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Red Moon Rose (赤い月のロゼ) is a book series that can be collected in Trails of Cold Steel. The book can also be read in Trails of Cold Steel II.


The novel takes place in the imperial capital of Heimdallr. Several decades after the passing of Emperor Driechels, an unknown killing spree continues to spread, victimizing young women walking in the dark. The incident would be later referred to as the "Vampire Murders" from the mysterious fang marks found on the victims' bodies. This is a story of how an Imperial Soldier, Alphonse put the case to an end.


Trails of Cold Steel[]

The entire series can be exchanged with Beryl after first accessing the Realm of the Great Shadow for a piece of Zemurian Ore. The availability window for each book is very short, but any missed books can be found in Micht's Pawn Shop.

Chapter Title Availability Location
1 The Red Moon Chapter 1: "Unconventional Studies", 4/18
Before completing Old Schoolhouse Mystery.
Keynes, Keynes' Bookstore, Trista
2 Vampire Hunter Chapter 1: "Unconventional Studies", 4/24 Anita, Celdic Grand Market
3 Foreboding Chapter 1: "Unconventional Studies", 4/25 Robin, West Celdic Highway Farmhouse
4 The Black Vampire Chapter 2: "The Verdant City", 5/29
After completing Aurochs Canyon Monster and before returning to Bareahard.
Fumy, Crescent Moon Inn, Aurochs Fort
5 Farewell Chapter 2: "The Verdant City", 5/30 Anette, Bareahard next to the exit to North Kreuzen Highway
6 Bloodstained Rose Chapter 3: "Beyond the Railways", 6/27 Private Manning, Nord Highlands Watchtower
7 Parting of the Ways Chapter 3: "Beyond the Railways", 6/28
After defeating Millium during Attack on the Watchtower.
Private Hoover, Zender Gate
8 The Truth Chapter 4: "A Midsummer's Revels", 7/24 Robert, Mater Park
9 A Fool Chapter 4: "A Midsummer's Revels", 7/26 Tim, Dreichels Plaza
10 Into the Darkness Chapter 5: "Signs and Omens", 8/28
After completing Ebel Highway Monster and Arseid School Training Bout.
Old Lady Daphne, Legram
11 Battle in the Catacomb Chapter 5: "Signs and Omens", 8/30 Prana, Arseid Mansion, Legram
12 Elder Vampire Chapter 6: "Progressive Chaos", 9/25
Before speaking with Claire during The Industrial Metropolis.
Oulu, Roer lower lever next to the escalator
13 True Ancestor Chapter 6: "Progressive Chaos", 9/26
Before entering the Underground Passage during Assault on the Iron Mine.
Fraga, Roer Institute of Technology, Roer
Finale A New Dawn Final Chapter: "Put to the Test", 10/23
After spending 5 tickets but before finishing Academy Festival - Day 1.
Butler Celestin, Thors Military Academy 2nd floor, Trista

Trails of Cold Steel II[]


  • The editing of Red Moon Rose for the localisation was done by Jessica Chavez: [1]