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Ragnard (レグナート, Regunāto) is an ancient dragon and Holy Beast residing in Liberl. It was born prior to the Great Collapse.



Ragnard is a colossal quadrupedal dragon of white and teal color. He has several pink markings all over his body, acting as a trim for the scales and plates on his back and two golden arches with protrude from just above his massive wings. Ragnard has two main horns surrounding his head, which has several more spiked points. He also has gleaming red eyes and a gem on his forehead, where a replica Gospel is capable of slotting.


Ragnard made an oath to Aidios to protect the people of Liberl until a "true answer" was given unto the Aureole. Kevin Graham points out that in one of the scriptures of the Septian Church was written: "And the Goddess, having bequeathed Her treasures, sent forth the Holy Beasts to observe the path the children of Men would take."

Sometime around S.1183, Cassius Bright challenged Ragnard to a duel to improve his swordmanship. Ragnard returned to its slumber after the duel.

Trails in the Sky SC

In S.1203, Ragnard was awakened by Georg Weissmann for an experiment of the Gospel Plan, where a Gospel was placed on its forehead. Ragnard lost physical control of himself, but retained his consciousness before being entrusted to Loewe, who went to Bose to cause some chaos. Loewe then took Ragnard to Ravennue Village, destroying the village's orchards before landing at the abandoned mine to change the Gospel's settings. Ragnard was horrified of the actions it wrought against innocent people, but silently thanked Loewe for minimizing the amount of damage; ultimately, no one had died from Ragnard's rampage.

When Estelle and co. arrived to the mine, they found Agate struggling against Loewe, who easily defeated him. Tita ran to him out of concern for his well-being; upon seeing the arrival of the bracers, who tried to chase after Tita, Loewe woke Ragnard and had it expel a wall of fire to prevent further intervention. Soon after, a gunship arrived, prompting Loewe to retreat with Ragnard.

Ragnard was later encountered flying in the sky without Loewe, but the Gospel was still on its forehead. The Liberlian Air Force tried to subdue Ragnard, but Ragnard easily escaped his pursuers and fled to the deepest sections of Nebel Valley to rest once more.


Estelle and co. soon arrived at the caves Ragnard was sleeping in. Agate, armed with a new sword and equipped with a "Gospel Breaker", attacked the Gospel on its forehead, but it did no damage, instead prompting Ragnard to awaken and attack the team. Fortunately, the bracers were able to stall Ragnard long enough for Agate to attack from a greater elevation, destroying the Gospel.

Now in control of itself once more, Ragnard telepathically communicated with the group, expressing its gratitude for freeing it from the "wretched device". Although Agate was suspicious of Ragnard, it stated that such feelings were warranted. Ragnard felt remorse regardless and generated two massive stones of pure goldia as compensation. It then asked them to convey its apologies to the people it harmed, although Agate charged it for a smaller goldia stone. Ragnard commended Agate's attack to free it, but sensed that he had struggled against Loewe, telling him to "slough off aimless fury to gird thyself in stronger resolve". It also commended Tita's bravery for defending Agate, before recognizing Estelle as the daughter of Cassius Bright.

Estelle then asked Ragnard if Loewe had placed the Gospel on him. Ragnard told her that it was the "Professor", and that he had done so to see if he could control the Aureole. He did not disclose more on this however due to the ancient contract, but told her that they would cross paths once more after an answer had been given before flying away.

The Liberlian Air Force was on standby when Ragnard appeared, apologizing for its actions before telling them to speak with the bracers for the full story as it flew away.

After the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon concluded, Ragnard's ancient contract was now void when a true answer was given through the Aureole. Cassius asked Ragnard if he could have a ride, and the two flew to the Liber Ark where Ragnard saved Estelle and Joshua from falling to their deaths. Ragnard then informed them their journey was just beginning.

Ragnard eventually departed for unknown lands, but met with Roselia before doing so.



  • A smaller 'pixie dragon' appears in one of the Star doors in Trails in the Sky the 3rd. This smaller dragon resembles Ragnard in colour scheme and is similarly capable of producing golden stones but a definite connection is yet to be established.
  • Ragnard makes a cameo in the Compile Heart game Dragon Star Varnir. He manifests in the North Star Temple during Chapter 5. The party is sent to investigate Ragnard's appearance by Zuba. Ragnard is encountered by the party on the second floor of the temple and killed. Ragnard's heart is removed by the party, which is given to Zuba in exchange for a unique elixir capable of summoning Ragnard.