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Prominent Female Figures (大陸(たいりく)(うご)かした美人(びじん)たち) is a book that can be found in Trails from Zero in the Crossbell City Library.

It speaks of Lianne Sandlot, Sheena Dirke, and Alicia II, real people in the Trails series.


Prominent Female Figures

~Table of Contents~

Preface - The Study of These Great Women

  1. Erebonian Empire: Lianne Sandlot
    The Valkyrie Who Led the Eisenritter in Battle
  2. Calvard Republic: Sheena Dirk
    Activism Behind the Democratic Revolution
  3. Liberl Kingdom: Alicia II
    From Hundred Days War to Non-Aggression Pact

'Figure,' a term that applies to the shape of something. When describing a woman, this tends to refer to physical beauty and attractiveness.

In this book, a different meaning is intended: 'a person who is influential or distinctive in some way.' The influence of these beautiful women who have proudly followed their convictions hide a charm that have captivated others in more ways than just mere appearance. We shall retrace the history of these figures as they have affected this continent and influenced many capable women.



序文 美人たちの姿から学ぶ

  1. エレボニア帝国<リアンヌ・サンドロット>
  2. カルバード共和国<シーナ・ディルク>
  3. リベール王国<アリシアⅡ世>