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Radiant Wings (光まとう翼) was a third movement in the World War between the Imperial Army and the Mille Mirage allies. This movement, led by the Prince Olivert Reise Arnor, was revealed on 26 August S.1206.

The Radiant Wings succeeded in their goal to stop the ones pulling the strings behind the World War on 1 September S.1206 with the defeat of Giliath Osborne and Ishmelga.



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Following the end of the Erebonian Civil War, Prince Olivert called in former Reinford Group chairman Gwyn Reinford for consultation regarding a new iteration of the Courageous.[1] The cruiser was developed in utmost secrecy in the Lakeside Laboratory in Liberl.[1]

Its construction was a collaborative effort of Gwyn Reinford, Professor G. Schmidt, Professor Albert Russell and Queen Alicia von Auslese II.[1] The project was funded by Prince Olivert and Gwyn Reinford, as well as Emperor Eugent Reise Arnor III's private funds.[1]

Olivert's disappearance

Preparations for Radiant Wings came in jeopardy when the Courageous, on board Prince Olivert Reise Arnor as well as Captain Victor S. Arseid and Toval Randonneur, exploded on 18 July S.1206.[1]

Unaware to the rest of the world, the crew miraculously survived the explosion thanks to a 24-second defensive gravitational barrier implemented by bomber George Nome. Enforcer Bleublanc, who has considered Prince Olivert his rival in beauty since their meeting in Liberl in S.1202, also assisted in rescuing the group by teleporting them out of the explosion radius.[1] In the accident, Olivert lost his left eye and Victor his left arm.


Radiant Wings - Announcement (Sen IV)

Radiant Wings was publicly revealed on 26 August S.1206. A secret meeting of the Mille Mirage force was interrupted by collaborators of Operation Jormungand. When the fights on the Pantagruel's deck started to escalate and Mille Mirage leader Musse Egret initiated her final resort plan, supreme commander Cassius Bright remarked that there could be a third outcome.[1]

Ditching his invisible cloak, a brand-new Courageous II emerged between the other airships. The flagship lined up next to the Pantagruel and Prince Olivert declared his goal to eliminate the Erebonian Curse. On the other side of the ship, holograms of Giliath Osborne and his collaborators appeared, revealing the date of they would launch their attack on Calvard: 1 September S.1206 at noon.[1]


Radiant Wings meeting (Sen IV)

The Radiant Wings quickly gained the support of groups Prince Olivert has previously worked with in one way or another who were left unsatisfied by the prospect of total war.

Allies include, but are not limited to: staff, students and alumni of both Thors Military Academy and Leeves Branch Campus; Princess Alfin Reise Arnor and Elise Schwarzer, who had been previously saved by Class VII; the bracers from Liberl Prince Olivert had previously travelled with and helped solve the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon crisis; the Special Support Section from Crossbell who believed that joining the Radiant Wings movement was the best way to liberate Crossbell from imperial occupation.

Shimmering Wings

On 30 August S.1206, following the conclusion of the Third Rivalry, the Black Workshop secret weapon, the Tuatha De Danann was revealed to the world. Alongside it, five Salt Pales appeared all around Erebonia conveying spiritual energy to it in order to create an impregnable barrier. Serving as Gilliath Osborne's base and as the location of the Final Rivalry, infiltritating it was necessary in order to put an end to the Great Twilight.

As such, the operation Shimmering Wings was planned on the 31 August S.1206 where five teams would assault the Salt Pales in order to destroy the barrier while during that time, Thors Class VII would be dropped into the fortress allowing Ashen Awakener Rean Schwarzer to proceed through the Rivalries by defeating the Vermillion, Golden and Ebon Awakeners.

The operation started shortly after noon when the Imperial Army and the Mille Mirage started battle, with teams led by Estelle Bright, Lloyd Bannings, Angelica Rogner, Duvalie and Aurelia Le Guin breaking through the Salt Pales and defeating theirs respective guardians.

Following this, the Courageous II managed to hold the Glorious which served as vanguard protecting the Tuatha De Danann while sucessfully dropping Class VII, leaving the rest of the plan into theirs hands.

Despite facing members of Ouroboros and the Iron Knights, Rean Schwarzer managed to complete the Great One by defeating Cedric Reise Arnor, Rufus Albarea and finally Giliath Osborne himself. Before Ishmelga's curse is able to corrupt the Ashen Knight, he is expelled from Valimar into the Cage of Earth, giving him a physical form.

The newly formed Ishmelga-Loge is then assaulted by the members of the Radiant Wings, leading to his defeat and death. With the demise of the Ebon Knight, the Great Twilight is averted and the curse of Erebonia pushing people towards war is destroyed.


Members Role Members Role Members Role
Olivert Reise Arnor Leader Duvalie Leader of Team D Alisa Reinford Member of Class VII
Scherazard Harvey Second in command Ines Member of Team D Elliot Craig Member of Class VII
Estelle Bright Leader of Team A Ennea Member of Team D Laura S. Arseid Member of Class VII
Joshua Bright Member of Team A Xeno Member of Team D Machias Regnitz Member of Class VII
Renne Bright Member of Team A Leonidas Member of Team D Jusis Albarea Member of Class VII
Tita Russell Member of Team A Aurelia Le Guin Leader of Team E Fie Claussell Member of Class VII
Agate Crosner Member of Team A Victor S. Arseid Member of Team E Gaius Worzel Member of Class VII
Lloyd Bannings Leader of Team B Toval Randonneur Member of Team E Emma Millstein Member of Class VII
Elie MacDowell Member of Team B Vita Clotilde Member of Team E Millium Orion Member of Class VII
Randy Orlando Member of Team B Rean Schwarzer Leader of Class VII Crow Armbrust Member of Class VII
Tio Plato Member of Team B Juna Crawford Member of Class VII Sara Valestein Member of Class VII
Angelica Rogner Leader of Team C Kurt Vander Member of Class VII Towa Herschel Crewmember of the Courageous II
George Nome Member of Team C Altina Orion Member of Class VII Elise Schwarzer Crewmember of the Courageous II
Sharon Krueger Member of Team C Ash Carbide Member of Class VII Alfin Reise Arnor Crewmember of the Courageous II
Crimson Roselia Member of Team C Musse Egret Member of Class VII KeA Bannings Support member of Team B


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