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Paula (ポーラ) is an alumna of Thors Military Academy's Class V ('04-'06).



Paula is a young woman with dark blonde hair and brown eyes. She wears her hair up in high pony tail, tied with a red band. Paula wears the standard green uniform for commoner students at Thors military academy- a green blazer, white shirt, red tie and a plaid skirt.


Paula initially seems very critical of the ways of the nobility; she is frequently annoyed by Jusis, believing that he thinks he is better than her because of her status as a commoner. She shows a determination to out perform Jusis in the Riding Club, but even she acknowledges that Jusis is skilled at taking care of horses. Over time, she begins to have a more positive view of Jusis, and is more friendly towards him.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Paula decides she would like to try joining the horse riding club, despite her being a beginner. She is critical of the noble Jusis, believing him to be arrogant an egotistical, although over the course of the year and beyond, she eventually changes this view.

During the outbreak of the October War, Paula flees the academy with some of the horses. She looks after them but panics when she loses Lambert's prize horse Winston. Class VII help recover the horse and Paula joins the rest of the students in their efforts. Upon returning to the academy, she becomes much more skilled at riding and eventually succeeds Lambert as captain of the horse riding club.

Following her graduation, Paula becomes a horse trainer.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

During the Great War, Paula is one of the unseen Thors Graduates that helps on board the Ark Royal.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Paula Note (Sen).png Year 1 Class V (Riding Club)
A lively first year. Doesn't mince words, even when she's addressing a member of the nobility.
She was originally a beginner at horse riding, but has slowly improved to the point where she can ride unassisted.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Paula Note (Sen).png Year 1 Class V (Riding Club)
A strong-willed, pure-hearted first-year member of the Riding Club who has become much better at riding since enrolling.
The Horses
She ended up separated from Whitcomb, Lambert's beloved horse, but thanks to Rean and Jusis, she found him again.
Changed View
Her image of Jusis changed for the better after he was able to settle things with his father.
New Captain
Appointed new captain of the Riding Club. She believes Jusis would be better for the job, but still wants to do her best.


Trails of Cold Steel I and II

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