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Rene Kincaid (ルネ・キンケイド) is an aide and agent with the Integrated Analysis Department of the Central Intelligence Division. He was introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Rene is a tall young man with swept brown hair, silver eyes and and glasses. Kincaid leaves a stylish and competent impression with his well-ordered violet suit, which is complimented by his glasses, and he has many female colleagues who admire his smooth working demeanor. Rene uses a military pistol in combat.


Rene's openness to taking advantage of both his own position and Van Arkride's status as a Spriggan to achieve ends suggests he is a pragmatic individual. As the most senior of the three childhood friends, he has been able to watch over the other two from a unique position.

Kuro no Kiseki

Under the supervision of his capable superior, he has been able to handle himself well in a department divided by the president’s aim, while dealing with a vast number of matters on a daily basis, and reliably gathering information and conducting operations at the local level.

Shocked, but convinced that his childhood friend Van Arkride started working as Spriggan, he and Van do not hesitate to take advantage of each other’s positions. When their childhood friend Elaine Auclair decided to join the Bracer Guild in her school days, René was the only one to support her, and acknowledges her work as a bracer even after becoming an analyst for the CID.[1]




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