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Plie (プリエ), also known as the Mysterious Songstress (神秘(しんぴ)歌姫(うたひめ)), is a seasoned actress with the Arc en Ciel troupe.



Plié is a young woman with fuchsia hair tied into two buns and brown eyes. She wears form fitting athletic clothing, mostly skintight shirts and tights in black with loose fitting seafoam green vests and sorts over the top, and flat pink shoes.


Plie considers sweets are the driving force behind her practice. The new rule that it is no longer allowed to eat in the dressing rooms of the theatre bothers Plie to the extent she starts to hide pastries. Her make-up artist Karelia confiscated her snacks multiple times and, together with Theodor, she lectures Plie to stop eating once her make-up is applied.

Like Ilya, Plie is also regular customer of Sofille's Ice Cream Stand.


As an artist, Plie is best known for her performance during fantasias, a loosely composed instrumental composition. Together with Ilya Platiere she has been the figurehead of the Arc en Ciel troupe for years.

Trails from/to Zero and Azure

Plié is a performer at Arc en Ciel throughout the arc. She loves sweets and ice-cream and is dismayed when they are banned from eating or drinking during practice.

She continues to stock up on candy at every opportunity.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Plié is encountered in Saint Arkh where she mistakes Class VII for fans. She and some others have been touring the empire, treating everywhere as a stage. it is from Plié's group that Class VII get the idea of meeting with Wilhelm Ballad by acting as performers for him due to his boredom.

Plié assists in the distraction performance 'Beyond a Thousand Nights' held for the Imperial Forces in Crossbell. She loves doing this, and wants to do it again when Rixia and Ilya are back.

Trails into Reverie

Plié remains as a member of the Arc en Ciel theatre and is continuing to rehearse the 'Beyond a Thousand Nights' performance.