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Patiry (パティリー) is the childhood friend of Machias Regnitz.



Patiry is a young woman with brown eyes and red hair, tied back into a pony tail. In her initial appearance, she wears a maid-like dress with a red cravat and frilly white headband, but switches to a blue and cream blouse and skirt when travelling around Erebonia. She also wears a blue sleeveless jumper and an off-white waist apron. When she moves to Crossbell for employment, she wears a yellow skirt suit over a white shirt and lavender bow. She also wears tights and high-heeled shoes.


Outwardly, Patiry has a very aggressive and hostile personality, taking offence easily and quick to come to insults and profanities. Below this exterior though, she has a more caring side, looking after her friend Kargo and showing some concern for childhood friend Machias. She holds a sense of fairness and does not appreciate those who try to take advantage of others or threaten her home.


Patiry is the childhood friend of Machias and has known him for many years. Carl Regnitz, affectionately referred to as 'Uncle karl' used to give her extra food. Kargo is her protégé and she has taught him all he knows.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Patiry is met for the first time in Heimdallr's Ost District where it is revealed she is the childhood friend of Machias. She is outwardly quite antagonistic but is is revealed she secretly missed Machias and felt sad and lonely until his return as part of Class VII's field studies. She is selling balloons as part of the summer festival, but is having mixed success due to her aggressive demeanour. Patiry refers to herself and Kargo as 'delinquents'. She warns the group about the waterway and its entrance in the Ost District, stating she once had to get Kargo out of there and that there are monsters. She and Kargo attend the Thors Academy Festival and seek out Machias.

After the October War breaks out, Patiry and Kargo set box and drum can traps up for the soldiers patrolling the Ost district. these traps fail to take their full intended effect and the soldiers come after the pair. Patiry holds off the soldiers whilst Kargo makes his escape and they make plans to flee the city and reconvene in a location far removed, but Patiry messes up her directions, sending Kargo to Legram whilst she herself heads to Ymir. After finding Kargo , Class VII help him reunite with Patiry in Ymir. Patiry refers to Ymir as part of her 'territory' now and says any one challenging her has to beat her in a snowball fight.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Patiry take sup employment in Crossbell at the Times Department Store. She impressed the manager with her ability to make apple sauce using her fist and some apples. The new manager is not as keen on Patiry however, and has tried to get her fired on more occasion, only not doing so because Cynthia requested he not do so. The root of this is because Patiry thinks the new manager, Erich, is fishy and jacks up the prices or misleads customers, and she threatened to mess him up, which he perceived as an attack. He does acknowledge her popularity with customers however. Before new Class VII and their instructor, Rean are recognised, it seems Patiry can put on a smiling face and calm positive demeanour, which she quickly drops when she recognises them. Patiry is very helpful to the customers and is aggressive to those who try to take advantage of them or make them wait. She mentions a different story about having sent her resume to the department store by mistake but will make short work of any delinquents who try their luck in 'her' store.

Patiry attends the summer festival, stating she is on vacation but will still help out at the pub.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

After the attack on Heimdallr by Magic Knight's and Cryptids, Patiry leaves the city. She pursues Kargo who also fled the city after helping to get people out, and she can be seen in various places across the empire, searching for him. She encounters Anton and praises his guts for his pursuit of love and the lengths he is willing to go for it. She eventually is reunited with Kargo in Crossbell, tracking him down to St. Ursula Medical College. To pay his medical bills, she opens a merchandise store in Mishelam Wonderland and drags Machias in to help.

She returns to Times to repay Cynthia for her kindness afterwards. Manager Erich is glad to have Patiry back, as he has realised that he could have done with someone with her skills when the arrogant and demanding soldiers were in town.

Trails into Reverie

Patiry is still working at the Times Department store, and it is the place Machias and Dudley start their investigation into the coffee supply chain disruption.