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Red Constellation ((あか)星座(せいざ)) is one of the most powerful jaeger corps in Zemuria.


Their origins date back to the Dark Ages where they began as Orlando's Berserkers, a warrior clan. The red scorpion that serves as the emblem of Red Constellation was originally the personal sigil of the group's founder.

Leadership of the group has rested with the Orlando family since its founding and the leader takes on the title of "War God"(闘神) . A family member with the potential for leadership will be put through a series of trials to determine if they are worthy of inheriting the title.

When moving to an area, the Red Constellation use their vast Mira reserve to buy properties for their front corporation Crimson & Co. such as their club chain and base of operations, Neue Blanc, which serve as an additional source of revenue. When leaving an area, they leave the club in the hands of trusted partners and occasionally return to them when visiting areas once again. Known branches of this club exist in Crossbell City and Raquel.

At some point, the Red Constellation were active in Calvard's eastern quarter, but were forced to withdraw after a confrontation with Heiyue.

Red Constellation's rivalry with Zephyr is legendary as that is the only other corp which could challenge them for the title of strongest in the continent. The two groups frequently fought against one another and sought out opportunities to fight on opposite sides of the battlefield.

The rivalry ended when the leaders of the two groups met in a 'final confrontation' duel which resulted in the mutual deaths of Baldur Orlando and Rutger Claussell after three days straight of non-stop fighting. It was later revealed this was all part of a ploy by Black Alberich to find a suitable awakener for the Palatinate Knight which was sealed nearby the battlefield. The corps had previously been making use of the Black Workshop's S-Series weaponry.

Following Baldur's death, Baldur's brother Sigmund temporarily assumed role of commander. He intended to relinquish the position to Baldur's son Randy Orlando, as he was Sigmund's son, and believed that he would be best for the role.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

The Red Constellation are first mentioned by Alan Richard as a jaegar corp that had recently become involved in a power struggle in Calvard's Eastern Quarter. Richard resolves to head over there and investigate personally, agreeing to provide Cassius Bright with information as he does so.

Sometime after these events, the Red Constellation come into conflict with Heiyue in the eastern Quarter, but they were said to be unsuccessful as the rival syndicate claimed to have driven them out of the Eastern Quarter.

Trails to Azure

The corps were offered a job as security by Giliath Osborne for the West Zemuria Trade Conference in August 31 S.1204, which they accepted, travelling from the Eastern Quarter. The new objective was to protect the chancellor from a joint ILF/AIO attack on the West Zemuria Trade Conference. Osborne gave the corps authorization to use lethal force if necessary.

After encountering Sigmund and Shirley on separate occasions around the city, the full force of the corps is first unleashed when the terrorists make their move. In the basement of the Orchis Tower, the Red Constellation catch up to the ILF members, who had been running from the SSS. They mercilessly mow down all but one, who was hiding behind a pillar. Shirley was about to execute the member when the SSS arrived, and they left said member alive for the SSS to interrogate. Osborne ensured they were paid handsomely for the job.

They were later hired by Dieter Crois in S.1204 to create some trouble in Crossbell so that Dieter could continue to keep Crossbell independent. Part of this deal involved the provision of a new airship, the Beowulf, granting the corps much needed air power and transportation options. The corps devastate the city, destroying the headquarters of their rivals from the Eastern Quarter, Heiyue, demolishing the IBC and causing major damage to the Arc en Ciel theatre, amongst other areas.

The Red Constellation would then be deployed to fight rebels and defend Crossbell while the Crois Family completed their plans. Shirley and Sigmund were amongst the forces taken into the Azure Tree. Although they were defeated, they all managed to escape using their new airship.

Randy refused to return to the jaeger corps, so Sigmund ended up holding the position permanently. Shirley became an Enforcer for Ouroboros after the job. Due to her position in both organizations, the Red Constellation is often seen working with the society.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

A battalion of the Red Constellation arrives in Western Erebonia under Shirley's command, now Enforcer XVII. Gareth states he was tasked with assisting Shirley by Sigmund, as Shirley comments on his over protectiveness. They work in tandem with the remnants of the Northern Jaegers in the part of the efforts to retake the Phantasmal Blaze Plan. Gareth and Shirley are both present at the testing of the Aion Type-β II in Hamel, and the rest of the forces they brought with them are not seen until they capture several railway cannons used to bombard the area around Ordis. The corps deploys around the canyon, defending the cannons. They are later amongst the forces preparing for and defending the Gral of Erebos in the advent of the Great Twilight.

During the onset of war between Erebonia and the rest of the world, the Red Constellation continues to assist the government and Ouroboros across the empire. With Shirley accompanying Cedric Reise Arnor, the corps and Class I of Thors Military Academy make an attempt to capture Class VII during the discussions and planning for operation Mille Mirage at Osgiliath Basin, but fail with the unexpected appearance of the Pantagruel. When the war began, the Red Constellation fight on behalf of Operation Jormungandr, including Sigmund.

Trails into Reverie

In S.1207, the corps was seen working with Ouroboros' jaegers in a joint-training exercise by Shirley in an attempt to whip Cedric into shape as an Enforcer candidate. A group was later hired by Dieter once again to liberate the city from the Supreme Leader and his Black Guard, with Gareth and Zach being present for the operation.

Known members