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The Railway Military Police (鉄道憲兵隊(てつどうけんぺいたい)), known as the Train Military Police in Japanese, is an elite division of the Imperial Army of Erebonia.


They are charged with patrolling Erebonia using railways and consists of at least 11 Squads.

Since the division operates directly under command of Giliath Osborne and Ironblood Claire Rieveldt, it has long been despised by the empire's aristocracy. Another source of controversy is that they have jurisdiction in which location the railway extends to, and the ever-expanding nature of the railway network results in increasing power for this division.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

The RMP are introduced as a faction strongly associated with the Chancellor's faction in the government, not least due to the position of their commanding officer, Claire also being one of the Ironbloods. They arrest criminals caught in Lunaria Nature Park, investigate the activities of the Imperial Liberation Front and are seen confronting noble backed provincial army figures in Roer. Class VII are briefed in their headquarters in Heimdallr Railway Station at the start of their field studies in the capital. The RMP attempt to storm the Sachsen Iron Mine and free the hostages but are prevented from doing so by the provincial armies.

Upon the outbreak of the October War and the apparent assassination of the Chancellor, the RMP fight against the Noble faction, chiefly by the work of Captain Claire who assists Class VII in their efforts around Eastern Erebonia. The RMP take part in the liberation of the capital from Noble Alliance forces and are present at the manifestation of the Infernal Castle.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

The RMP are increasingly powerful with the curtailing of Noble power in Erebonia and the rising power and influence of Chancellor Osborne. They have special sites spread across the railway network, have Major Michael Irving as head instructor at Thors Branch Campus and are able to provide both military academies with personal armoured trains; the Derfflinger and Arc Royal. With the annexation of Crossbell, the RMP are now able to operate there and are a major part in executing Operation: Birdcage under the direction of Governor Rufus Albarea.

The RMP are seen at several sites, investigating a train derailment in Sutherland and present in Crossbell City. They lend the Branch Campus the use of thier sites across the Empire and operate the Derfflinger until the students can do so independently. The RMP take part in operations to root out Calvardian agents operating in the capital and help defend the populace against the manifestation of Cryptids and Magic Knights upon the summoning of the Gral of Erebos.

In the preparations for the Great War and Operation Jormungandr, the RMP hunt down Class VII and their allies who are now wanted by the state. Although the heroes confront Major Claire on several occasions they confront the main units of the division only when they infiltrate the Cayenne Mansion in an effort to free Towa Herschel and Priscilla Reise Arnor. After a battle, class VII are able to defeat Captain Engels who is leading the unit. Patrick T. Hyarms and Ferris Florald arrive to take over the battle whilst the main group continues.

The RMP later cease operations against Class VII under the Chancellor's direction. At the end of the war, their powers are reigned in.

Trails into Reverie

An unknown assailant breaks into their headquarters in Heimdallr and gets away with an unidentified object of importance. The RMP attempt to track the figure down but are unsuccessful.



  1. Previously held rank of Captain in Trails of Cold Steel I and II.
  2. Previously held rank of 1st Lieutenant in Trails of Cold Steel II.