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Project Tyrfing

Project Tyrfing (プロジェクトティルフ ィング) is the name of a minigame available in Trails into Reverie. It is made up of two levels of difficulty and centered around the development and testing of the Tyrfing units.


Makarov with Rean and Fie.

Makarov, as part of his work on the next generation of Panzer Soldats enlists the assistance of Rean Schwarzer, the former pilot of the Divine Knight Valimar to help with field testing. Several members of Class VII also volunteer their assistance and act as opponents, including Crow Armbrust who pilots another variation of Tyrfing.

Around the time of the Spring Break and final exams at Thors Branch Campus, soldat training is being undertaken and Rean's Drakkhen is unable to handle the physical stress of his moves and had reached the limit of reaction speed. Rean is incapable of using the Soldat to same level of that with which he once used Valimar. Rean is called upon by G. Schmidt, George Nome and Makarov who explain the limitations of soldats and Divine Knights, with the latter's autonomy giving them an unbeatable advantage. They seek to create a machine with more autonomy and invite Rean to particpate in its development and testing. They use the Zauber Soldat system as a foundation, as apparently it works on a somewhat similar concept. Instead of eating away at the pilot's mind, it would fuel the autonomy instead. The newest generation of soldat avoids the mental degradation and is equipped with the Zeiss Central Factory's latest Capel III (カペルIII) computer.

Fie appears to help Rean in the first phase of testing, owing the engineers a favour for their help in a bracer mission to track down a black market soldat. Fie picked up the piloting skills and faces Rean in a simulation called the Soldat Simulator (機甲兵シミュレーター). Laura, who had also learned how to pilot a soldat during military training with her father, makes a surprise appearance in the test. She had aspired to learn how to pilot a soldat in order to eventually reach the level of Arianrhod, who could also do so. This half the halfway point in the trial.

Rean later returns for phase 2 of the testing, and finds Pablo, Gustaf and Mint are now involved. He is introduced to the Tyfing S model, which has been personalised for him. Gaius Worzel and Crow Armbrust are brought in to serve as opponents, Crow with his own model, the Tyrfing X (He mentions something about the C pattern not coming out how they want it). Gaius had picked up the skills training with Wallace Bardias but had lost and therefore sent here for the project. The project ends in success and the last of the required data is collected. Rean can't help shake the feeling that the Tyrfing S is adapting to his body and that it understands him. Makarov's graduation project satisfies Schmidt.


Project Tyfring is available as a mini-game from the Infinity Corridor and must be unlocked.

Project Tyrfing is played in a third-person format, where Rean, piloting the Tyrfing S unit, is given free movement in an enclosed arena.He has additional movement options just as the ability to make short jumps, as well as block attacks. Attacks are performed with a choice of two weapons, a ranged rifle which must be reloaded after 30 rounds, and Rean's tachi. using swings and movement options will deplete Tyrfing's energy. If Tyrfing takes enough damage and the HP reaches zero, the game is over.

Most generic enemies have very few hitpoints and will go down in a few hits. They are all based upon Ouroboros's Archaism units including smaller patrol units which have greater numbers, and larger and stronger units such as Apaches which appear in fewer numbers but are harder to take down. After enough generic enemies have been taken down, a boss character will appear (one of Class VII piloting a Panzer Soldat). These opponents are capable of many special attacks and require careful dodging and well timed attacks to defeat. In the Nord Highlands arena, this includes Fie Claussell piloting a Kestrel and Laura S. Arseid piloting a Spiegel. In Dreknor Fortress, Rean faces Gaius Worzel in a Hector unit and Crow who has his own Tyrfing unit. Once all enemies have been defeated, Rean is victorious.