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Red Moon Rose (赤い月のロゼ) is a book series that can be collected in Trails of Cold Steel. The book can also be read in Trails of Cold Steel II. After collecting all 14 volumes, they can be handed over to Beryl who will exchange them for a piece of valuable Zemurian Ore.


The novel takes place in the imperial capital of Heimdallr. Several decades after the passing of Emperor Driechels, an unknown killing spree continues to spread, victimizing young women walking in the dark. The incident would be later referred to as the "Vampire Murders" from the mysterious fang marks found on the victims' bodies. This is a story of how an Imperial Soldier, Alphonse put the case to an end.


Trails of Cold Steel

Chapter Title Availability Location
1 The Red Moon April 18 (Noon) Keynes, Keynes' Bookstore
2 Vampire Hunter April 24 Anita, Celdic Grand Market
3 Foreboding April 25 Robin, West Celdic Highway 2
4 The Black Vampire May 29 Fumy, Crescent Moon (Aurochs Fort)[1]
5 Farewell May 30 Anette, north exit of Bareahard
6 Bloodstained Rose June 27 Manning, Watchtower (Nord Highlands)
7 Parting of the Ways June 28 Hoover, Zender Gate
8 The Truth July 24 Robert, Mater Park
9 A Fool July 26 Tim, Dreichels Plaza
10 Into the Darkness August 28 Old Lady Daphne, Legram
11 Battle in the Catacomb August 30 Prana, Arseid Mansion (Legram)
12 Elder Vampire September 25 (Night) Oulu, near escalator in Roer
13 True Ancestor September 26 Fraga, Roer Institute of Technology[2]
Finale A New Dawn October 23 (Night) Butler Celestin, Thors Military Academy 2F


  • The editing of Red Moon Rose for the localisation was done by Jessica Chavez.[3]


  1. Must be done before returning to Bareahard.
  2. After completing the field study assignments but before going to the Underground Passage.