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Paulette (ポーレット) is a character introduced in Trails through Daybreak.



Paulette is a woman with long rose hair and green eyes. She wears a long-sleeved white shirt and blue pants which are cropped to reveal purple platform shoes. She wears a black Bistro Monmarte apron over her clothes, tied in the front and a notebook can be seen in her pocket.


She has a warm, Madonna-like atmosphere and is admired by many of the restaurant's regulars. She also manages the building of which the bistro is a tenant, and approved of Van opening shop despite knowing that he runs an irregular business.


Paulette is the only daughter of Victor, manager of the long-established bistro Monmarte in Edith's old town. Paulette used to work elsewhere, but quit six years ago and returned home with her six-year-old daughter, Yumé.[1]

Paulette's backstory is revealed later in the game. She originally worked in a hospital. Eight years prior, she helped a new racer in the Z1 Grand Prix, Maxim Lugan, recover from serious injuries. The two started a relationship, Paulette supporting Maxim as he went on to earn great success in Z1, becoming a renowned racer. However, Maxim fell to the temptations of his fame and became unfaithful to Paulette. She left Maxim without telling him of Yumé's existence, and returned to Montmart to live with her father and raise Yumé alongside him.

Paulette started working at the bistro because her mother wasn't around and she loved her father's cooking.

Trails through Daybreak[]

Paulette has known Van for a long time and greets Agnès Claudel when she comes to the Bistro under the Arkride Solutions Office. She always cooks for Van but makes sure that all the group get a good meal, preparing food for them and supporting their efforts. She thanks them for helping Creil out as that is where a lot of their food deliveries come from.

Maxim finally finds Paulette later in the game and attempts to connect with her and his daughter, though he struggles. Paulette feigns ignorance of who Maxim is at first but it is implied she isn't ready to trust him again just yet. Nevertheless, she maintains a interest to see if he has changed. The truth is yet to be revealed to Yumé. Paulette wishes to speak with her father Victor but cannot so so with Yumé around, so Van offers to take her with them on their break in Longlai. Paulette is distraught to find out what happened to Creil and was worried sick about Yume and the party. She doesn't know why Van would head to Oración at a time like this, but wishes him well and remind him to get a souvenir for Yumé.

Maxim continues to visit Paulette and Yumé. Paulette is busy preparing lots of dishes for the upcoming revolution Day, which has been made difficult due to previously having had vegetable deliveries from Creil. Paulette and Victor let Van reserve the bistro for a special celebration, after which Maxim asks her out on a date. Paulette isn't sure she is ready for that yet but accepts if he would like to show Yumé out to the festivities and she will tag along.

Paulette, Maxim and Yumé venture around the Vantaille District, Paulette still coming to terms with what she wants to do. They witness Melchior summon Genesis Tower and begin Pandemonium but are spared from being gutted by him by the resurrected Gerard Dantès. Paulette and Yumé are separated from Maxim after Elaine Auclair saves them, but eventually they are trapped with Quatre Salision inside a Diabolos Sphere. Maxim tries to find them, but the party succeed first. Hermès takes them to safety.



  • In chapter 5 of Agnès Claudel's manga, Paulette is shown to own a series of outfits including a maid's outfit, a qipao, and a copy of Judith Lanster's costume from Golden Blood.



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