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Preston (プレストン) is a managing director at Elfen Tech and the former commander of the Crossbell Guardian Force.



An older middle-aged portly man, Preston has slick combed back hair, beady brown eyes and wide glasses. He wears a gold lined black suit with a black waistcoat and white shirt, complete with a green and mint striped tie.


Randolph Orlando described him as "foolish commander" and Noel referred to him as "that one commander" throughout the game. He had virtually no support from within the Crossbell Guardian Force nor the ability to command it, as his interest lies primarily in entertaining the people around him.

Trails from Zero

Preston was referred to throughout Trails from Zero, but never mentioned by name. Preston was affiliated with the Imperial faction of the Crossbell government, represented by Hartmann. He got in touch with the Boss of Revache, Marconi and managed to get his hands on Gnosis. By administering the abilities-enhancing drug to the guardsmen of the CGF, he was single-handedly responsible for the chaos in Crossbell City during the Cult Incident in S.1204.

After the incident was resolved, Mayor Henry MacDowell fired Preston from his post as commander of the CGF. Preston was succeeded by deputy commander Sonya Baelz, whose position in return was filled by Douglas.

Akatsuki no Kiseki

His entertainment abilities, however, did not remain unnoticed. He was poached by the newly-established Elfen Tech to work alongside Hogarth as its managing director.