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Ravennue Village is a small farming village located due west of Bose and Haken Gate.


Ravennue Village is a small farming village located near Bose and Haken Gate. The town earns most of its money primarily from the export of fruits and vegetables. During the Hundred Days War, Ravennue Village was attacked due to its close proximity to Haken Gate and Liberl's shared border with Erebonia. As a result, 10 lives were lost including Agate Crosner's sister, Mischa and their names are now memorialized on a tombstone in their graveyard.

Ravennue Village also possessed a mine at one point. However, when the mine dried up, the village was forced to seal it and it was left abandoned at the back of Ravennue Trail located behind the village.

Trails in the Sky FC

Estelle, Joshua and Scherazard visit Ravennue Village for a monster extermination side quest. The trio then later come back when they become aware that the Capua Sky Bandits may have been hiding the stolen airship in their mine after asking one of its inhabitants.

Trails in the Sky SC

Ravennue village is the home town of Agate, and it is here Agate rests and recuperates after his encounter with Loewe in the Ravennue Mine. He, Loewe and General Morgan pay their respects to the grave of the ten victims after the incident with the ancient dragon is resolved.

List of Locations

List of NPCs

  • Emile - owns the store and been through the Hundred Days War
  • Fran - a little girl who frolics around and informs you of where the elder's house is.
  • Vince - a little boy and a friend of Lewey.
  • Lewey - the boy who saw a flying object.
  • Apple - a woman who manages the Moonlight Path who is not used to talking
  • Limon - a woman who is the owner of the New Moonlight Path restaurant.
  • Orange - an old lady who is the wife of Gray.
  • Gray - an old man who is always at the orchard growing fruit since the beginning.
  • Melony - a lady who's the wife of Pesca.
  • Pesca - a young man moved to the village to be an orchard farmer and purchased orbal farming equipment.
  • Lore - a young man who wants to get out of the orchard business to be a merchant in Bose, but he wants to solve the problems in the village first. Wife and son left for Bose first.
  • Figaro - a middle-aged man who lives in the house on the east side of town. He provides information about the grave site.
  • Birnette - an old lady who is the wife of the village chief who remembers the Hundred Days War very vividly.
  • Elder Reisen - the village chief who gives the key to the Abandoned Mine and really cares about Agate.



  • The visible engraved names of those who died during the 100 Year War are: Leif, Abel, Nicole, Wilhelm, Irena, and Mischa.
  • Ravennue is known for its fruit, and several of the inhabitants have aptronyms that are similar or linked to fruit including, Limon (lemon), Apple, Orange, Melony (melon), Figaro (figs) and Reisen (raisens).