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Paulette (ポーレット) is a character introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Paulette is a woman with long rose hair and green eyes. She wears a long-sleeved white shirt and blue pants which are cropped to reveal purple platform shoes. She wears a black Bistro Monmarte apron over her clothes, tied in the front and a notebook can be seen in her pocket.


She has a warm, Madonna-like atmosphere and is admired by many of the restaurant's regulars. She also manages the building of which the bistro is a tenant, and approved of Van opening shop despite knowing that he runs an irregular business.


Paulette is the only daughter of Victor, manager of the long-established bistro Monmarte in Edith's old town. Paulette used to work elsewhere, but quit six years ago and returned home with her six-year-old daughter, Yumé.[1]




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