Red Constellation ((あか)星座(せいざ)) is one of the most powerful jaeger corps in Zemuria.


Their origins date back to the Dark Ages where they began as Orlando's Berserkers, a warrior clan. The red scorpion that serves as the emblem of Red Constellation was originally the personal sigil of the group's founder.

Leadership of the group has rested with the Orlando family since its founding and the leader takes on the title of War God. A family member with the potential for leadership will be put through a series of trials to determine if they are worthy of inheriting the title.


Red Constellation's rivalry with Zephyr is legendary as that is the only other corp which could challenge them for the title of strongest in the continent. The two groups frequently fought against one another and sought out opportunities to fight on opposite sides of the battlefield.

The rivalry ended when the leaders of the two groups met in a duel which resulted in the mutual deaths of Baldur Orlando and Rutger Claussell.

After this, Baldur's brother Sigmund accepted a job in Crossbell in an attempt to persuade the chosen heir of Baldur to return to the corp and take up the mantle of the War God.

Known members


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