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Quatre Salision (カトル・サリシオン) is a young researcher enrolled in the Master's program at Basel College of Science. He was introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Quatre is a young man with effeminate features, medium-length silver hair and violet eyes. He wears a gray and black outfit consisting of a long coat over a black shirt with turquoise accents and a white tie. He also wears white shorts, thigh high black boots and a headset appearing device around his ears. Quatre uses an orbal pistol and is accompanied by two orbal drones.


Quatre's neatly trimmed silver hair and effeminate face emit an atmosphere that makes him easy to approach. He gets quite annoyed when mistaken for a girl.


His major is researching and developing Orbal Drones that use the new Xipha norm for artificial intelligence. He also helps out in the physical and bio engineering labs, and has a strong attachment to the observatory, which is the symbol of the university.

Due to certain circumstance as a child, he was adopted by Professor Hamilton and has since cared for like his own grandmother and inspired him to become a researcher himself.[1]

Kuro no Kiseki



  • Quatre is French for 'four'. It's pronounced "Katr".
  • Quatre shares his first name with a Paradise victim whose personality Renne absorbed and manifested[2] in her own mind to to cope with her time at Paradise.[3]
  • The logo on his robotic dog is the Verne Company logo.



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