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Pierre (ピエール) is the Deputy Chief at the Crossbell Police Department in Crossbell City.



Pierre is a middle aged man with brown eyes and hair which is visibly receding. His hair is swept forward with a tiny tuft covering his forehead. He also wears half frame spectacles. Pierre wears the standard green and blue uniform of the Crossbell Police, complete with a white shirt and red tie.


In his position as Deputy Chief, Pierre behaved like a typical petty official: highly obedient toward his boss, Hogarth prior to the Cult Incident, and equally arrogant to his subordinates. He was against the formation of the Special Support Section, slipping in nasty remarks in every conversation with them.

Trails from/to Zero and Azure

Against the idea of the SSS, Pierre rarely missed a chance to make snide or derogatory comments about the newly established unit. On the other hand, his henpecked situation at home caused him an enormous panic when he lost his wedding ring, which the SSS was tasked with retrieving. It soon emerged that when inebriated, he complains about his wife, Margaret.

After Hogarth is dismissed as the Chief of Police and one of Pierre's subordinates is assigned as his successor, Pierre falls into a depression. He also finds out that Margaret is preparing to file for a divorce. Ultimately, they manage to steer away from an official divorce, but especially since it was leaked out he lost their wedding ring, Pierre becomes more and more submissive toward Margaret.

Trails into Reverie

Although Pierre is seldom mentioned, it can be assumed he was still part of the police force when Crossbell was annexed and the department was merged with the Erebonian Military police. After their independence, Pierre remains in his position as deputy. On the day of the independence signing, Pierre takes part in defending the city from the sudden arrival of Supreme Leader Rufus Albarea, at one point taking cover behind a police car. Pierre is later part of resistance efforts and assist sin the battles in and around Crossbell.