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Parm (パルム) , also known as Parm, the Spinning Town (紡績町パルム), is a town in the Sutherland Province, Erebonia. It flourished through its wool cultivation and spinning workshops.


Trails in the Sky SC

When the Aureole caused the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon in February S.1203, the entirety of Liberl and southernmost parts of the Sutherland Province, including Parm, faced a total black-out of orbal technology.

Around this mid-winter period - which happened to be milder than the average winter - all orbal devices, such as lightning, communications and heaters, suddenly stopped working. For a week, Parm's inhabitants resorted on their trustworthy waterwheel technology while seeking support from the now-Provincial Army of Sutherland.

The 3rd Armored Division, commanded by Lieutenant General Zechs Vander, used remodelled steam tanks to march from the Dreknor Fortress to Parm. They provided shelters for its citizens and moved on to the Titus Gate to march onto Liberlian territory. After their attempt to intimidate and infiltrate the kingdom proved to be futile, the Armored Division once again withdraws to Parm.

Trails of Cold Steel

Parm is one of the locations visited by Thors Military Academy Class VII's Group B on a field study. This group consist of Jusis, Machias, Emma, Fie and Gaius. It was said to be not very successful due to the constant arguing between Jusis and Machias. Instructor Sara Valestein had to leave Group A to go and sort the troubles out.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

Parm is seen for the first time when Rean Schwarzer leads the new Class VII on a field exercise of their own in the Sutherland Province. They provide assistance to the locals and meet some of Rean's old schoolmates such as Mint and Laura S. Arseid in the Vander Training school. The residents of Parm witness the wave of darkness that flows over the land when the Great Twilight begins.

During the Great Twilight, Class VII visit Parm during their hunts for spiritual singularities. Some of Thors Branch Campus students are hiding out in Parm, Pablo and Tatiana, to gather information. The town itself is beginning to struggle as ingredients, medicines and supplies are being redirected for the war effort. The dojo was also taken over by the army.


Entrance gate to Parm from the South Sutherland Highway.

Manager's Home

  • Manager Gallart
  • Logy

Waterwheel technology has been around in Erebonia since S.900 - S.1000. While virtually all imperial cities and town have shifted to exclusively orbal technology, Parm's insistence on waterwheels proved to be useful during the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon in S.1203, when Liberl and the southern regions of Erebonia had all appliances with orbal technology shut down.

Vander Training Hall

  • Rafi
  • Katia
  • Walton

The chapel in the northern part of Parm.

Arms & Orbal Factory - Dwight

  • Dwight (owner)

General Store - Jerome

  • Jerome (owner)
  • Louisa (wife/shopkeeper)

Inn - The White Footpath

  • Bertrand (innkeeper)
  • Customers: Orvid

Parm Chapel

  • Father Hobbins
  • Sister Simone

Parm - Home

  • Sheila and her husband, Jack


  • Iris (Iris' Souvenirs Stall)
  • Clover and Catan (children, playfriends)
  • McRae
  • Old Woman Tolala



  • Parm was the first location in Erebonia mentioned by name that still exists, since Hamel was wiped off the map.
  • In the centre of Parm's plaza is a stone engraved with an English description of the town. It says "Parm is the southernmost [town] of the Empire", recommends visitors to buy silk as a souvenir and provides directions to Saint-Arkh and "the" Legram.
  • In Trails of Cold Steel II's Act 2, Olivert Reise Arnor contacts Class VII aboard the Courageous from the vicinity of Parm.