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Renne (レン) is introduced as Enforcer No. XV of Ouroboros, working under the alias Angel of Slaughter (殲滅天使(せんめつてんし)).


Renne was the victim of a child sex ring she was forced into by the D∴G Cult, though she had narrowly managed to remain alive and retain some sanity. She was rescued from the brothel by Ouroboros Enforcers Loewe and Joshua; later on, she joined Ouroboros, becoming proficient with a scythe. As she continued to rise up the ranks, she became an Enforcer and was the only candidate that was able to sync with the first of the Gordias-class war machines, Pater-Mater.

As one of Georg Weissmann's operatives in the Gospel Plan, Renne found herself questioning her place in the Society after her encounters with Estelle Bright and Tita Russell.

Renne was one of the individuals summoned by the Recluse Cube to Phantasma. Her resolve was further weakened as she was forced to spend time with Estelle's group, who showed her empathy despite her past crimes. She later assisted the Special Support Section in Crossbell, abandoned the Society altogether, became the adoptive sibling of Estelle and Joshua, as enrolled a student at Jenis Royal Academy.


When first met, Renne appeared to be a typical girl; mischievous, cheeky, and having lots of fun. She did have a darker side however, initially lashing out against people that tried to help her or refused to comply with her requests. This was a result of the traumatic childhood she had, which resulted in a "self-defense" mechanism of sorts. She initially loathed her original parents for seemingly abandoning her, but after learning the truth, forgave them. Despite this, Renne opted to remain out of their lives.

As a result of the traumatic childhood she had, Renne initially believed that running away from her problems would solve everything. Extremely intelligent at a young age, Renne initially portrayed herself as a mature, respectful young girl. She dislikes whenever Tita cries, as Tita is a year older than her and as such, jokingly states that it would make a bad example for her.

Upon realizing that Estelle would accept her for who she was, Renne broke down and happily joined the Brights. Growing up with her new siblings, Renne retained her mischievous streak. She also appeared to gain a sudden interest in romantic relationships, curious about Agate and Tita's relationship onboard the Pantagruel, later teasing Estelle and Joshua for not being "aggressive" during their visit to Mishelam Wonderland.


Renne was born as Renne Hayworth (レン・ヘイウワース) in S.1191 as the daughter of Harold and Sophia Hayworth in Crossbell.

Harold, Sophia and Renne escaping from creditors. (Zero)

Her father had just started working as a merchant. The aggressive growth of Crossbell's trading market, however, made it impossible for him to run an honest business and he ended up with enormous debts. They ran from the creditors, taking Renne with them.

Harold and Sophia entrust Renne to friends in Calvard. (Zero)

At one point, they feared that the mafia would hunt them down and decided to temporarily entrust Renne to an old, trustworthy friend living in Calvard until her parents had paid off all their debts.


Harold and Sophia return to their friend's burnt down house. (Zero)

Following the advice of a reliable lawyer, Harold managed to clear his debts within a year by rebuilding his professional network from scratch. When they went to Calvard to pick up Renne again, they found their friend's house burnt down.

Arsons and organised burglaries were common in Calvard during the mid S.1190s and authorities were late to arrive in the remote region. Autopsy reports concluded that all inhabitants of the house had died.

Harold and Sophia after Colin's birth. (Zero)

Devastated that they had lost their daughter, they lost their will to live and considered committing joint-suicide. Around that time they discovered that Sophia was pregnant with a child, which reinvigorated their willpower to live and continue their life as honest traders.


In reality, Renne was kidnapped by the D∴G Cult before the cultists set the house to fire. In their lodge in Altair, Calvard, Renne was repeatedly exposed to experiments that would enhance her intellect. To financially support the experiments, Renne was loaned to the brothel facility Paradise. After some time being abused there, Renne was rescued by Leonhardt and Joshua when they came to destroy the facility. Grateful for the rescue, she joined Ouroboros and proceeded to partake in several operations.

Sometime later, she became a full-fledged Enforcer at the same time Joshua was carrying out his assassination order on Cassius Bright.

Star Door 15

The content of Star Door 15 in Trails in the Sky the 3rd tales Renne's stay in Paradise's brothel.

It appears that she didn't take part in any of the activities of the facility and that she was only secluded in her room, safe, left only to play with her plushies, all while her roommates Cross, Etta, Adje and Quatre, made a point to keep her away from the dirty job they were suffering through.

It is later revealed that all of her roommates were actually Renne herself. She contracted, as a product of a psychological self-defense mechanism, dissociative identity disorder. As time went on though, her DID symptoms faded (as her different “roommates” progressively “went missing”), and she eventually had to deal with the job with the only reliance of a drug given to her by Paradise's owner.

Paradise was eventually raided by Ouroboros Enforcers Loewe and Joshua, where they found her collapsed on the floor, stigmas of self-mutilation covering her whole body. Joshua was horrified by the sight, but Loewe concluded that she did so to retain her sanity.

Renne discovered some parents and their child, where she thought that they could lead a proper life that she was denied. She then recognized them as her own parents, where Sophia commented about their late daughter, prompting Harold to state that they had to leave it in the past. Renne misunderstood the meaning of his statement, but before she could act, Loewe took her away and stated that it was her decision to decide whether or not to kill them. Renne ultimately decided not to.

Gospel Plan

In S.1202, Renne is summoned to participate in the second stage of Gospel Plan.

Ghost Sighting #3 - Meeting Renne

Renne is first introduced in Trails in the Sky SC when Estelle and Agate investigate a ghost sighting at the Air-Letten checkpoint. After Estelle and Agate head downstairs having just questioned a witness, Estelle and Agate hear a girl cry out "Woohoo!" and calls for her mother and father to come over to where she is. Turning around, they see Renne with her mother and father. The trio are complimenting the waterfall and appear to be on vacation. Estelle whispers to herself that they are such a sweet family and Agate agrees and comments that they might be foreigners. 

Suddenly the girl notices Estelle and asks her the name of the waterfall and where the water comes from. Estelle replies that its kind of sudden, but the name of the waterfall is Air-Letten and the water comes from Valleria Lake via an ancient waterway. The girl remembers what Valleria Lake is and says that its the big pool of water that they saw before getting off the airship. Estelle states that it is correct, however, suddenly becomes confused about the airship part. Estelle then asks if they are from another country and the girl explains that she is from far away and introduces herself as "Renne" Estelle replies that it is a cute name and Renne cheerfully agrees with her. Renne's mother then warns her to not bother the nice lady so much and her father apologizes on her behalf.

Estelle admits that it is no trouble at all and Agate asks why the family is in Liberl and Renne's father explains that he is often in Liberl for business and that he decided to bring his wife and daughter with him, this time.  Estelle comments that they are a picture perfect family and Renne asks if she is jealous. Renne then starts bragging about how her father spoils her and how her mother is a great cook.

Hearing this, Estelle admits that she is jealous and her mother apologizes for her behavior. Renne then asks about Estelle's name and Estelle and Agate introduce themselves and their jobs as Bracers. Estelle asks if she knows what that is and Renne rudely replies that she does. Renne then asks about her job and Estelle responds by answering her questions. Renne's mother and father then marvel on how she is a bracer at such young age. Estelle admits that she is still a rookie and Agate explains about the guild branches and how they will help them if they help. 

Renne's father thanks the pair and then tells the family they have to go to the inn. Renne starts pouting and then asks Estelle if she will play with her again if they ever meet again and Estelle happily declares that she will. Renne and her family then say their goodbyes and leave.  

 Hide and Seek Part 1

Renne next appears during the Grancel Tea Party Incident where she initially fakes being a lost child in order to get close to Estelle and upon hearing that she was coming proceeds to play a game of Hide and Seek with Estelle and the staff of the Erbe Royal Villa.

In the lounge of the Erbe Royal Villa, the group find the girl under the counter-top and Agate recognizes her as Renne, the girl from Air-Letten. Renne becomes excited that they remembered her and after hearing the whole story, Raymond expresses his surprise that the two of them know each other. Renne apologizes for keeping her name a secret and Raymond tells her not to worry about that, but then lectures her about running away and expresses how worried he was about her. Renne states that it was because she heard that Estelle was coming and she wanted to play hide and seek with her.

Estelle tells her that she is impressed that she knew that she was coming and Renne replies that she assumed it'd be her because they said that Bracers were coming. Estelle replies that it could've been someone else and Renne replies that she believed that it would be her and she did. Estelle laughs and says that she can't argue with that and Agate responds by asking Renne where her parents are and why was she alone. Renne glares at Agate and Agate responds with a "What?"

Renne tells Agate that's enough out of you and replies that he has no idea how to speak with a lady. She then continues that she will forgive him for today and replies that she doesn't know where her parents are. She continues that she came with her parents today, but after lunch, her father said that he had something important to do and left with her mother. Making unbelievable faces, the group can't believe that parents would leave their 11-year old daughter alone and offers to take care of Renne at the Bracer's Guild until her parents can be found. Renne, though refuses, on the basis that her parents told her to wait at the villa and Estelle tells her that they'll find them. Renne eventually agrees to go with them and Estelle and co. tell Raymond that they will take care of her.

The Embassy Mission - Meeting with the Army Contact

On the way back to Grancel, Estelle and co. run into Phillip who is coming back from running errands for the duke. Estelle and co. greet Phillip and ask how he is doing and Phillip replies that he is unworthy of Kloe's kindness. He then asks if they've been to villa and they reply that they have. He informs the group on what he was doing and asks if they met the duke and they begrudgingly reply that they did.

Sighing, Phillip presumes that the duke said something unsightly and rude again and apologizes for his attitude. Kloe tells him that he doesn't need to apologize and admits that she was worried when he was placed under house arrest and notices that he is taking the house arrest well. Phillip tells Kloe that she is kind enough to say so and bids farewell to the group. After he leaves, Estelle laments that Phillip's job may've gotten harder for him and asks Kloe if Phillip has been taking care of Dunan since he was young.

Kloe tells Estelle that he has been Dunan's retainer for the past 20 years according to her grandmother.and mentions that he was a member of the Royal Guard before that. Estelle admits that she's surprised by this and Renne tells Estelle that she shouldn't underestimate him as even she can tell that he is powerful. Estelle asks what she means by that and Renne replies about how he is capable of walking with his eyes closed. Everyone sweat-drops at this and Estelle tells her that his eyes are probably just narrowed, not closed and that he normally opens his eyes when he is surprised. Renne gets excited and cries that she wants to see Phillip when his eyes are open. The group then head to Grancel.

At the gates of Grancel, the gang plan their next move regarding Renne. Estelle replies that they should take her to the Guild, but Agate reminds her about that army contact coming. Olivier offers to show Renne to the guild hall, but Renne refuses in favor of Estelle and Estelle accepts. At the Guild Hall, Estelle and co. walk in to see Elnan, Tita and Zin (or whoever else the player leaves behind) at the desk talking to Maximillian Cid. Cid greets them and Estelle and Agate return the greetings. After catching up a bit, Elnan notices Renne and Estelle fills him in on what happened. Estelle then turns to Renne and asks her to wait on the second floor with Tita who wants to get to know her, while they talk to Cid.

After Cid leaves, the gang split up to begin the investigation; leaving Renne with Tita who go off and do some shopping. After they leave, Estelle and Kloe are happy that the two became fast friends and Agate asks if Elnan got her parents names. Elnan states that he did and says that their names were Harold and Sophia Hayworth. Jotting down their names, the gang begin their investigation.

The Embassy Mission #5 - Reporting the Results

Estelle apologizes for being late and asks where Tita and Renne are. Elnan replies that they came shortly before Estelle did and are upstairs. After Estelle reports everything that they know, Renne is collected and she joins Estelle and co. in having a lively dinner with them at the local bar and then walks back to the hotel with Estelle, Kloe, Tita and Agate.

At the hotel, Kloe proceeds to head to the Castle and Estelle tells Kloe to be careful and Kloe tells Estelle that she should be fine in her own backyard. Surprised, Renne asks Kloe if she lives in Grancel and Kloe replies that she will be staying at her grandmother's house. Kloe then excuses herself and leaves and after she leaves, Estelle comments on how wild the party was and Agate replies that she called Nial into it too. Estelle asks Renne if she had fun and Renne states that she did. Tita then chips in about how she really liked Olivier's performance and Estelle asks Agate if he really wanted to duck out of the party.

Agate declares that he might not have a liver next morning if he had continued drinking with Zin and he's tired so he is gonna hit the hay. Estelle states that its fair enough and they all head into the hotel. Inside the hotel, the receptionist sadly reports that he could only get them two two-person rooms and Estelle states that its fine. Estelle then turns to Agate and asks him how he wants to split up the rooms and Agate says anything is fine with him. Renne cries out that she wants to stay with Estelle and Tita cries that she wants to stay with Estelle too. Renne suggests that the three of them stay in the same room and Tita relents in favour of Renne. Agate agrees to take Tita and reminds her of when they were in hiding and Tita agrees.

In their hotel room, Renne comments on how different the room is from when she stayed in the hotel. Estelle realizes that this is the same room that she stayed in with Joshua and starts reminiscing. Renne notices her expression and asks what's wrong and Estelle replies that its nothing and sadly reports that she couldn't find Renne's parents today. Renne tells her that its okay because they promised to pick her up later and that her parents are very good at hide and seek, so its not a problem. Renne then asks Estelle for two big favors and makes Estelle promise them ahead of time. Estelle agrees and Renne asks Estelle if she can call her by her first name for the first favor, and Estelle agrees to it, causing Renne to jump up in glee..

For the next favor, Renne asks Estelle why she was surprised when they entered the hotel room and Estelle sadly explains that she stayed in this exact same room with someone else before and it just reminded her of him. Giddy, Renne asks if he was her lover and Estelle states "no," but mentions that they had known each other for a long time and its recently gotten very complicated, so they are not together right now. Excited, Renne starts asking for details and Estelle explains that his name is Joshua and that he has black hair and amber eyes and is kind of handsome, but beautiful suits him better. Estelle then mentions that he was a princess in a play and Renne asks if she can meet him. Estelle replies that she doesn't know when she'll see him, but will drag him back home when she does.

Renne then asks why Estelle was so sad and Estelle explains that she is worried about him and feels powerless to help him. Estelle apologizes and asks if Renne is bored and Renne replies that she's not and that she thinks that Joshua is a wonderful person. Estelle replies that he's actually more of a jerk right now because he stole her first kiss and when Renne inquires, Estelle insists that they head to bed. They then end up talking about a lot of things, before the two of them fall asleep.

The Next Day

The next day, Estelle and co. take Tita and Renne to the Erbe Royal Villa to hand their report to Cid. While Agate and Estelle are in the meeting, Renne chooses to play with Tita in the courtyard. Once Estelle's meeting is done and she and Agate leave the meeting room, Renne and Tita run up to Estelle and Agate and asks if they were done. Estelle says "Yes, they are done" and tells them that they could've stayed at the Guild house. Renne mopes and says that she wants to stay with Estelle and asks Tita to say something to her.

Tita tells Renne that she wants to stay with Estelle all the time, but she doesn't want to be selfish. Renne pouts and suggests that she run off with Estelle so that Tita can't play with her. Tita starts crying and Estelle tells them not to fight and tells Tita to let it slide for now. Tita wells up with tears and starts claiming that Estelle has been spending all her time with Renne lately and asks if Estelle thinks that she is annoying. Estelle replies that she could never stop loving Tita, she then hugs Tita and threatens to hug her more, if she doesn't cheer up.

Tita tells her to stop and Renne starts screaming that "pity hugs are cheating!" Agate then gets fed up and tells everyone that they should head back to the Bracer Guild pronto. Estelle agrees and Tita asks what happened, Agate tells Tita that the Intelligence Division was sighted in Bose and Estelle further explains that they are fuzzy on the details, so they are going to ask Elnan about it. Tita replies "Okay." and Renne starts complaining about how she doesn't understand what's going on.

Agate sums it up for Renne and Renne laments that she couldn't play hide and seek with the soldiers. After some more talking, Estelle and co. leave the villa and encounter Duke Dunan yelling at some soldiers. Duke Dunan asks if they are planning to besmirch him and the commander declares that they just did a monster sweep and that Dunan will be safe with the escort. Duke Dunan is not happy by this and demands a full squadron escort, but the soldiers reply that they can't spare that many men.

Estelle and co. then interrupt the argument and Estelle lectures the duke for burdening everyone with his selfishness. Dunan gets angry and yells at Estelle and asks why she is here because the villa was supposed to be closed off to the public and Estelle declares that she is here doing work and asks if Dunan is going for a walk. Dunan declares not just a stroll, and that he is being released from his prison by the Queen and everyone is shocked. Phillip then informs everyone that it is true and that a letter arrived for them this morning with instructions to return to Grancel Castle.

Agate comments that the Queen is too nice and Estelle congratulates him and tells him not to get played next time and that he should examine his lifestyle a bit more. Estelle then suggests that he exercise and gets weird looks from everyone. Estelle says "What?" and Phillip states that its nothing and that she's right. He then suggests the same to the Duke and Dunan gets upset and yells that he wants to leave now. He then forces the men to leave with him and after he leaves Phillip thanks them again.

Estelle tells him not to sweat it and suggests that Phillip should drop the hammer on him a bit more, and further implies that the Duke became this way because noone scolded and that he may be a decent guy underneath. Phillip totally agrees with Estelle and gets called away by the Duke. After Phillip leaves, Estelle thinks to herself that she should've gone with them, Agate just laughs and says that she is something. Tita is in full agreement and Renne replies that she is too nice as well. Agate then suggests that they get going and they all head back to the Bracer Guild in Grancel.

Hide and Seek Part 2

At the Bracer Guild, Estelle and co. meet up with Elnan, Zin and Kloe who greets them back and Elnan informs everyone that the money from the military has just come through. After getting paid, Estelle has a meeting with everyone and as it drags on, Renne who is bored walks away to go have fun. Finally noticing that Renne is gone Estelle alerts everyone and the group surmises that Renne might have gotten bored and went out to play.

Estelle and Tita then decide to chase after her and apologizes to Elnan. Outside the guild, Estelle and co. contemplate where Renne could have gone and Tita replies maybe the eastern block and lists the places that they went to the day before. After an exhaustive search where it was more like Renne was playing hide and seek with them, Renne appears again right behind the group in the airport where Olivier is saying goodbye to Mueller. After Olivier explains about the Capua family's background, Olivier explains that he came to see Mueller off and asks why they are here. Estelle explains that Renne went missing and Oliver tells her that Renne is right behind her.

Turning around, Estelle and co. are surprised to see Renne and Estelle proceeds to scold Renne. Renne apologizes and explains that she was bored and that she bought cookies for everyone. Estelle accepts Renne's apology on Kloe's insistence and they fill Olivier in on what happened in Bose as they walk to the Guild. Outside the guild, Renne calls out to Estelle and after some banter explains that a boy gave her a letter while she was in hiding and gives the letter to Estelle.

Estelle reads the letter and sees that its from Joshua. She asks Renne for details and Renne explains that a boy matching Joshua's description gave her the letter at the airport. Agate then comes out and asks what they are doing and Estelle silently replies by giving Agate the letter. Estelle explains what happened and Agate tells her to go and see him and that he'll cover for her. Estelle thanks him and then runs off. As she leaves, she asks Agate if Joshua is really that important to her and Agate states that he is. He then thinks out loud about what he is going to tell the others.

Assault on the Port

It is night by the time Estelle and Kevin reach Grancel. Sighing, Estelle expresses her concerns to Kevin about the others and Kevin tells her not to worry. Estelle then apologizes to Kevin about the awful things that she said earlier and Kevin responds that it is okay and that he understands. Happy, Estelle tells him that she still can't trust him and Kevin assures her that he'll earn her trust eventually.

Suddenly, Phillip calls out to Estelle and runs up to her and Kevin. Panting, Phillip asks if she has seen the duke and Estelle replies that she hasn't since that morning, and asks Phillip if he has seen him. Phillips replies that's that what he wants to know because the Duke disappeared around lunchtime and hasn't been back to the palace since. He then tells Estelle that he has looked everywhere for him and Estelle suggests that they all go to the guild. Phillip agrees and asks who Kevin is. Kevin introduces himself and Phillip responds in kind. Estelle tells the two of them enough with the introductions and all of them head to the Bracer Guild.

Inside the Bracer Guild, Estelle finds Elnan unconscious on the floor. Rushing over to him, Estelle starts panicking as Kevin checks him out. Kevin tells Estelle to calm down because Elnan is alright and that he has just been placed into a deep sleep. He then asks if Elnan is the receptionist at the Guild and Estelle tells Kevin that he is. Estelle then remembers everyone and run upstairs to check on them only to find them in the same state as Elnan. Kevin and Phillip follow her upstairs and lament what they see.

Kevin asks if they are okay and Estelle replies that they seem to be asleep. Estelle then asks what happened and Phillip surmises that they were all drugged and that it was probably instant. Estelle admits that its good point and Kevin compliments Phillip for catching that. Suddenly, Estelle sees a letter on the table and reads it. The letter tells her that the duke and a little girl have been kidnapped and that she is to meet them at their 'tea party.' Everyone is shocked by the letter and Kevin notices that its the same envelope that they got and asks Estelle what the letter meant by little girl.

Estelle begins to tell Kevin about Renne, but suddenly realizes that she is gone and runs further upstairs to find her. Kevin and Phillip follow Estelle upstairs again and guess that Renne has been kidnapped. Estelle resumes filling Kevin in about Renne and becomes dejected that a little girl got caught up in this. She then informs Phillip that Dunan was kidnapped as well and Phillip tells her not to apologize because it is not her fault, but the duke's for putting himself into situation.Kevin agrees with Phillip and tells Estelle that what they need to do now is figure out where this 'tea party' is.

Estelle agrees with Kevin and takes another look at the letter. She then remembers what Kevin said about it being in the capital and asks him about it. As he is about to answer, a woman's voice rings out and Scherazard walks up the stairs. Seeing her, Kevin compliments her on the timing and Estelle reels back in shock. Schera greets Estelle and notes the seriousness of the situation and laments that she was late in arriving sooner. Kevin tells Schera that he has no excuse for this while Estelle buts in and asks a bunch of questions such as why she is here, how do you know Kevin and so on.

Schera asks Estelle if she heard about what happened when she and Anelace found the Intelligence Division's base in Ravennue Mine. Estelle doesn't reply, but Schera continues that she met Father Kevin there and he helped them investigate the Intelligence Division's whereabouts. Now understanding, Estelle happily states so that's why Kevin is so up to speed and Kevin proclaims ":Bingo!" Another voice then rings out and Anelace comes running up the staircase. Estelle calls out Anelace's name and Anelace replies that she is glad that Estelle is safe and notes that Kevin is here too.

Kevin replies that he is, but he didn't make it in time. Schera then asks Anelace about the status of the phone downstairs and Anelace replies that its totally useless as someone has taken out all of the crucial parts. Schera starts wondering something and goes to check the upstairs phone, however, it is broken too. Estelle asks if the enemy broke them and Schera replies that she is certain of it, however, she still can't fathom their goals yet. An idea hits Estelle and she shows Schera the letter on the table.

Reading the letter, Schera suddenly figures out that it was the Intelligence Division who kidnapped the duke and Renne and that Ouroboros are the ones pulling their strings. Estelle replies that she was attacked by some weird machines, but has no clue as to where the 'tea party' is. Scherazard replies that they will just have to search everywhere until they find them and instructs Anelace to run to the Erbe Royal Villa, speak with the patrol there and tell them that the attacks on the road is a diversion and that the real attack will be in Grancel that night. Kevin further adds that their goal is likely dominance of the capital. Anelace then asserts her understanding and runs off for the villas after saying good luck to the gang. After Anelace leaves, Schera asks Phillip if he can stay behind and Phillip agrees to take care of their unconscious friends and begs them to bring the Duke back.

The Tea Party's Final Menagerie

Renne appears again after Kanone Amalthea and her goons have been defeated and is revealed to have been watching the entire scene unfold. Renne reappears when Kanone replies that everything's wrong and proclaims to everyone that she was tricked by a little girl. A voice then rings out calling Kanone rude for calling her a "little girl" and Renne appears on the roof of a warehouse.

Renne greets everyone and asks metaphorically asks if the moon is lovely tonight. Renne then continues by asking if they enjoyed her little "tea party" and proclaims that she liked the explosions and screams the best. Kevin and Schera start panicking while Estelle scolds Renne and tells her to come down. Estelle then offers to come and get her, but Renne tells her there is no need because this is the best seat for her the master of the tea party. Not understanding, Renne pulls out her scythe and introduces herself to Estelle as Enforcer No. XV: Renne, the Angel of Slaughter.

Estelle reels back in shock and cries out "No, can't be true" and Julia cries out that it is impossible for a child to be a member of Ouroboros. Renne giggles and chides Julia saying that there are "no adults or children in the Grandmaster's eyes, just useful people......and useless people." and proclaims herself to be very useful, just like the Black Fang used to be. Hearing Joshua's codename, Kevin asks if she was the one who sent the letters and Renne replies that she did "Nine threatening letters." and three to Kanone, Estelle and Kevin making it 12 letters in all. Renne then laments that she did so much writing, but becomes happy at the thought of Loewe praising her handwriting.

Schera asks if she staged all of this and says that it can't be possible and Renne proclaims that its true as she was the one who organized the tea party and she couldn't let her guests get bored. Renne contains her proclamation that she worked really hard to make the event fun. Getting angry, Estelle asks about Renne's mother and father and Renne laughs at how Estelle never realized it and claims that she must be really good at tricking people or that Estelle is just dumb.

Estelle gets upset at her comment and Renne tells her not to be and brings forth her mother and father. Seeing them, Renne explains that they are not her real mother and father and that since she is done with them, she'll just have to break them now. She then attacks her mother and father and pushes them to the ground from the roof. Screaming, Estelle yells "What did you do!?" and Scherazard tells her to calm down and that they are not bleeding. Surprised, Estelle looks at Renne parents and realizes that Schera is right. Kevin explains that Renne's parents are orbal driven puppets designed to look like humans and asks how they even built them.

Up on her perch, Renne tells the group that the dolls don't work well when she isn't around and remarks that she is probably as good as Pedro from the Doll Knight novels. Renne then rethinks on her comment and remarks that since she got kidnapped, she is probably more like Princess Tia than Pedro. Kevin slaps his head and remarks "Of all the things to joke about." Renne then gets back to the topic at hand and remarks on how Estelle asked about her mother and father. She then tells Estelle that she'll call her real mother and father now and summons 'Pater-Mater" her giant robot.

A rumbling occurs panicking and confusing everyone and Julia cries out for everyone to look out as a big, red robot comes flying in. Landing, Duke Dunan screams and runs away while Estelle and co. prepare for another battle. However, Pater-Mater grabs the Gospel Unit from the tank and opens up its other hand to allow Renne to jump on it. Landing in Pater-Mater's hand, Renne introduces Pater Mater to Estelle and declares that she doesn't need any other mama or papa. Suddenly, a bunch of voices are heard and all of Estelle's previously unconscious comrades comes rushing in with Colonel Cid's battalion. Shocked by what is going on, everyone becomes confused by the sight of the robot and Renne cheers that the sleeping drug worked like it supposed to mentioning that Joshua taught her how to make it a long time ago.

Estelle asks Renne how she knew Joshua, but Renne avoids the question and tells Estelle that she was originally gonna gut her like fish at the end of her tea party, because the professor told her that Estelle was the reason that Joshua won't come back to the society. Renne then continues that since she had so much fun, she will forgive Estelle only once. Estelle cries out for Renne to wait, however, Renne just says goodbye to Tita and expresses her hope of being able to share ice-cream again with her one day soon. Renne then turns to everyone and says goodbye before flying off with the Gospel with Estelle crying out her name.

Aftermath of the Tea Party

After Renne escapes from the army during the Tea Party incident and the scenes with Kanone and the Bracer Guild, the scene changes to when Renne had just arrived back at the Ouroboros' HQ from Grancel. As she lands Renne comments that the army's airships were no match for her and jumps off onto the roof of the building after thanking Pater-Mater for its help and lets it sleep. A man then welcomes her back and Renne cries out "Loewe!" Renne declares that she is back and runs up to Loewe. She then reports that she completed the experiment and Loewe replies that he knows and thanks her for the good work.

He then notices that she got a bit creative with it and Renne replied that its because he told her not to kill anyone this time. She continues that she had to make it less boring and thought a tea party would be loads of fun. Renne then admits that it was and Loewe replies that it was very lady-like of her. He then asks how the experiment went and Renne reports that it went okay and that the "mean guy" from the church kind of ruined it, but its okay and they can use it in real combat if they want.

Loewe is pleased with the report and Renne asks about how she thought that they couldn't make lots of Gospels so how are they gonna use them as weapon. Loewe replies that they don't need a lot and that these are just tests to see their full capabilities and that they are not trying to make a weapon out of it. Renne replies that it doesn't matter and asks if they found Joshua yet and Loewe reports that a group of their dolls in Bose were destroyed and that it was most likely Joshua who did it.

Renne laments that Joshua is still in hiding and admits that even she couldn't best him at hide and seek. Renne then goes on a tandem about why Joshua doesn't want to come back to the society and mentions how the professor said that it was Estelle's fault that he wouldn't come back. She then continues that Estelle was looking for Joshua too and Loewe replies that perhaps she shouldn't believe everything that the professor says because the truth is dependent on people's perspectives and that she ought to find her own truth. Renne doesn't get it, but replies that she really liked Estelle and everyone else and that she had fun.

Renne further mentions that she doesn't feel like killing them and Loewe remarks that its good and pats her head. He then tells Renne that she is a good girl and Renne giggles. A voice then suddenly rings out agreeing with Loewe declaring that she is a very good worker too as Weissmann and Campanella walk onto the roof. Renne greets the two of them and Campanella notes that she had a good time in Grancel. Renne declares that she kinda did and would've invited him if possible. Campanella admits that he feels bad for missing it because he had to put on a boring puppet show for some Bracers.

Weissmann suggests that Campanella get a better seat next time and asks Renne if she has become fond of Estelle. Renne replies that she is and says that she's nicer than the professor made her out to be. Weissmann gleefully scolds to not puts words in others' mouths and corrects her that he never said that she was a bad person. He continues that he agrees with Renne about Estelle and then states that she is part of the reason why Joshua won't come back and asks Loewe if he agrees with him.

Loewe doesn't deny that Estelle is part of the reason, so Weissmann takes the opportunity to suggest to Renne that they make Estelle one of her friends. Hearing this, Loewe reels back in shock while Renne expresses delight at the idea hoping that if they make Estelle in one of them, Joshua will come back too. Weissmann states that this is the idea and Campanella laughs admitting that the professor has always had great taste. Loewe is unamused and tells the professor to stop with his jokes and reminds him of one of the Grand Laws that the Grandmaster declared that whosoever joins the society must do so of their own free will.

Capturing Estelle

When Estelle is captured by the society, Renne surprises her when she comes to and tries to convince her to join, as it meant she could see Joshua again. She takes him to Weissman as directed. After Estelle gets intimidated with the numerous Enforcers surrounding her, Renne walks in and tells them to stop as they are scaring her. She then left alongside them to partake in an operation. When she returned, she and the others discovered Estelle had escaped, much to her disdain.

Attack on Grancel

She later partakes in an attack on Grancel alongside Bleublanc, Walter and Luciola, although she is not allowed to use Pater-Mater during the attack. The group encounters fierce resistance from the Royal Guard, although they are no match for the Enforcers, and start to irritate Walter and Luciola. Renne then suggests that they race each other to capture Queen Alicia first, much to her allies' delight.

Estelle and her group soon intercept the Enforcers and their hostages. As it looks like a standoff is about to start, Maximillian Cid and Alan Richard soon arrive. Their unexpected arrival, coupled with Kanone's Special Forces rout the jaegers and archaisms from the city, causes Renne to call Pater-Mater, but Bleublanc stops her, as their advantage is lost. Renne later teleports away with her fellow Enforcers.

Axis Pillar

Following the attack on Grancel, Renne is stationed at the Axis Pillar. After the party defeats Luciola, they encounter Renne on the floor above, guarding the terminal allowing access to the next floor. Renne is surprised they made it so far but stated that she was confident they would have defeated Bleublanc, Walter and Luciola. Renne informed Estelle that she would allow them to access the next floor if she told her that it was fine to remain with Ouroboros. Estelle blatantly refused, as she needed to stop bullying others into giving what she wanted.

Renne snapped at this response and promised to make the party suffer, deploying Pater-Mater and ordering it to kill them. Despite her best efforts, both of them are defeated. Pater-Mater's combat capabilities begin to malfunction, much to Renne's horror as she tried to get it back up in fighting shape. Depressed, she allowed Estelle to deactivate the terminal. Estelle decided to take the time to console Renne, much to her anger. Estelle then proceeded to give Renne a light slap, which surprised her. Initially believing she was the same as the others who mistreated her, Estelle then gave her a hug, telling her to believe in her heart and listen to herself for once. Confused and unsure of what to do with such feelings, Renne deactivated Pater-Mater's combat system and activated the flight system, stating that she had to think and spend some time alone. She informed the party that Loewe was waiting for them up ahead and that he was serious about stopping them. Before she left, she told Estelle not to die on her, or she'd never forgive her.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Renne was one of the individuals summoned by the Recluse Cube to Phantasma, causing several unpleasant memories to surface.

She was found shortly after Alan Richard was discovered and freed as the group discovered a frozen Pater-Mater. She was eventually freed from her stone, upon which she was having a pleasant dream regarding Estelle. When she woke up, she was surprised to find everyone before realizing that it was reality and antagonizing the group. Ries Argent was angered by her self-centeredness, causing Renne to draw her scythe as Ries drew her sword. Tita stopped the two before they could fight.

Tita then broke down, much to Renne's surprise as she stated that she wasn't setting a good example for her as Tita was a year older than her. Out of respect for Tita's bravery, Renne decided to spare the group as she was filled in about Phantasma. She then decided to accompany the group, seeing that the Lord of Phantasma enjoyed games just like her.

During this time, the Brights offered Renne to join their family, although she was conflicted in doing so, despite Cassius' acceptance of her. Before Phantasma collapsed, Renne watched as everyone smiled as they said farewell to each other, slightly confused. Estelle and Joshua explained the circumstances to Renne, who still did not appear to understand. Estelle then offered her to join their family, but Renne refused, stating that she would keep on running, much to their surprise. Renne declared that she hated them, before admitting that she loved them just as much before she left Phantasma.

Zero and Ao no Kiseki

While resting following the events in the Axis Pillar and Phantasma, Renne thought about Estelle's words and decided to pay a visit to her hometown of Crossbell. As Pater-Mater's combat capabilities were not working, Renne decided to head to the Doll Studio to have Joerg Rosenberg repair it for her, who was more than happy to comply. She also began hacking into Crossbell's orbal network system, using the alias "Kitty", often causing the other hacker in Crossbell, Jona Sacred, much headache.

She later encountered the SSS team while they were out investigating reports of monsters in the nearby vicinity, stumbling into the Doll House by accident. Renne introduced herself to the group, aware of their identities as SSS. Only Lloyd took note of this, but the group decided to continue with their investigation on the monster attacks.

Renne later encountered Arios MacLaine after witnessing the SSS team defeat some Revache mafioso and their mechanical hounds. The two knew each others' identities, prompting Arios to ask if she was in Crossbell under the society's orders. Renne appeared to dodge his question, but Arios was able to discern that she was here on her own accord. Arios reminded her that she couldn't run forever from the Brights and what was "in front of her", but Renne told him that the Brights were not involved. Arios promised Renne he would not inform them about her as long as she behaved herself.

Two months later, Renne ran into Lloyd Bannings in Crossbell, who was looking for Colin Hayworth on request of his father as he had gone missing. Renne was disappointed that he barely remembered her, but offered to help him find Colin. Lloyd accepted, and the five soon discovered Colin playing around before several wolves attacked. Renne threw her scythe into two of the monsters before dragging Colin away; the team killed the remaining monsters. Following the battle, Colin began crying, even though Renne told him that he was safe. She then broke down and cried alongside him, regretting having to intervene.

Returning to the SSS headquarters, Lloyd learned that the older Hayworths were coming to pick their son up and had Renne hide in the closet. The older Hayworths were grateful to see their son safe, who woke up and asked the group where the "girl with violet hair like Papa's" went before falling asleep again. This set off the older Hayworths' memories of their daughter as they explained their past to the team, who were shocked by the revelation. The Hayworths soon left the headquarters to return home. The team then returned to the room, where Lloyd told Renne that it was safe to come out of the closet; she did so, appearing to be on the verge of crying as she saw that her parents were plagued by their role in her supposed death. Although Lloyd told her that she could catch up with her parents, Renne decided not to, but thanked the team for helping remove one of the obstacles on her way back "home" before she bowed and left, telling them that she would have a gift delivered for them tomorrow. The gift was an invitation to the Schwarze Auction.

While messing around with the orbal network, Joerg informed her that his repairs on Pater-Mater were complete. Renne in turn was surprised that Joerg had a computer to interfere with the local orbal network, stating that today would be one of the "longest days since the founding of Crossbell". Before she left, Joerg invited her for some afternoon tea, which she accepted.

As the team investigated St. Ursula's Hospital alongside the assistance of Master Yin, they encountered the Revache Mafia, defeating all of them to free the trapped patients and faculty. When they arrived at the fourth floor, they were met by Ernest Reis, who told them to search on the desk that their "Comrade" had left behind after he was defeated. The five looked through the documents and saw Renne in one of the pictures. Renne surprised the group and properly identified herself as Enforcer XV, the Angel of Slaughter. After Yin mentioned the Direwolf, Renne was surprised to learn that they knew of Walter, wondering if she should've taken him or Bleublanc along.

Lloyd then asked Renne if she took part in what the mastermind was trying to cause. Renne stated that she came to Crossbell for personal reasons, but told them that Joachim was the mastermind who oversaw the Ritual and developed Gnosis. She then told him to inform Estelle and Joshua that she was giving them one final chance to capture her, although she expressed her doubts they would be able to do so. She then warned the team that they would need to protect KeA as she was the "key" to everything.

She later saves the SSS team and the Brights from a demonic Joachim. It is revealed in Ao no Kiseki that KeA had used her powers to reset time to allow the SSS to intervene and make a lasting influence in Renne's life; without their intervention, Renne would have already left Crossbell by then, resulting in their deaths.

After Joachim's death, Estelle and Joshua were relieved to see her again. Renne believed she had enough fun and that her presence would cause more problems, intending to depart once more, refusing to be caught. Although aware that her parents never hated her and that she should return to them, Estelle and Joshua offered Renne to join their family. Renne was unsure of what to do before Pater-Mater dropped Renne in front of Estelle, which Joshua interpreted as concern for her well-being.

Estelle stated that Tita had been waiting for Renne to return before hugging her as she stated that she accepted her for who she was, causing Renne to cry in her arms. She would spend her time occasionally helping out on bracer work, primarily focusing on the orbal network.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Renne is mentioned by Tita as a "friend" who vouched for her to enroll in Thors Branch Campus. Although Renne wanted to visit Erebonia and her hometown, several events prevented her from doing so, but she made a promise with Tita to show off one of their works when they would be able to see each other again. Class VII was able to discern that Renne was very talented based on Tita's description of her.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Renne accompanied Estelle and Joshua in infiltrating the Orchis Tower. She later arrived to help bail Class VII out at Mishelam's marshlands along with Bleublanc from Rufus and his cronies. They were in turn surprised that she was Tita's friend. After the governor and his subordinates retreated, Renne decided to accompany Class VII to help them search for Rean.

Renne met with Rean after he was rescued, finding him to be similar to Loewe. She later returned to her adoptive family to help look for Tita and Scherazard. Class VII and Agate found Tita first, and she would later see her again onboard the Pantagruel.

Before the World War started, Renne met with her original family, but only Sophia appeared to barely recognize her. She also reassured her father and told him to live for his son and wife, before heading to Hamel with her adoptive siblings. The day before the war, she accompanied her adoptive family to Mishelam Wonderland, where she teased Estelle and Joshua for not being aggressive as she had hoped. When the war started, Renne accompanied Estelle, Joshua, Agate and Tita in infiltrating one of the Salt Pales to help Class VII infiltrate Tuatha De Danann.

She later attended the wedding of Olivert and Scherazard with her friends.

Hajimari no Kiseki

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Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Renne Bright Note (Sen IV).png



Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
Prologue: "Changing World ~From the Bottom of Darkness~"
[STR+910 RNG+2 必殺4%]
Act II: "Stars of Destiny"
[STR+1155 RNG+2 必殺4%]
Final Curtain: " Flower Petals at Blaze's End"
[STR+1455 RNG+2 必殺4%]


Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Name Effect Cast Cost Acquire
Craft (Sora Skill).png Calamity Throw
Craft - Line - Attack
Throws her scythe, rending foes in its path. [K.O. 10%]
25 CP Initial
Craft (Sora Skill).png Blood Circle
Craft - Area (S) - Attack (Set)
Swings her scythe in a circle, damaging nearby foes. [K.O. 10%]
30 CP Initial
Craft (Sora Skill).png Calamity Throw 2
Craft - Line - Attack
Uses centrifugal force to increase throwing damage. [K.O. 10%]
25 CP Level 124
Craft (Sora Skill).png Blood Circle 2
Craft - Area (M) - Attack (Set)
A spinning attack that hits foes in a wide area. [K.O. 10%]
30 CP Level 110
S Craft (Sora Skill).png Rennede
S-Craft - Area (M) - Attack
Cuts through enemy ranks, taking the lives of foes. [K.O. 50%]
100+ CP Initial
S Craft (Sora Skill).png Pater-Mater
S-Craft - Line - Attack
Summons Pater-Mater which annihilates all with its cannons.
100+ CP Memory Door[note 1]
  1. Pater-Mater is acquired by completing Star Door 10 and returning to the Hermit's Garden.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name Cost Delay Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Calamity Throw
20 20 Initial
攻撃(威力C+ ブレイクA 崩し+5%):
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Rennede
80 25 Initial
魔法攻撃(威力S ブレイクD 崩し+30%):
S Craft (Sen III Skill).png Nemesis Party
100+ 40 Initial
魔法攻撃(威力4S ブレイクD 崩し無効):全体:即死50%

Brave Order

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name BP Effect
Calamity Sphere
5 Arts Casting Halved (4 turns)
AT Advance

Combat Orbment

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Line Slot Initial Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade Off (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade Off (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade Off (Sora Percent).png Cost Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade Off (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).png Cost
All Open (Sora Slot).png Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).png Water (Sora Quartz).png Sapphire Gem Earth (Sora Sepith).pngWater (Sora Sepith).pngFire (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).png×20 Time (Sora Sepith).png×3 Space (Sora Sepith).png×8 Mirage (Sora Sepith).png×15 Earth (Sora Sepith).pngWater (Sora Sepith).pngFire (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).png×60 Time (Sora Sepith).png×6 Space (Sora Sepith).png×15 Mirage (Sora Sepith).png×30
1 Open (Sora Slot).png Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).png Wind (Sora Quartz).png Absorb Earth (Sora Sepith).pngWater (Sora Sepith).pngFire (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).png×120 Time (Sora Sepith).png×8 Space (Sora Sepith).png×20 Mirage (Sora Sepith).png×40 Earth (Sora Sepith).pngWater (Sora Sepith).pngFire (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).png×160 Time (Sora Sepith).png×16 Space (Sora Sepith).png×40 Mirage (Sora Sepith).png×80
  Open (Sora Slot).png Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).png Earth (Sora Quartz).png Septium Vein Earth (Sora Sepith).pngWater (Sora Sepith).pngFire (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).png×150 Time (Sora Sepith).png×10 Space (Sora Sepith).png×25 Mirage (Sora Sepith).png×50 Earth (Sora Sepith).pngWater (Sora Sepith).pngFire (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).png×200 Time (Sora Sepith).png×20 Space (Sora Sepith).png×50 Mirage (Sora Sepith).png×100
  Open (Sora Slot).png Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).png Wind (Sora Quartz).png Emerald Gem Earth (Sora Sepith).pngWater (Sora Sepith).pngFire (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).png×30 Time (Sora Sepith).png×4 Space (Sora Sepith).png×9 Mirage (Sora Sepith).png×18 Earth (Sora Sepith).pngWater (Sora Sepith).pngFire (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).png×70 Time (Sora Sepith).png×7 Space (Sora Sepith).png×17 Mirage (Sora Sepith).png×35
  Open (Sora Slot).png Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).png Fire (Sora Quartz).png Attack 4 Earth (Sora Sepith).pngWater (Sora Sepith).pngFire (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).png×45 Time (Sora Sepith).png×5 Space (Sora Sepith).png×11 Mirage (Sora Sepith).png×21 Earth (Sora Sepith).pngWater (Sora Sepith).pngFire (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).png×85 Time (Sora Sepith).png×8 Space (Sora Sepith).png×21 Mirage (Sora Sepith).png×42
  Open (Sora Slot).png Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).png Water (Sora Quartz).png HP 4 Earth (Sora Sepith).pngWater (Sora Sepith).pngFire (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).png×65 Time (Sora Sepith).png×6 Space (Sora Sepith).png×13 Mirage (Sora Sepith).png×26 Earth (Sora Sepith).pngWater (Sora Sepith).pngFire (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).png×105 Time (Sora Sepith).png×10 Space (Sora Sepith).png×26 Mirage (Sora Sepith).png×52
  Open (Sora Slot).png Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).png Time (Sora Quartz).png Death Earth (Sora Sepith).pngWater (Sora Sepith).pngFire (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).png×90 Time (Sora Sepith).png×7 Space (Sora Sepith).png×16 Mirage (Sora Sepith).png×33 Earth (Sora Sepith).pngWater (Sora Sepith).pngFire (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).png×130 Time (Sora Sepith).png×13 Space (Sora Sepith).png×32 Mirage (Sora Sepith).png×65
Combat Orbment (Sora SC 3rd).png
Renne (Sora Orbment).png

Akatsuki no Kiseki

Line Slot Initial Closed (Akatsuki Slot).pngOpen (Akatsuki Slot).png CostBonus Slot Upgrade (Akatsuki Percent).pngSlot Upgrade Off (Akatsuki Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Akatsuki Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Akatsuki Percent).png CostBonus
Master Master (Akatsuki Slot).png
1   Open (Akatsuki Slot).png Slot Upgrade (Akatsuki Percent).pngSlot Upgrade Off (Akatsuki Percent).png Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×20+ 0 EP Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×100+ 37 EP
    Closed (Akatsuki Slot).png Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×30+ 7 EP Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×200+ 50 EP
    Closed (Akatsuki Slot).png Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×50+ 10 EP Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×300+ 75 EP
    Closed (Akatsuki Slot).png Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×75+ 15 EP Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×500+ 100 EP
    Closed (Akatsuki Slot).png Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×100+ 20 EP Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×750+ 150 EP
    Closed (Akatsuki Slot).png Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×125+ 25 EP Earth (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWater (Akatsuki Sepith).pngFire (Akatsuki Sepith).pngWind (Akatsuki Sepith).pngTime (Akatsuki Sepith).pngSpace (Akatsuki Sepith).pngMirage (Akatsuki Sepith).png×1000+ 200 EP
Combat Orbment (Akatsuki).png

Master (Akatsuki Slot).png
Slot L (Akatsuki Slot).png
Slot L (Akatsuki Slot).png
Slot L (Akatsuki Slot).png
Slot L (Akatsuki Slot).png
Slot L (Akatsuki Slot).png
Slot L (Akatsuki Slot).png
Open L (Akatsuki Slot).png
Open L (Akatsuki Slot).png
Open L (Akatsuki Slot).png
Open L (Akatsuki Slot).png
Open L (Akatsuki Slot).png
Open L (Akatsuki Slot).png


Trails in the Sky SC

Zero and Ao no Kiseki

Trails of Cold Steel III

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Hajimari no Kiseki

Akatsuki no Kiseki


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