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Ravennue Village is a small farming village located due west of Bose and Haken Gate.


Ravennue Village is a small farming village located near Bose and Haken Gate. The town earns most of its money primarily from the export of fruits and vegetables. During the Hundred Days War, Ravennue Village was attacked due to its close proximity to Haken Gate and Liberl's shared border with Erebonia. As a result, 10 lives were lost including Agate Crosner's sister, Mischa and their names are now memorialized on a tombstone in their graveyard.

Ravennue Village also possessed a mine at one point. However, when the mine dried up, the village was forced to seal it and it was left abandoned at the back of Ravennue Trail located behind the village.

In Trails in the Sky FC, Estelle, Joshua and Scherazard visit Ravennue Village for a monster extermination side quest. The trio then later come back when they become aware that the Capua Sky Bandits may have been hiding the stolen airship in their mine after asking one of its inhabitants.


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