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The Recluse Cube (レクルスの方石, rekurusu no houseki) is an artifact discovered by Erika Russell in the ruins of the Liber Ark. The Recluse Cube provides access to a number of useful functions within Phantasma.


Six months after the collapse of the Liber Ark, a salvage operation by Erika Russell, Julia Schwarz, Maximillian Cid and Gustav using the Leibnitz found a sphere at the bottom of the Valleria Lake. Identifying it as an artifact, they contacted the Septian Church to take care of it, who stored it in the Primal Ground below Grancel Cathedral until Kevin Graham was sent to examine it and decide who would keep possession of it.

Ries Argent intervenes and makes the judgment for him, to the chagrin of the professor. While arguing, the sphere activates, opening up and revealing the cube inside, thus settling the matter as Kevin pockets the cube. After fighting off Gilbert Stein, who had followed the two to the Grancel port, the cube activates again, and a masked man suddenly appears to warn them as they are teleported to the Hermit's Garden.

Care and keeping of the cube during the events of Phantasma is entrusted to Kevin, though he briefly turns over the cube to Ries when he is temporarily incapacitated due to the use of his Stigma. Following the completion of events in Phantasma, Kevin states his intention to turn it back over to Professor Erika.


Main article: Monument

Using the cube allows the player to reactivate monuments, which give supportive functions: HP/EP restoration, buying items for mira, and synthesizing quartz using sepith.

The base monument found in the Hermit's Garden additionally allows the player to unseal Sealing Stones to add playable characters to the party, and buy and synthesize any quartz or items from other activated monuments.

Remote Abilities

Main article: Remote ability

The cube allows a character to provide a supportive effect in battle (often with a downside) when that character isn't part of the active party, selected via the cube's interface. Remote abilities is available as soon as Kevin Graham has unsealed Mueller Vander from his Sealing Stone, leading to a total of five playable characters.


The cube can be used to teleport freely between not only activated monuments, but also examined Memory Doors, even without being finished. This ability can be disabled at certain times, such as when first exploring the Golden and Silver Roads.