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The Recluse Cube (レクルスの方石, rekurusu no houseki) is an artifact discovered by Erika Russell in the ruins of the Liber Ark at the bottom of the Valleria Lake using the Leibnitz.


Main article: Monument

Using the cube allows the player to reactivate monuments, which give supportive functions: HP/EP restoration, buying items for mira, and synthesizing quartz using sepith.

The base monument found in the Hermit's Garden additionally allows the player to unseal Sealing Stones to add playable characters to the party, and buy and synthesize any quartz or items seen in previously reactivated monuments.

The player can use the cube to warp between all reactivated monuments and discovered memory doors.

Remote Abilities

Main article: Remote ability

The cube allows a character to provide a supportive effect in battle (often with a downside) when that character is in the Hermit's Garden and selected via the cube's interface. This remote ability is available as soon as Kevin Graham has unsealed four other characters from Sealing Stones, leading to a total party size of five.