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Perzel Farm (パーゼル農園) is a farm located to the west of Rolent.


Perzel Farm is a farm located to the west of Rolent. It is owned by Franz and Hannah Perzel who live there alongside their three children, daughters Tio and Chere as well as youngest son Will Perzel. They are known for growing some of the freshest fruits and vegetables in the region. Most of Rolent's food supplies come from them.

Trails in the Sky FC

After Cassius Bright left for the Erebonian Empire, Estelle and Joshua take on the jobs he left behind at the Rolent Bracer Guild. One of the jobs is to exterminate monster pests who are eating up the crops at the Perzel Farm.

There they meet an old friend of theirs from Sunday School, Tio, who works at the Perzel Farm. She directs them to talk to her father for more information who just came back from delivering vegetables to a client. Franz Perzel tells them that the pests are only out at night so he offers Estelle and Joshua dinner and to wait for nightfall.

While waiting, Joshua plays with the two kids at the farm, Chere and Will. Meanwhile Estelle and Tio are having fun talking about how Joshua is a very charming young man. Tio then tries to imply Estelle has romantic feelings towards Joshua, which Estelle angrily denies. Soon, night falls and the duo head out to guard the farm from the monsters.

After doing some guard duty, Estelle and Joshua spot the Crop Munchers and apprehend them, showing the Perzels the culprits. Joshua wishes to exterminate the monsters as told by the guild, but Estelle doesn't wish to kill the monsters as she believes they learnt their lesson. The Perzels allow the monsters to live and Estelle scares them off.

Estelle and Joshua stay the rest of the night at the Perzels' home. Here Joshua gives some foreshadowing towards how ruthless he is and how he basically has a "broken heart" where Estelle loudly disagrees with and says that Joshua is very kind and thoughtful. After staying the night, Estelle and Joshua head back to the Rolent Bracer Guild to report their results to Aina.

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