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R&A Research (R&Aリサーチ社) is a private consulting firm founded by Alan Richard that provides financial and investigative information to the civilian population, with branches and agents located all across Zemuria.


Its main office is located in the South Block of the City of Ruan, in the building where Mayor Norman used to live with his family before being elected.

While he was in the army as the head of the Intelligence Division, Alan gathered information and used it to protect Liberl. But using it for this specific purpose left him with a narrow perspective of how valuable information can be, and so after being discharged from the army he created the company with his loyal subordinate Kanone Amalthea, to see a country and its citizens as more than systems and numbers, and collect information that would be disadvantageous to Liberl as well, thus finding a new meaning in his work.[1]

R&A Research is the first company to provide this kind of service to civilians. Some of its clients are Mirano, who hired the company to investigate the status of orbment sales in Erebonia and to look into Ored State's market, and Mayor Norman, who requested their help with the city's finances. The army, through Brigadier General Cassius Bright, too hired them to investigate the Red Constellation's activities in the Eastern Quarter.[1]




  1. Takes place after the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon, but before the Phantasma incident.[1]


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