The Pope (法王), addressed as His Holiness the Pope (法王猊下), is the leader of the Zemuria-wide Septian Church.


Currently little is known about the Pope. He is known to pass judgement over proposals submitted by the Congregations, such as the appointment of a new Dominion.[1]

In December S.1204, he overrules the decree of Archbishop Eralda that no member of the Gralsritter may enter Crossbell State. Dominion Kevin Graham is granted permission to operate within Crossbellan borders.


At one point in time, the Pope has made an agreement with the Grandmaster of Ouroboros regarding their activities in Crossbell: the Pope would forbid knights from entering the state and the Grandmaster would not dispatch Enforcers in the area.[2]

The agreement, however, stands only in principle; early S.1202 Dominion Wazy Hemisphere entered the area disguised as the head of a delinquent group and mid S.1204, prior to the West Zemuria Trade Conference and execution of the Azure-Zero Project as the first phase of the Phantasmal Blaze Plan, Enforcer No. 0 Campanella infiltrated into Crossbell.


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