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The Reformist Faction (改革派派閥) is a faction in the Erebonian Government focused on throwing away Erebonian Traditions in order to bring Erebonia to the modern age.


The Reformist Faction was founded under the guidance of Imperial Chancellor Giliath Osborne and Heimdallr Governor Carl Regnitz. It is primarily consists of high-ranking Erebonians who are either commoners by birth or nobles who shared the same values as them.

Under the the Reformist Faction, Erebonia has annexed many of the poorer nations and has gotten even more connected through the Railway system.

However, this had brought them tension from the Noble Alliance who saw them as a threat, and the Noble Alliance plotted to eliminate Giliath Osborne using the Imperial Liberation Front (ILF). Things came to a head when Giliath Osborne was assassinated and the Erebonian Civil War began.

After the War, Giliath Osborne who was revealed to be alive used clever maneuvering to decrease the power of the Noble Alliance. As a result, he and his Reformist Faction have effectively taken over the country and have practically removed the Royal Family from power.


The Reformist Faction mainly believes that Erebonia must change in order to coincide with the growing enlargement and industrialization of the country. While they publicly respect Erebonian traditions and values overall, the Reformist Faction also believes that they must tear down and rebuild the ruling aristocratic system in favor of one that allows commoners to get better opportunities.

National Advancements

As a result of their beliefs, the Reformist Faction has enacted several hard-line economic and expansionist policies and have encouraged better relations between nations.These include:

  • The annexation of smaller border nations like Jurai;
  • Expansion of the Railway system throughout the Empire;
  • Lowering trade tariffs and custom duties to allow more imports into Erebonia;
  • Passing the Imperial Transportation Act to codify all rules of the road;
  • Establishing a unified tax system;
  • The signing of the Non-Agression Pact between Erebonia, Calvard and Liberl.
  • The increase of Military funding;
  • The establishment of the Imperial Intelligence Agency and the Railway Military Police;
  • The establishment of the Ironbloods;
  • The annexation of Crossbell and North Ambria into Erebonia;


Key Members

Member Name Position in Reformists Occupation Current and Former Affiliations Current Member


Giliath Osborne Spearhead Prime Minister of Erebonia Y
Carl Regnitz Member Governor of Heimdallr Y
Rufus Albarea Member Governor-General of Crossbell Head of the Ironbloods

Former Chief of Staff of the Noble Alliance (officially)


Lechter Arundel

Member Intelligence Division Captain Member of the Ironbloods Y
Claire Rieveldt Member Head of Railway Military Police Member of the Ironbloods Y
Millium Orion Member Member of the Intelligence Division Member of the Ironbloods

Member of Class VII

Altina Orion Member Member of the Intelligence Division Member of the Ironbloods Y