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Ravennue Mine is a mine located behind Ravennue Village.


Ravennue Mine was a mine that was used by Ravennue Village for mining sepith and other minerals. That was until the mine dried up and they were forced to abandon it in favor of a new means of trade and export. They locked up the mine as a result.

Trails in the Sky FC

The mine remained closed until the Capua Sky Bandits used it to hide the hijacked Linde.

After the Linde was discovered by Estelle Bright, Joshua Bright, Scherazard Harvey, General Morgan and the Royal Army, the ship was moved to the nearest airship dock for repairs and the mine was locked once again.

Trails in the Sky SC

The mine is the site where Agate Crosner rushes off to fight Leonhardt and the dragon, Ragnard. Agate is easily beaten and his sword broken, but Tita and the party arrive to save him. The Royal Army also intervenes, landing with an airship and several troops, but they are unable to damage the dragon as it flies off with Leonhardt.