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Randy Orlando (ランディ・オルランド), born as Randolph Orlando (ランドルフ・オルランド) and also known as the Red Reaper ((あか)死神(しにがみ)) and Son of the War God (闘神(とうしん)息子(もすこ)), is an instructor at Thors Branch Campus and member of Crossbell Police Department's Special Support Section. Before that, he was stationed as a guard at the Bellguard Gate for the Crossbell Guardian Force. Randolph holds the rank of first lieutenant.



Randy is a tall man with turquoise eyes and bright red hair, a trait he shares with the rest of the Orlando bloodline. In his original SSS appearance, he wears a white turtle neck shirt, black trousers and a large orange coat with a black fur lined collar.

As an instructor, Randy adopts the colours of the Thors Branch Campus, grey and black for instructors. He wears a black button up shirt, dark brown trousers, black fingerless gloves and a white coat, although he wears an orange tie as a nod to original outfit.

Upon rejoining the SSS, Randy goes back to a variation of his original outfit, including a white shirt, black trousers and orange coat. His latest outfit pays homage to both of his previous ones, combining the button up shirt and, now navy, tie of his appearance as an instructor with the colour scheme and large coat of his police outfit.

Randy primarily uses a stun halberd in battle, a long polearm with an orbment and blade on the top. He also possesses an S-Class weapon, Berzerga which resembles a large black automatic fire arm with a retractable blade.


Randolph is the cool older brother type personality of the group. He tends to be laid-back and is a somewhat shameless flirt, but hides a sad past behind him. Despite his strength, he feels that it is often not enough to protect those he cares for.

Traumatized by his past as a jaeger and the actions he did, Randolph disapproves of the jaeger lifestyle, resulting in a rocky relationship with his cousin Shirley and uncle Sigmund. He is quick to anger when his cousin is around and advises others to be extremely cautious when dealing with her.

He loves liquor.


Randy during his time as a jaeger at Red Constellation.

Randolph was born in S.1183, place unknown.

Raised from childhood as a part of the Red Constellation jaeger corps, he had a knife handed to him at the age of 4 and learned firearm marksmanship from the age of 6 onward.

At the age of 9, Randolph made his debut at the battlefield by serving as the scout of his father's squad. During said mission he ended up killing two opposing soldiers. At the age of 12 Randolph became the designated head of a jaeger platoon and two years later, he was promoted into commanding a jaeger company.

Zero and Ao no Kiseki

Due to a traumatic realization of the bloodshed he was causing, Randolph fled from the Red Constellation and the world of jaegers sometime prior to his father Baldur's fatal duel in S.1203. He enlisted in the Crossbell Guardian Force by appealing to Sonya Baelz. In S.1204, at the age of 21, he was asked by Sonya to join the newly established Special Support Section, where got along well with his colleagues.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Following the Imperial annexation of Crossbell in S.1205, Randy returned to his former post at the Crossbell Guardian Force to prepare a resistance force until someone advised to him to go to Erebonia instead. Upon arriving in Erebonia, he starts serving as the Instructor of Class VIII at Thors Branch Campus in Erebonia. Randolph acts relatively freely with his position and duties.

He discovers that fellow instructor Rean Schwarzer fought his former SSS colleague Lloyd Bannings, which is a topic he brings up to him. As the instructor for battle tactics, he tries to overcome the difficulties in his relationship with student Ash Carbide through practice battles.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Following the events of the Great Twilight, Randolph helped new Class VII get back on their feet with some training exercises in the Saint-Gral Labyrinth. He later left to search for Tio; upon confirming that she was being held at the branch campus, he joined Rean's group once more to liberate the campus and rescue his friend. Randy takes part in the assault on the fake Salt pales as part of the SSS group.

He later attended Olivert and Scherazard's wedding with his friends.

Hajimari no Kiseki

Randolph later left his position as an instructor for the branch campus, returning to Crossbell and assisting in liberating it from remnants of the Imperial Defense Force.

In the time leading up to the independence ceremony, randy catches up with the SSS over dinner in their old headquarters. He has been helping the CGF in Mishelam and plans to spend the next day there to help Mireille. The others are planning a send off party for randy before he heads off on a train later in the day for the Branch Campus to hand off classes to his successor. At Mishelam, randy catches up with Matthew Crawford who thanks him for taking care of his daughter. As he and Mireille are walking about, Mecha Mishy suddenly attacks but the SSS are able to defeat it. Randy and Mirielle have a discussion at the party before he leaves.

During the independence ceremony, they were interrupted by Rufus Albarea and his Black Guard, brainwashing most of the city's inhabitants to his will. In the ensuing chaos, Randy was separated from his fellow SSS colleagues, eventually arriving at Mainz and defending the small village from the Black Guard.

Lloyd would eventually arrive to help Randy and the others at Mainz, which ended the Black Guard's siege on the surrounding area. He later partook in liberating the city from the Supreme Leader and the subsequent assault on Reverse Babel.

At some point following these events, Randy proposes to Mireille.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel III

Randolph Orlando
Randy Orlando Note (Sen III).png
Class VIII: Combat Tactics (Military Science)
An easygoing and friendly teacher who transferred to the school from the army's Crossbell Unit. Formerly part of the CPD.
At first, Rean and Randy put up walls between each other, but after drinking together, they're on a first-name basis.
Special Rum
Though they have their differences, their determination is the same. Rean and Randy have become true friends.

Randy Orlando Note (Sen III).png

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Randolph Orlando
Randy Orlando Note (Sen III).png
Class VIII: Combat Tactics (Military Science)
An easygoing and friendly teacher who transferred to the school from the army's Crossbell Unit. Formerly part of the SSS.
Intensive Regimen
With Rean gone, it was up to Randy to take charge. He and Roselia devised a training program that pushed the kids to their limit.
An old comrade from the CGF, Mireille means a lot to Randy. However, he insists there's nothing romantic going on between them.

Randy Orlando Note (Sen III).png

Hajimari no Kiseki

Randy Orlando Note (Hajimari).png



Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
32px Devastator
Act 1: "The Trials of Class VII"
[STR+655/RNG+2/Critical rate+4%]
An especially destructive halberd. Capable in a variety of battle circumstances.
32px Devastator +1
Act 2: "Guiding Starlight"
[STR+1155/RNG+2/Critical rate+4%]
An especially destructive halberd. Capable in a variety of battle circumstances.
32px Devastator +2
Act 3: "Seekers of the Dawn"
[STR+1255/RNG+2/Critical rate+4%]
An especially destructive halberd. Capable in a variety of battle circumstances.
32px Devastator +3
Act 3: "Seekers of the Dawn" (2)
[STR+1355/RNG+2/Critical rate+4%]
An especially destructive halberd. Capable in a variety of battle circumstances.
32px Devastator +4
Finale: "Scattered Petals, Dying Flames"
[STR+1455/RNG+2/Critical rate+4%]
An especially destructive halberd. Capable in a variety of battle circumstances.

Hajimari no Kiseki

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
[STR+960 RNG+2 必殺2%]
[STR+1060 RNG+2 必殺2%]
[STR+1260 RNG+2 必殺2%]
[STR+1360 RNG+2 必殺2%]
[STR+1460 RNG+2 必殺2%]
Black Zemurian Ore x1 Upgrade
[STR+1610 RNG+2 必殺4%]


Zero no Kiseki

Name Effect Cast Cost Level
Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Power Smash
Craft - Attack - Area (S) - Delay
Strikes opponent with great force, delaying their next turn.
20 CP Initial
Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Salamander
Craft - Attack - Line - Burn (80%)
A dragon-like wave of flames charges to incinerate enemies.
30 CP Level 10
Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Crash Bomb
Craft - Attack (Set) - Area (L) - Blind (100%)
Throws a flash grenade with 100% chance to blind.
30 CP Level 17
Craft (Crossbell Skill).png War Cry
Craft - Support - Self - CP+60 - HP-30%
Strengthens spirit with a battle cry and trades HP for CP.
Level 24
Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Deadly Storm
Craft - Attack (Set) - Line - K.O. (60%)
Overwhelms enemies with a frenzied storm, bringing death.
30 CP Level 33
Combo Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Burning Rage
Combo Craft (Lloyd & Randy) - Attack - Area (M)
Unloads a barrage of attacks from both sides.
100 CP Story[note 1]
Combo Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Burning Rage 2
Combo Craft (Lloyd & Randy) - Attack - Area (M)
Annihilates enemies with a raging barrage from both sides.
100 CP Bonding[note 2]
Combo Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Riot Star
Combo Craft (Elie & Randy) - Attack - Area (L)
Stops enemies with a gun and a halberd strike like a meteor.
100 CP Craft Book[note 3]
Combo Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Haken Storm
Combo Craft (Randy & Tio) - Attack - Area (L)
Inescapable surprise attack amplified by a time difference.
100 CP Craft Book[note 4]
S Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Crimson Gale
S-Craft - Attack - Area (M) - Burn (100%)
Incinerates foes with a mighty whirlwind of flame.
100+ CP Initial
S Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Death Scorpion
S-Craft - Attack - Area (L)
Ferociously charge as the blood of the War God boils within.
100+ CP Level 35
Support Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Burning Divider
Support Craft - Attack - Area (M) - Burn (100%)
Strikes the enemy formation with a burning stun halberd.
Story[note 5]
  1. Burning Rage is acquired after the race scene Chapter 3, Crossbell Anniversary Festival Day 2.
  2. Burning Rage 2 is acquired by seeing the respective bonding event in the IBC in the Final Chapter. No other "level 2" combo craft can be acquired in a single playthrough.
  3. Riot Star is acquired from the Craft Book - Star found in the Stargazer's Tower.
  4. Haken Storm is acquired from the Craft Book - Sun found in the Ancient Battlefield.
  5. Burning Divider becomes available when the party first has five members, during Chapter 2 when investigating Stargazer's Tower.

Ao no Kiseki

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Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name Power Break Unbalance Cost Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Death Storm
B A 5% 40 CP Initial
Physical - Line M (Set) - K.O. (20%)
Dashes through the battlefield, toppling opponents.
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Crimson Gale
A+ C 20% 60 CP Initial
Physical - Area L (Set) - Burn (50%)
A sweeping attack, engulfed in flames.
Craft (Sen III Skill).png War Cry
0 CP Initial
Support - Self - HP-30% - CP+80
Unleashes battle aura with a roar, exchanging stamina for CP.
S Craft (Sen III Skill).png Berserker
4S+ C No 100+ CP Initial
Physical - All
Channels the blood of the War God to cleave the battlefield in two.

Hajimari no Kiseki

Name Power Break Unbalance Cost Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
40 CP Initial
攻撃(威力B ブレイクA 崩しD+):
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
40 CP Level 135
攻撃(威力B+ ブレイクA 崩しD+):
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
60 CP Initial
攻撃(威力A+ ブレイクC 崩しB):
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
60 CP Level 176
攻撃(威力S ブレイクC 崩しB):
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
0 CP Initial
補助:自己:HP-30% CP+80
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
0 CP Level 139
補助:自己:HP-30% CP+100
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
90 CP Level 127
攻撃(威力S+ ブレイクC 崩しB):円S(地点指定):
必殺30% 4ターンランダム能力値↓(大)
Craft (Sen III Skill).png
90 CP Level 201
攻撃(威力SS ブレイクC 崩しB):円S(地点指定):
必殺35% 4ターンランダム能力値↓(大)
S Craft (Sen III Skill).png
100+ CP Initial
攻撃(威力4S+ ブレイクC 崩し無効):全体
S Craft (Sen III Skill).png
100+ CP 試練の扉
攻撃(威力5S ブレイクC 崩し無効):

Brave Order

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name BP Effect
Proud Warrior
2 Damage dealt +20% (4 turns)
STR raised (L) (1 turn)


Zero and Ao no Kiseki

Trails of Cold Steel III

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Hajimari no Kiseki

Akatsuki no Kiseki


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