Paranormal Crossbell Collection (クロスベル怪奇(かいき)全集(ぜんしゅう)) is a book that can be found in Zero no Kiseki in the Crossbell City Library.


Paranormal Crossbell Collection

Crossbell is home to numerous unsolved mysteries.

There are numerous unexplored ruins throughout the state. An innumerable number of people have been injured while seeking answers or treasure.

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<Case 1: Moaning in the Ancient Battlefield>

Did you know? History tells us that the Ancient Battlefield, found along Old Armorica Road, was the location of a great battle between the Empire and the Republic in ancient times.

Many years ago, Mr. A (alias), a CGF officer, investigated the battlefield.

The unit commanded by Mr. A searched until they came across an ancient fort. They heard a voice from within calling, '...Someone...find...' Thinking someone was trapped in the fort, the unit tried to find a way in to no avail. After a fruitless search, they soon stopped hearing the voice. Tired, they set out back home, convinced that it was just in their heads.

Then, they heard the voice again:

' heeead...'

It was a frightened, male voice.

Upon hearing it, the soldiers felt a sense of dread and vertigo wash over them. They fled, fearing for their lives. Mr. A's unit did not report this to anyone and swore to never speak of it. However, rumors began to spread. More and more reports have claimed that a voice was searching for something in the Ancient Battlefield.

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Is it a ghost of an ancient soldier? Or worse? The truth is still out there, waiting to be found. It's up to you whether or not you believe it.




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