Ragnard (レグナート, regunaato) is an ancient dragon and Holy Beast residing in Liberl. It was born prior to the Great Collapse. It had been in a deep slumber until it was awakened by Georg Weissmann for an experiment of the Gospel Plan. It was manipulated into attacking the city of Bose. After the battle, it expressed its sincere concerns for its behaviour and produced a crystal of goldia, containing the power of space, as its contribution to rebuild the city.


Ragnard made an oath to Aidios to protect the people of Liberl until a "true answer" was given unto the Aureole. Kevin Graham points out that in one of the scriptures of the Septian Church was written: "And the Goddess, having bequeathed Her treasures, sent forth the Holy Beasts to observe the path the children of Men would take."

In approximately S.1183, Cassius Bright challenged Ragnard to a duel to improve his swordmanship.