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Map of Phantasma

Phantasma (影の国), also known as the Court of Shadows is another world created by the Aureole and is affiliated with another dimension. To keep up with the wishes of the Liber Ark citizens, the Aureole created Phantasma as a subsystem to process all these requests. It became a self-governing world capable of realising multiple possible worlds.


To fulfil the wishes of Liber Ark citizens and therefore to justify its existence, the Sept-Terrion of Space, the Aureole, created Phantasma as a fictional world. It is a reflection of the material world, albeit with a number of changes and with its own rules. For example, the normal rules of space and ontological geography do not apply here, and the manifestation of otherwise theoretical beings such as Fiends and Devils is possible.

It came into existence as a subsystem of the Aureole to help process the vast amount of wishes being made. This duality of the Aureole was something faction ruler Celeste D. Auslese kept in mind during her creation of the Sealing Mechanism. In order to have the plan succeed, they developed the Recluse Cube mechanism, a unique terminal which could directly communicate with Phantasma without having to rely on the Aureole as a medium. Using this artifact, Celeste implemented a fragment of herself into the Recluse Cube to act as its system operator.

Whilst a powerful artefact in its own right, Phantasma was still reliant on the energy provided by the Aureole to sustain its existence. Upon its apparent disappearance from the world, Phantasma sought the nearest feasible power source it could to sustain itself, in this case- the stigma of Kevin Graham, who was present when Campanella teleported away with the Aureole contained within Georg Weissmann's staff on the Liber Ark.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

After lying dormant for hundreds of years whilst the Aureole is sealed onboard the Liber Ark, The Recluse Cube reactivates and Kevin Graham, Ries Argent and Gilbert Stein are drawn into the world of Phantasma. Starting in the Hermit's Garden, Kevin is tasked with navigating the seven planes of Phantasma and facing the adversarial Lord of Phantasma and their underling, the Schwarzritter. As they progress, they are joined by several of Kevin's companions and they face an onslaught of challenges and enemies placed before them in what becomes a race against time to stop Phantasma's effects affecting the real world.

Kevin is ultimately successful in coming to terms with his own self-worth and challenges, identifying the new source of Phantasma's power and true identity of the Lord of Phantasma as a copy of his Stigma. Kevin's party defeats this manifestation and managed to find a way back home to reality. Without a suitable power source, Phantasma begins to collapse and will eventually fade out of existence.

Other Appearances

Later in the series, several comparisons are made between the world of Phantasma and unusual events in the real world, such as the manifestation of spirits, the compulsion to fight brought about by the Erebonian Curse and the existence of phase spaces.


Hermit's Garden

Name of Area Image Description
Hermit's Garden


Phantasma - Garden of Recluse 1 (3rd).png
Also known as the 'Garden of Recluse', It is a phase space that has the appearance of a temple floating among the stars. A library along with "shops" and "warp points" can be found here.

This is the first place the group enters in Phantasma. As the world is a construction based on Kevin's consciousness, many of the features are recognisable to him such as the great tree, fountain and books from the library which he remembers as some reference to the sacred texts. When a glowing cube is found, the group takes it back to the Garden of Recluse to summon another companion. When they arrive, the heroes are made aware of recent events and their mission by a mysterious voice, later revealed to be Celeste D. Auslese, the original creator of the Garden.

The First Plane

Name of Area Image Description
The Jade Corridor


Jade Corridor (3rd).png
This area is a phase space with the appearance of a maze of jade, with a translucent floor and twisting walkways. The area is filled with fiends with an 'animated' theme including skeletons, statues and 'Aries pots'

The first plane that Kevin and Ries investigate, it is here where the Memory doors are introduced. Various monsters must be fought, deemed as 'fiends' and the glowing cubes discovered, allowing a Door to unlock that will lead them to the next area. The cubes for Tita Russell and Julia Schwarz are found in this area. At the end of the corridor, Kevin and Ries meet the mysterious Schwarzritter a servant of the Lord of Phantasma. The group face off against Bennu, one of the 77 devils mentioned in the Septian scriptures as a final adversary.

The Second Plane

Name of Area Image Description
The Otherworldly Capital
Otherworldly Capital in Phantasma gate (3rd).png
An altered copy of the capital of Liberl. Despite initially looking similar, the capital is deserted apart from various undead fiends including ghosts, animated suits of armor and skeletons and various magical barriers. The main gate is different and the time of the day rapidly changes based on Kevin's progress.

Despite thinking that they had made it back to reality, upon noticing the different gate and fiends, the party realises that they are still in Phantasma. The party must visit the Erebonian Embassy, the ship harbor and finally the arena in order to unlock the castle's gate. As they progress through the plane, the time of day rapidly changes from day to afternoon to night with more undead spirits changing to match. They find a replica of the Bobcat in the Harbor. After entering the castle, they reach a copy of the Sealed Area which has been drastically altered in scale. It is here they confront the Lord of Phantasma who summons Rostrum, another of the 77 devils. Defeating this devil, they are allowed to move onto the next plane.

The Third Plane

Name of Area Image Description
The Golden and Silver Roads
Golden and Silver Roads (3rd).png
A phase space with two diverging paths: one of silver, one of gold, which converge at the end. Faint mirrors appear floating in the air and the plane is filled with various fiends and creatures found in fairy tales.

After realising the purpose of the two gates, one on each road, the party separates into two groups guided by Kevin and the other by Ries. Kevin's group encounters a copy of Ries while Ries' group encounters a copy of Kevin. It is revealed that Schwarzritter placed the copies here, each made out of a grimoire- a shapeshifting fiend. The group eventually reaches the library back in the Garden of Recluse and decides to rest there, allowing Kevin to lead the mission. Joshua attempts to cheer up Kevin after confronting Schwarzritter. The party gains the cubes for Olivier and Zane during their journey on the roads.

The Fourth Plane

Name of Area Image Description
Le Locle Canyon
Fourth Plane of Phantasma (3rd).png
Another copy of a real world location- the Bracer training region in le Locle. The plane is filled with 'Beastmen' a type of fiend that crosses human and animal including werewolves and ratmen. Other alterations are present such as replacing water with lava in the Balstar Channel.

The party must compete a mock version of the bracer training, visiting each area as it manifests on the map whilst facing Beastmen. The group must travel around the Balstar Channel, where the water here is replaced with lava, and fight a copy of Anelace. They then explore the Saint Croix Forest where Gilbert is held captive by monsters and they fight Shadow Scherazard. The party then reaches the Grimsel Fortress and are challenged by Shadow Agate. All cubes found in these three areas summon the characters whom the group fought their Shadows before. The group returns to the canyon but finds it is now suspended in space. They are assaulted Astarte and held captive within a force field. Ries arrives and tries to defeat the devil but falls to its strength. Kevin is forced to unleash a power that breaks the force field and defeats the devil. The Lord of Phantasma appears and mentions Kevin's guilt, bidding the group farewell. The group is given a cube that summons Estelle. Joshua activates it and Estelle appears. Because of his sudden released power, Kevin faints and Ries takes over his role for a while.

The Fifth Plane

Name of Area Image Description
The Labyrinth of Light and Shadow
Luminous Labyrinth (3rd).png
A phase space made up of two labyrinths, the Luminous Labyrinth representing light and the Shadow Labyrinth representing darkness. The plane is filled with 'Dream devils' a subtype of fiend that specialise in attacking the mind.

Ries, Estelle and the rest of the companions go on to explore the two labyrinths of Light and Shadow. In the first, they find Richard's cube and in the second, Renne's cube. Renne quickly deduces the nature of their situation and cooperates to reach a solution. Defeating the Arachne sisters and their mother allows the party to access the final cube which summons a purple haired woman who was the voice guiding the heroes through their trials in Phantasma. The woman reveals to the party that she's an ancestor of the Auslese Royal Family and a founder of Liberl Kingdom. Kevin, who just regains consciousness, apologizes for making everyone worry and listens to the woman who informs them that they are almost finished but that in order to leave this realm, they must first break several seals that are kept by powerful guardians - the duplicates of some of the most important people they had met in Liberl. Schwarzritter, who had appeared at the end of the plane, states that he will be among them.

The Sixth Plane

Name of Area Image Description
Erbe Scenic Route
Sixth plane of Phantasma monument (3rd).png
A copied version of the Erbe Scenic Route in Liberl which serves a hub for the guardians of this plane. The area is filled with various kinds of fiends seen so far, as well as several stone monuments that require specific individuals to be present in order to proceed.
The Monochrome Schoolhouse


Monochrome Schoolhouse (3rd).png
A copied version of Jenis Royal Academy where all colour has been removed. It is patrolled by various suits of armour, some of which are coloured and some are not. A copy of Phillip Runall acts as the guardian of this area.
The Looking Glass


Sixth plane of Phantasma monument (3rd).png
A copied version of Ouroboros' lakeside laboratory, albeit with the dimensions flipped. Archaisms wit reflective armour patrol the area and a copy of Kilika Rouran acts as the final guardian.
The Impenetrable Fortress


Impregnable Fortress (3rd).png
A copied version of the Leiston Fortress. The gates open automatically. The area is patrolled by copies of Liberl's army, and the guardians are some of the greatest warriors associated with Liberl's military, led by a copy of Cassius Bright who acts as the final guardian.
The Black Ark


The Black Ark (3rd).png
A copied version of Ouroboros' airship- the Glorious. This version is black instead of crimson and is patrolled by archaisms. Copies of Enforcers Luciola, Walter and Bleublanc collectively act as the final obstacles between the party and the final guardian.
Farewell Arena
Farewell Arena (3rd).png
Resembling the Hermit's garden, the Farewell Arena is a large colosseum accessed by a long stairway that leads to the final guardian of the plane: Schwarzritter
Aster House


Aster House 2 (3rd).png
A copied version of Kevin, Ries and Rufina's childhood home- The Aster House in Arteria. It acts as the gateway to the seventh and final plane.

Kevin and the party must face the four guardians of the sixth plane to continue. Each is accessed by bringing a specific person to a special stone monument and then completing a challenge in one of the plane's sub realms.

In the Monochrome Schoolhouse, where Kloe is needed, they must restore colour by defeating the monochrome knights to acess the Old Schoolhouse where they face the Raven Gang and Phillip Renard. In the looking Glass, Anelace is required here and heroes must fight the shadows of the Bracers Grant, Karna and Kurt in order to reach the top of the giant structure where Kilika, the receptionist of the Zeiss branch, awaits. The Impenetrable Fortress is where Richard is required. The group will have to visit each section of the fortress in order to find keys. The group confronts Maximillian Cid, Kanone Amalthea, General Morgan and finally Cassius Bright. The Black Ark is where Joshua is required. The group frees Gilbert and fights shadow copies of the Capua Family. In the command room, the group confronts various Ouroboros members, such as Walter, Bleublanc and Lucciola.

When the Seal of Blakc Ark is broken, the party can transport to the Farewell Arena. There they fight the Swarzritter and his Black Reverie Dragion. Joshua had already found out that the Schwarzritter was in fact a copy of Leonhardt, who was only hiding his idnetity due to Joshua's doubts. It is revealed Leonhardt knew Rufina. After defeating the guardians, Kevin and company can pass the mist in the Erbe Scenic Route and access Kevin and Ries' childhood home- Aster House. It is here that the two flal into a crevice leading to the final seventh plane- a one way trip to Gehenna.

The Seventh Plane

Name of Area Image Description


Gehenna (3rd).jpg
Based upon Kevin's interpretation of Gehenna, and filled with lava, demonic structures and death. Devils and fiends wander around. At the end lies the gates of Gehenna guarded by Rostrum, Astarte and a copy of Georg Weissmann.


The Abyss (3rd).png
Another region of the Seventh Plane that descends significantly. Several powerful fiends can be fought.

Kevin falls into the Seventh Plane, followed by Ries who leaps after him, losing her habit. They are cut off from the others and must traverse a landscape based on kevin's understanding of Gehenna. This area has many bridges leading to several platforms that float in a Hellish void. Kevin is confronted with corrupted copies of those he has slain in the past including his mother, a child and a copy of Weissmann. Weissman summons the two gatekeeprs of Gehenna which Kevin is able to defeat when he comes to terms with his Stigma. They are rescued when the gates are openned and the rest of the party storm in to save them from flocking demons.

Another part of this area is a bonus dungeon called the Abyss, where four bosses can be fought.

Castle Phantasmagoria

Name of Area Image Description
Castle Phantasmagoria


Castle Phantasmagoria (3rd).png
Lying outside the planes in a vast barren wasteland, the castle is the headquarters of the lord of Phantasma. It is divided into four wings, each with its own guardian. The interior is modeled after the Grand Cathedral in Arteria and is filled with Heavenly beings and spirits such as angels.

Using the mechanics of Phantasma, the party activates the copy of the Arseille in the Jade Corridor and uses it to escape the seven panes. They emerge into a vast unending wasteland. They are pursued by Black Dragions from the planes but Gilbert summons his G-Apache and heads them off to give the others a chance to escape. Someone in this landscape stands the castle of Phantasmagoria where Kevin splits his party into four and confronts the copy of his Stigma once and for all. It takes the form of 'Anima Mundi' and threatens to envelop the real world in Phantasma should any one of kevin's companions fail. A golden Pater-Mater, red Ragnard and Reverie(Annilation mode) are amongst its guardians. Upon victory, Celeste summons the Gates of Heaven(天上門) which takes everyone, Gilbert included, back to reality. Phantasma is finally deactivated on their departure.