Those who seek to enter this door must first overcome a trial. Should this fail to deter you, open the door, and step inside...

Phantom Thief B Report (『怪盗B』調査レポート) is the eleventh Star Door in Trails in the Sky the 3rd.


Star Door 11 can be found on the 1F of the Looking Glass in the Sixth Plane. A battle must be fought before entry.


This door details the collected information and theories surrounding the enigmatic international thief Bleublanc. Three potential theories are outlined as to his origins and identities, labelled as Theory X, Y and Z. Seemingly aware of the efforts to underpin the identity of the man behind the mask, Bleublanc provides a clue that his identity's truth can be determined via his number.

Theory 1 - Amorous Con Artist X

X is known for his exceptional skill as a con artist, having faked his own identity in order to engage in romantic relationships with many noblewomen. He was as handsome as he was capable, and he was exceptionally proud in nature as well.

Born to a poor family in the temperate south, he became used to stealing in order to make ends meet from a young age. According to testimony from a companion of his at the time, he was never once caught for such thefts.

The reason X converted from being a common thief to a con artist is believed to have stemmed from falling in love with a noblewoman of much higher social standing than he. The rule of the aristocracy was absolute in the country he called home, and blessed romances between those of different classes unthinkable. With that in mind, he resolved to create a false identity in order to make his dream possible.

Following his first rousing success, he came to do the same on a myriad of other occasions, indulging in one forbidden affair after another. It was a mere ten years ago that he was arrested on suspicion of identity fraud, but he performed a miraculous escape from prison. Ever since then, his whereabouts have remained unknown.

Theory 2 - Tragic Artist Y

Y was an artist with a rather tragic past. Born to a middle-class family in the north, he was hired by an influential aristocrat to be their personal artist, producing many a stunning piece of work. However, it was later discovered that wasn't all he produced; on the contrary, he was also responsible for a number of counterfeit pieces. The one who hired him sought to profit through ill means thanks to his work, and so he created such counterfeits under the noble's instructions.

One day, however, Y suddenly left the noble's service. (The reason remains unknown.) This is where his tragedy begins.

Immediately after leaving his client behind, Y received a terrible piece of news: His lover, the daughter of a respected family, had been killed in a traffic accident. While there is no evidence to prove as much, it is rumored that the noble may have had a hand in her death.

Y was only spotted once more at his lover's grave before forever disappearing from the public eye. To those who knew his story, he became known as

the truly tragic artist. Several years later, the noble was murdered.

Theory 3 - Skilled Martial Artist Z

The story of Z is significantly different from the other two potential identities we have proposed here, making this an unusual-but still plausible- possibility.

Z was born in the far East as the son of a famed military family. He was an attractive, delicately-built young man, but he was far more skilled at martial arts than his frame would have suggested, being blessed with great natural talent. He is also said to possess a keen, sharp mind, and there was a mild air of arrogance about him, too.

Z was indeed blessed in nearly every way. He came from an important family, he had skill, he had looks... and as a result, he came to feel bored with the world around him. He hardly kept such thoughts to himself--in fact, he often voiced his complaints to anyone within earshot. These complaints persisted until one day, he simply disappeared, telling no one where he was going and leaving nothing to suggest his next destination.


  • Bleublanc is enforcer X (Ten), heavily implying Theory X is the correct theory. However, this has yet to be explicitly confirmed.


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