured using the smuggled ore.

Panzer Soldats were first employed in battle during the occupation of Heimdallr on 30 October S.1204. After the assassination of Chancellor Giliath Osborne, the Noble Alliance situated its flagship, the Pantagruel, above the Imperial capital and deploys the Panzer Soldats from there. The 1st Armored Division of the Imperial Army was powerless against the units and suffered major losses against them.

After the civil war, Panzer Soldats became a part of the Imperial Army's arsenal. Some units are also sent to both Thors Military Academy's main campus and branch campus, as training to pilot them has become part of the curriculum for most of the classes.

Panzer Soldats are succeeded by the Magic Soldats, introduced in Trails of Cold Steel IV.

Types of Panzer Soldats

Image Name Known pilots
Drakkhen (Senn II)
Drakkhen II - Introduction (CS III)
Drakkhen II
Monster - Soldat - Goliath (sen2)
Goliath Noa - Introduction (CS III)
Goliath Noa
Hector Bardias (Sen II)
Hector Mk.II - Introduction (CS III)
Hector Mk. II
Monster - Soldat - Kestrel (sen2)
Kestrel Beta - Introduction (CS III)
Kestrel Beta
Monster - Soldat - Spiegel (sen2)

Aurelia Le Guin's Spiegel

Spiegel S - Introduction (CS III)

Speigel S (Cedric) - Introduction (CS III)

Cedric Reise Arnor's Spiegel S

Aurelia's Spiegel - Introduction (CS III)

Aurelia Le Guin's Spiegel S

Spiegel S


Trails of Cold Steel II

Trails of Cold Steel III


  • Panzer Soldat is German for 'Armoured Soldier'.


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