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René Kincaid (ルネ・キンケイド) is an aide and agent with the Integrated Analysis Department of the Central Intelligence Division. He was introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



René is a tall young man with swept brown hair, silver eyes and and glasses. Kincaid leaves a stylish and competent impression with his well-ordered violet suit, which is complimented by his glasses, and he has many female colleagues who admire his smooth working demeanor. René uses a military pistol in combat.


René is an intelligent and pragmatic individual who is open to taking advantage of both his own and others' positions in order to achieve ends. He maintains a calm and analytic demeanour and is not easily unnerved. As the most senior of the three childhood friends, he has been able to watch over the other two from a unique position and has been subtlety manipulating them to help them find happiness with one another. René is not one to let the past get in the way of his goals and he holds great ambition towards becoming president one day.


René was born to a businessman's family who moved to Oración for work purposes. There, he met Elaine Auclair and Van Arkride and the trio became firm childhood friends. René is the eldest of the three by about a year and constantly looked out for the other two. When they all attended Aramis High School, René quickly ascended to become student council president with Elaine as his vice-president. he noticed early on that Elaine and Van had feelings for one another and subtly watched them and prodded them to help them get together. René himself had a girlfriend of his own at the time. René made no secret of his ambitions and left to join politics after graduation, taking a role in the Central Intelligence Division's integrated analysis department.

Kuro no Kiseki

Under the supervision of his capable superior, he has been able to handle himself well in a department divided by the president’s aim, while dealing with a vast number of matters on a daily basis, and reliably gathering information and conducting operations at the local level.[1]

Van and René become aware of each other's positions and do no hesitate to take advantage of them. René helps spring Van from the police's custody and has Van cooperate with him. Not willing to only let the Bracer Guild make use of Van, René also asks Van to help with monster extermination requests and states he will match any payment the Guild are offering. René continue to provide information and update Van wherever it is possible and beneficial to his aims. René is not fond of Van's tendency to call him by his first name and insists he use his surname.

When investigating the whereabouts of a missing unit of Eisen Schild, René admits that said unit was engaged by a squad of Hercules special forces as combat training, but that they broke free of capture and haven't been since. As an apology for situation , René sends over all the information he has.

René impresses Kilika Rouran with his remote management skills when meeting with her following the Langport incident. he also helps van out by providing information on drug movements and composition in Tharbad. René drives Sherid Asverl to his meeting with Van regarding a request in Basel, and briefs him on the situation in the city. It is made clear that René is part of a confidential project being worked on by the government and is working with Agnes Claudel's father. René advises Agnes on her position and what resources are available to her. later, He informs Van that the president authorised the Marduk Company to take action in Basel and at the conclusion of events there, it is revealed he is working with the president Roy Gramheart.

René is in charge of coordinating the government's response to the situation in Oración and Almata, and is keeping track of all the various factions heading to and active within the city, delivering this information to Van. Before they travel there, René has been revealed as the presidential aide and drives Gramheart to meet with Agnes who is revealed as his daughter and intends to head into the city despite the danger. When Hercules beta unit is wiped out by Arioch and the game threatened, René assures everyone it was not under his orders and was a separate faction of the CID acting without consent.

When Almata's forces are wiped out, René requests van's assistance in apprehending trace elements and members of their organization in the capital. René joins the party in person as an apology for everything that has happened so far and heads one of the groups when they divide into two. During this time, René reveals details about Van and René's shared past. He attends the party at monmarte Bistro afterwards but leaves for work as the evening draws in.

On revolution Day, René meets with Ellroy Harwood and Kasim Al-Fayed in what others view as a scary combination. when Pandemonium envelops the city, René teams up with Van's party to secure the area but departs after they find more allies so that he can find his own men and get a fuller grasp of the situation. He assist the party breach Genesis Tower by destroying a Diabolos pillar with a sniper rifle from a nearby building.

René celebrates the New Year with Van and Elaine, going out for drinks with them.



Kuro no Kiseki

Name Power Range Cost Acquire
Ark Dominator
40 CP Initial
威力:B / 範囲:単体
Exceed Rain
70 CP Initial
威力:A / 範囲:扇L
40 CP Initial
補助/ 範囲:単体


Kuro no Kiseki

Kuro no Kiseki II: Crimson Sin



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