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Renne (レン), also known as the Angel of Slaughter (殲滅天使(せんめつてんし)), is the former Enforcer No. XV of Ouroboros.



Renne is first introduced a young girl with bright purple hair, a trait she inherited from her father, and bright yellow eyes. Her first appearance is in a gothic lolita style white dress, with frills, bows and lots of lace. In her later, older appearance, she wears a darker themed variation of the same theme, made up of a white skirt, black shirt with puffed up laced-frilled sleeves, a violet undershirt, knee high boots, garter and longer hair.

Olivert Reise Arnor - SD (Ao)
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Renne returns wearing the standard uniform of the Aramis Academy, a pale green blazer over a white blouse, blue neck tie and grid-patterned grey skirt, accompanied by black tights and knee-high boots laced with lavender cord. Renne continues to wear her black hair ribbon. When acting independently, she wears a black high-waisted skirt over a white blouse, with a gray coat with matching gloves and boots. The platform of her boots is now lavender, to match her hair and her tights are now a shade of red.She wears a red ribbon tie around her neck. This new outfit is mentioned to have been made to counter that of Agnès Claudel's.

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Renne carries a large ornate gold and black scythe into battle. It has a spike at the top and end, two points on the back of the blade and a twisted gold spiral pattern following it down the handle.


When first met, Renne appeared to be a typical girl; mischievous, cheeky, and having lots of fun. She did have a darker side however, initially lashing out against people that tried to help her or refused to comply with her requests. This was a result of the traumatic childhood she had, which resulted in a "self-defense" mechanism of sorts. She initially loathed her original parents for seemingly abandoning her, but after learning the truth, forgave them. Despite this, Renne opted to remain out of their lives.

As a result of the traumatic childhood she had, Renne initially believed that running away from her problems would solve everything. Extremely intelligent at a young age, Renne initially portrayed herself as a mature, respectful young girl. She dislikes whenever Tita cries, as Tita is a year older than her and as such, jokingly states that it would make a bad example for her.

Upon realizing that Estelle would accept her for who she was, Renne broke down and happily joined the Brights. Growing up with her new siblings, Renne retained her mischievous streak. She also appeared to gain a sudden interest in romantic relationships, curious about Agate and Tita's relationship onboard the Pantagruel, later teasing Estelle and Joshua for not being "aggressive" during their visit to Mishelam Wonderland.

Occasionally, remnants of Renne's original sadistic personality shine through, usually when she is making threats or facing a challenging opponent.


Renne was born as Renny Hayworth (レニ・ヘイウワース) in S.1191 as the daughter of Harold and Sophia Hayworth in Crossbell.

Harold, Sophie, Renne Hayworth as refugees (Zero)

Harold, Sophia and Renne escaping from creditors. (Trails from Zero)

Harold and Sophie Hayworth entrusting Renne to friend (Zero)

Harold and Sophia entrust Renne to friends in Calvard. (Zero)

After accumulating massive debts, Renne's parents feared that the mafia would hunt them down and therefore decided to temporarily entrust Renne to an old, trusted friend living in Calvard until they could pay them off.

Harold & Sophie Hayworth return (Zero)

Harold and Sophia return to their friend's burnt down house. (Zero)

Harold, Sophie & Colin Hayworth (Zero)

Harold and Sophia after Colin's birth. (Zero)

Following the advice of a reliable lawyer, Harold managed to clear his debts within a year by rebuilding his professional network from scratch. When they went to Calvard to pick up Renne again, they found their friend's house burnt down and all reports suggested she was dead, driving her parents to despair.

In reality, Renne was kidnapped by the D∴G cult before the cultists set the house to fire. Renne was taken to the Lodge known as Paradise and repeatedly exposed to experiments that would enhance her intellect.

She initially believed that she wasn't subjected to any of the brothel activities of the facility, instead remaining secluded in her room, left only to play with her plushies, all while her roommates, Cross, Etta, Adje, and Quatre, kept her away from the horrors experienced elsewhere in the lodge and "worked" in her stead. It is later revealed that she had been servicing the brothel's clients all along, as all of her roommates turned out to be alternate personalities created by Renne herself as a product of a psychological self-defense mechanism. As time went on, her different "roommates" progressively "went missing", and she eventually had to confront reality with only reliance upon a drug given to her by Paradise's owner.

Paradise was eventually raided by Ouroboros Enforcers Leonhardt and Joshua, who found Renne collapsed on the floor, with signs of self-mutilation covering her whole body. Joshua was horrified by the sight, but Loewe concluded that she did so to retain her sanity. Grateful for the rescue, Renne joined Ouroboros and proceeded to partake in several operations. As she continued to rise up the ranks, she became an Enforcer and was the only candidate that was able to sync with the first of the Gordias-class war machines, Pater-Mater. She became a full-fledged Enforcer at the same time Joshua was carrying out his assassination mission on Cassius Bright.

At one point in her past, Renne observed a couple and their child, thinking about the life they had and which she had been denied. She then recognized them as her own parents upon Sophia commenting about their late daughter, prompting Harold to state that they had to leave it in the past. Renne misunderstood the meaning of his statement, but before she could act, Loewe took her away and stated that it was her decision to decide whether or not to kill them. Renne ultimately decided not to.

Trails in the Sky SC[]

In S.1202, Renne was summoned to participate in the second stage of Gospel Plan as one of Georg Weissmann's operatives.

She is first encountered when Estelle investigates a ghost sighting at the Air-Letten checkpoint while searching for Ouroboros activity in the region. Renne notices Estelle and the two begin a conversation in which Renne introduces herself. She convincingly pretends to be an ordinary child on a family trip to Liberl. As part of her disguise she is accompanied by orbal puppets of her parents that are capable of mimicking human behavior and speech, and Estelle refers to them as a picture-perfect family. Renne expresses her desire to "play with Estelle" when they meet the next time.

Renne next appears during the Grancel Tea Party Incident where she initially fakes being a lost child in order to get close to Estelle. Estelle agrees to look after Renne while her parents are found. Renne also uses this opportunity to probe Estelle for information about Joshua, using the room they stayed in Grancel to bring the topic up. Renne later fakes being kidnapped as she carries out her plan.

Renne reappears after Kanone Amalthea has been defeated and is revealed to have been watching and orchestrating the events in the capital. Her plan was to test a gospel using the Orgueille prototype tank, but also have some fun by arranging a "tea party". Renne pulls out her scythe and introduces herself to Estelle as Enforcer No. XV: the Angel of Slaughter. She reveals her plan, including writing the letters, playing off different individuals against themselves and even reveals the doll puppets she was using to imitate her parents, which she drops from the roof mercilessly. She summons her "real mother and father", Pater-Mater. Estelle asks Renne how she knew Joshua, but Renne avoids the question and tells Estelle that she was originally gonna gut her like fish at the end of her tea party, because the professor told her that Estelle was the reason that Joshua won't come back to the society. Renne then continues that since she had so much fun, she will forgive Estelle only once. Renne just says goodbye to Tita before flying off with the Gospel.

After Renne escapes from the army and the Bracer Guild, she arrives back at the Ouroboros' HQ. She greets Loewe and reports her successful mission whilst asking for information Joshua. Campanella and Georg Weissmann arrive and they discuss how they might get Joshua back into the society of his own free will, in accordance with the decree of the Grandmaster.

When Estelle is captured by the society, Renne surprises her when she comes to and tries to convince her to join, as it meant she could see Joshua again. She takes him to Weissman as directed. After Estelle gets intimidated with the numerous Enforcers surrounding her, Renne walks in and tells them to stop as they are scaring her. She then left alongside them to partake in an operation. When she returned, she and the others discovered Estelle had escaped, much to her disdain.

She later partakes in an attack on Grancel alongside Bleublanc, Walter and Luciola, although she is not allowed to use Pater-Mater during the attack. The group encounters fierce resistance from the Royal Guard, but Renne suggests that they race each other to capture Queen Alicia first, much to her allies' delight and the castle quickly falls. Estelle and her group soon intercept the Enforcers and their hostages. The unexpected arrival of Alan Richard and Maximillian Cid, coupled with Kanone's Special Forces, cause the enforcers to retreat.

The party next encountered Renne on the Axis pillar on board the Liber Ark, guarding the terminal allowing access to the next floor. Renne was surprised they made it so far but stated that she was confident they would have defeated Bleublanc, Walter and Luciola. Renne informed Estelle that she would allow them to access the next floor if she told her that it was fine to remain with Ouroboros. Estelle blatantly refused, as she needed to stop bullying others into giving what she wanted.

Renne snapped at this response and promised to make the party suffer, deploying Pater-Mater and ordering it to kill them. Despite her best efforts, both of them are defeated. Pater-Mater's combat capabilities begin to malfunction, much to Renne's horror as she tried to get it back up in fighting shape. Depressed, she allowed Estelle to deactivate the terminal. Estelle decided to take the time to console Renne, much to her anger. Estelle then proceeded to give Renne a light slap, which surprised her. Initially believing she was the same as the others who mistreated her, Estelle then gave her a hug, telling her to believe in her heart and listen to herself for once. Confused and unsure of what to do with such feelings, Renne deactivated Pater-Mater's combat system and activated the flight system, stating that she had to think and spend some time alone. She informed the party that Loewe was waiting for them up ahead and that he was serious about stopping them. Before she left, she told Estelle not to die on her, or she'd never forgive her.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd[]

Renne was one of the individuals summoned by the Recluse Cube to Phantasma. She was eventually freed from her stone, upon which she was having a pleasant dream regarding Estelle. When she woke up, she was surprised to find everyone before realizing that it was reality and antagonizing the group. Ries Argent was angered by her self-centeredness; Tita stopped the pair before they could fight. Tita then broke down, much to Renne's surprise as she stated that she wasn't setting a good example for her as Tita was a year older than her. Out of respect for Tita's bravery, Renne decided to spare the group as she was filled in about Phantasma. She then decided to accompany the group, seeing that the Lord of Phantasma enjoyed games just like her.

Her resolve to stand alone from them was further weakened as she was forced to spend time with Estelle's group, who showed her empathy despite her past crimes. During this time, the Brights offered Renne to join their family, although she was conflicted in doing so, despite Cassius' acceptance of her. Before Phantasma collapsed, Renne watched as everyone smiled as they said farewell to each other, slightly confused. Estelle and Joshua explained the circumstances to Renne, who still did not appear to understand. Estelle then offered her to join their family, but Renne refused, stating that she would keep on running, much to their surprise. Renne declared that she hated them, before admitting that she loved them just as much before she left Phantasma.

Trails from/to Zero and Azure[]

While resting following the events in the Axis Pillar and Phantasma, Renne thought about Estelle's words and decided to pay a visit to her hometown of Crossbell. As Pater-Mater's combat capabilities were not working, Renne headed to the Rosenberg Studio to have Joerg Rosenberg repair it for her, who was more than happy to comply. She also began hacking into Crossbell's orbal network system, using the alias "Kitty", often causing the other hacker in Crossbell, Jona Sacred, much headache.

She later encountered the SSS team while they were out investigating reports of monsters in the nearby vicinity, stumbling into the Doll House by accident. Renne introduced herself to the group, aware of their identities as SSS. Only Lloyd took note of this, but the group decided to continue with their investigation on the monster attacks.

Renne later encountered Arios MacLaine after witnessing the SSS team defeat some Revache mafioso and their mechanical hounds. The two knew each others' identities, prompting Arios to ask if she was in Crossbell under the society's orders. Renne appeared to dodge his question, but Arios was able to discern that she was here on her own accord. Arios reminded her that she couldn't run forever from the Brights and what was "in front of her", but Renne told him that the Brights were not involved. Arios promised Renne he would not inform them about her as long as she behaved herself.

Two months later, Renne ran into Lloyd Bannings in Crossbell, who was looking for Colin Hayworth on request of his father as he had gone missing. Renne was disappointed that he barely remembered her, but offered to help him find Colin. Following his rescue from monsters, Colin began crying, even though Renne told him that he was safe. She then broke down and cried alongside him, regretting having to intervene.

The older Hayworths were grateful to see their son safe, who woke up and asked the group where the "girl with violet hair like Papa's" went before falling asleep again. This set off the older Hayworths' memories of their daughter as they explained their past to the team. Lloyd told Renne that it was safe to come out of the closet where she was hiding, appearing to be on the verge of crying as she saw that her parents were plagued by their role in her supposed death. Renne decided not to catch up with her parents, but thanked the team for helping remove one of the obstacles on her way back "home" before she bowed and left, leaving them an invitation to the Schwarze Auction as a gift.

While messing around with the orbal network, Joerg informed her that his repairs on Pater-Mater were complete. Renne in turn was surprised that Joerg had a computer to interfere with the local orbal network, stating that today would be one of the "longest days since the founding of Crossbell". Before she left, Joerg invited her for some afternoon tea, which she accepted.

The SSS and Yin later discover a photo of Renne in the cult's logbook at St. Ursula Medical College. Renne surprised the group and properly identified herself as Enforcer XV, the Angel of Slaughter. Lloyd then asked Renne if she was behind everything in Crossbell but Renne stated that she came to Crossbell for personal reasons. she told them that Joachim was the mastermind who oversaw the Ritual and developed Gnosis. She then told him to inform Estelle and Joshua that she was giving them one final chance to capture her, although she expressed her doubts they would be able to do so. She then warned the team that they would need to protect KeA as she was the "key" to everything.

She later saves the SSS team and the Brights from a demonic Joachim. It is revealed in Trails to Azure that KeA had used her powers to reset time to allow the SSS to intervene and make a lasting influence in Renne's life; without their intervention, Renne would have already left Crossbell by then, resulting in their deaths.

After Joachim's death, Estelle and Joshua were relieved to see her again. Renne believed she had enough fun and that her presence would cause more problems, intending to depart once more, refusing to be caught. Although aware that her parents never hated her and that she should return to them, Estelle and Joshua offered Renne to join their family. Renne was unsure of what to do before Pater-Mater dropped Renne in front of Estelle, which Joshua interpreted as concern for her well-being.

Estelle stated that Tita had been waiting for Renne to return before hugging her as she stated that she accepted her for who she was, causing Renne to cry in her arms. She would spend her time occasionally helping out on bracer work, primarily focusing on the orbal network.

Renne later returns in Trails to Azure, taking on the might of the Aion Type-β. Its Sept-Terrion induced strength is far too much for Pater-Mater which sacrifices itself to take the machine out and protect Renne. Renne is emotionally distraught at losing Pater-Mater but Estelle and Joshua are there to console her. Renne is then formally adopted by the Brights and enrolls at Jenis Royal Academy.

Trails of Cold Steel III[]

Renne is mentioned by Tita as a "friend" who vouched for her to enroll in Thors Branch Campus. Although Renne wanted to visit Erebonia and her hometown, several events prevented her from doing so, but she made a promise with Tita to show off one of their works when they would be able to see each other again. Class VII was able to discern that Renne was very talented based on Tita's description of her.

Trails of Cold Steel IV[]

Renne accompanied Estelle and Joshua in infiltrating the Orchis Tower. She later arrived to help bail Class VII out at Mishelam's marshlands along with Bleublanc from Rufus and his cronies. They were in turn surprised that she was Tita's friend. After the governor and his subordinates retreated, Renne decided to accompany Class VII to help them search for Rean.

Renne met with Rean after he was rescued, finding him to be similar to Loewe. She later returned to her adoptive family to help look for Tita and Scherazard, who had gone missing in the aftermath of the Great Twilight. Class VII and Agate found Tita first, and she would later see her again onboard the Pantagruel.

Before the Great War started, Renne met with her original family, but only Sophia appeared to barely recognize her. She also reassured her father and told him to live for his son and wife, before heading to Hamel with her adoptive siblings. The day before the war, she accompanied her adoptive family to Mishelam Wonderland, where she teased Estelle and Joshua for not being aggressive as she had hoped. When the war started, Renne accompanied Estelle, Joshua, Agate and Tita in infiltrating one of the Salt Pales to help Class VII infiltrate Tuatha De Danann.

She later attended the wedding of Olivert and Scherazard with her friends.

Trails into Reverie[]

Renne joined Cassius, Estelle and Joshua for their first family holiday to Ymir. Estelle and Joshua are not sure if Cassius and Renne have warmed up to each other yet but they all unite to take down Gilbert after he causes trouble aggravating a local boar monster. Renne is also involved in Erika Russell's West Zemurian Tech Union project, pledging her support.

Following the simulacrum Rufus Albarea taking over Crossbell, Renne remained in the city to investigate the Supreme Leader. She soon saw another Rufus, who was accompanying three children. When she noted that he and two of them were slowly succumbing to the Dusken Dancer's performance, she immediately realized that he was the real one and used her arts to cleanse them of the dancer's corruption. Upon hearing of the situation by Rufus, she decided to help him in restoring Lapis' memories and investigating the Supreme Leader. Renne accompanied them to the Rosenberg Studio where Novartis sets up an encounter against two dolls resembling her parents. Renne immediately realises what is going on due to how they address her and destroys them, threatening Novartis not to lay a finger on them. Novartis futilely tries to convince her to rejoin his research but admits defeat. He acknowledges Renne has the ability to use the Astral Code in some way to 'reach him'. Renne is present in the battle at the Knox Prison, and the final battle against Ishmelga Rean in the Retributive Tower.

In Daydream: "Beyond the Reverie - An Unconventional Student", a 17-year-old Renne enrolls at Calvard's Aramis Academy in an effort to gather information about Verne and technology in the Republic while maintaining a low profile. Her skills make her popular and soon she is perceived as a threat by Ronald Griffith, who makes plans to intimidate her using his connections. While she initially wanted to take him down with force, she chose to stop when Agnès Claudel asked her not to. Working with Dingo Brad, Renne instead exposed his misdeeds during an assembly, causing him to hire a gang to murder her. Renne easily overpowered the gang and informed Ronald that his father had also been exposed as a fraud. This results in Ronald dropping out of school and with no other candidates, Renne is forced to take the position of Student Council President.

Trails through Daybreak[]

Renne is still the head of the student council, joined by Agnès Claudel, Odette and Albert. Renne is the one who made the suggestion to Agnès to use Kitty-Web to search the dark net to find the Oct-Geneses and utilise the services of Van Arkride. Renne has been looking out for Agnès from afar and does not make full contact with former acquaintance Van until they run into each other in the Riverside District. Renne recalls how Van was the one who helped her remain hidden from Novartis when she fled the Society after Trails in the Sky SC, and also helped Rosenberg move during the re-independence movement 2 years prior. During this "tea party", Zin Vathek and Kilika Rouran appear and they reminisce about the past. Renne explains how although she isn't a bracer, she does cooperate heavily with the Guild. Due to Van bringing so many memories of the past, she slips into third person before bidding him good night, not wishing to break curfew too much.

Van helps Renne foil an attempt by Ronald Griffith to get revenge on her after investigating suspicious activity near the school. Ronald was using kidnapping and the Dolor Family to accomplish this but is stopped in less than 10 minutes.

Renne heads the Aramis observational study in Basel, using it as an opportunity to talk to some of the leading scientists and engineers in Calvard, as as well as investigate the activities of the Verne Company. The other students are suspicious of her mysterious nature but are appreciative of the interesting things she shows them, including getting to meet Yang Cronkite. Renne suspects something similar to Elysium might be happening on a smaller scale in Basel. She contacts the party to return to Basel immediately once archaisms attack the city, holding them off with her scythe to the surprise of the students. After the battle, she confronts Bill Tausend and calls him out on focusing upon profits instead of safety, using her position as consultant for the ZCF and proxy negotiator for the Epstein Foundation to leverage authority. She helps the party track the culprit to the Abandoned Road and engages Melchior and Olympia in battle. Afterwards, she gets to meet Latoya Hamilton in person for the first time and expresses an interest in talking about the Federation with her.

Renne gets approval to come out past curfew and chat with former acquaintance, back alley doctor Isabelle who is familiar with Renne's work published under pseudonym "Mille Chaton". She can now only publish one big paper every 6 months or so.

Renne acts as a mutual point of contact for Van and the other parties operating in Oración, organising a team up between one of the factions and the Arkride Solutions Office. She is acting as the Guild's supervisor but gives Van the location of the other groups' bases of operation so he can negotiate. Whilst buying black tea in the city, she reunites with Walter, Lucrezia Isselee and Ellroy Harwood and they discuss the Society and the past. Renne tells Van to be extremely cautious with Ellroy and details some of his reputation and past. Harwood seems quite upset that Renne doesn't like him anymore, stating that she used to take some interest in his methods. Later, Renne and Marielle Aymé get dessert and discuss how Renne can get her fulfil Dingo's will. She also knows about Agnès' plan but keeps it a secret. Renne assists Elaine Auclair with finding information on Almata's backers.

In preparation for the Revolution Day, Renne takes on responsibilities for organising the Aramis academic festival. She also attends the party held at the Montmart Bistro. Afterwards, she meets up with Walter again. On Revolution Day, she moves around with the student council. Van is with her when she receives a letter from the Meister Joerg, who wishes her well and congratulates her on her successes. They speculate on his wellbeing before parting ways.

Renne is sucked into a Diabolos Sphere when Pandemonium envelops the city. The sphere forces her to relive traumas from her past until she is rescued by Van and either Walter or Zin. Afterwards, she helps the party realise only people connected to Van are unfrozen and then helps to restart the orbal net. She succeeds in this and then works on helping to remove the barrier that will allow Van and the party to reach Genesis Tower. She attempts to help reach Van in the Infinite Boundary afterwards but cannot pass the barrier. In the New Year, she spends time with her fellow Aramis students.

Trails through Daybreak II[]

Renne returns as a playable character. Ronald Griffin still seeks revenge against her and organises violent attacks on the students in order to discredit Renne. She is absent at the time, but remains in remote contact with Agnès. She returns from her trip a week early to aid the party, just after Swin Abel is stabbed. She joins the group exploring the area beneath the school and helps cut off Altera's escape by sealing off the orbal net in the ruin.

Renne is present on Nemeth Island during the intermission. Agnès has her take part in a volleyball game because she always shoulders everything alone and Agnès wants her to relax more and leave others to fulfil their roles. Renne is the subject of one of Harwood's 'tour' locations, in a facility once operated by the D.G Cult. Lucrezia Isselee and Walter accompany her and when the party arrives, Renne is taken over by another personality which attacks the group. In a series of events that are later removed from continuity, Renne kills Van while in this state; a virus also present finishes the others off. The personality is 'Cross' who Renne explains to the party as one of the childhood friends whose personalities she absorbed during her time in Paradise. She later offers prayers to her deceased friends, who help her one final time by helping to seal the dimensional breach in the Paradise catacombs beneath the island. Agnès surmises that Harwood organized everything to help Renne overcome her trauma.

Renne joins the party in resolving the Erosion events and is also playable in the Marchen Garten. She is in the final party that breaches the Vanity Garden and overcomes Gardenmaster

In a connect event, Van takes Renne out on a faux date to celebrate her eighteenth birthday. He mentions that he is a scumbag but still won't date a high-schooler to which Renne states is a shame. He presents her with a new holo core as a gift: a restored Pater-Mater AI courtesy of her friends and family in Liberl.

Character Notes[]

Trails of Cold Steel IV[]

Renne Bright
Renne Bright Note (Sen IV)
Jenis Royal Academy
A young girl blessed with uncanny intellect. Before being adopted into the Bright family, she served Ouroboros as Enforcer No. XV.
Kitty's Got Claws
Using the handle of 'Kitty,' this curious cat has launched countless hacking attacks, wreaking havoc across the orbal network.
Another Life
Renne may no longer answer to 'Renny,' but she hasn't forgotten her roots. She hopes to one day meet her father again in peace.

Renne Bright Note (Sen IV)

Trails into Reverie[]

Renne Bright
Renne Bright Note (Sen IV)
Jenis Royal Academy
A girl whose incredible intellect is surpassed by few. Before being adopted by the Brights, she was under Ouroboros as Enforcer No. XV, the Angel of Slaughter.
Renne destroys the dolls Professor Novartis made in her biological parents' image, knowing the name they called her is one forever left in her past.
Lunch Date
Renne bumps into the Hayworths as they help to distribute emergency food, and Colin expresses his hopes of sharing a meal with her later.
Family Vacation
Renne celebrates her first vacation as part of the Bright family in Ymir, growing closer to Cassius by the end of it.


Base Stats[]

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Stat[note 1] Total Growth per level
HP 0.775×(Level + 8)×(Level + 9) 1.55×(9 + Old Level)
STR 0.0495×(Level + 16)×(Level + 17) + 20 0.099×(17 + Old Level)
DEF 0.038×(Level + 16)×(Level + 17) 0.076×(17 + Old Level)
ATS 0.0615×(Level + 16)×(Level + 17) 0.123×(17 + Old Level)
ADF 15
DEX 0.001×(Level + 16)×(Level + 17) + 16 0.002×(17 + Old Level)
AGL 0.001×(Level + 16)×(Level + 17) + 4 0.002×(17 + Old Level)
SPD 0.0025×(Level + 16)×(Level + 17) + 12 0.005×(17 + Old Level)
  1. Rounded down, errors may cause differences.


Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Name Acquire Cost Delay Power Targets/Effect
Chain Craft (Sora Skill) Chain 2
Initial 20 CP
30 CP (2nd)
40 CP (3rd)
Special 2: Circle around target (1 radius)
3: Circle around target (2 radius)
Combination Attack - Area (M)
Up to three people charge forth and deal damage.
Delay applied to all participants
Chain Craft (Sora Skill) Chain 3
Level 129 20 CP
30 CP (2nd)
40 CP (3rd)
50 CP (4th)
Special 2: Circle around target (1 radius)
3: Circle around target (2 radius)
4: Circle around target (3 radius)
Combination Attack - Area (L)
Up to four people charge forth and deal damage.
Delay applied to all participants
Craft (Sora Skill) Calamity Throw
Initial 25 CP 25 AT 100 Line centered on target (20 range, 2 width)
Craft - Line - Attack
Throws her scythe, rending foes in its path. [K.O. 10%]
Deathblow (Sora Status) Deathblow (10% chance)
Craft (Sora Skill) Blood Circle 2
Initial 30 CP 30 AT 150 Set circle within move range (3 radius)
Moves user to set point
Craft - Area (M) - Attack (Set)
A spinning attack that hits foes in a wide area. [K.O. 10%]
Deathblow (Sora Status) Deathblow (10% chance)
Craft (Sora Skill) Calamity Throw 2
Level 124 25 CP 25 AT 250 Line centered on target (20 range, 2 width)
Craft - Line - Attack
Uses centrifugal force to increase throwing damage. [K.O. 10%]
Deathblow (Sora Status) Deathblow (10% chance)
S Craft (Sora Skill) Rennede
Initial 100+ CP 35 AT 300 Circle around target (3 radius)
S-Craft - Area (M) - Attack
Cuts through enemy ranks, taking the lives of foes. [K.O. 50%]
Deathblow (Sora Status) Deathblow (50% chance)
S Craft (Sora Skill) Pater-Mater
Memory Door[note 1] 100+ CP 45 AT 530 Line centered on target (16 width)
S-Craft - Line - Attack
Summons Pater-Mater which annihilates all with its cannons.
  1. Pater-Mater is acquired by completing Star Door 10 and returning to the Hermit's Garden.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name Power Break Unbalance Cost Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill) Calamity Throw
C+ A 5% 20 CP Initial
Physical - Line M (Set) - K.O. (50%)
Throws a large rotating scythe in a straight line.
Craft (Sen III Skill) Rennede
S D 30% 80 CP Initial
Magical - Line M+ (Set) - K.O. (20%) Nightmare (20%)
Cuts through the battlefield, taking foes' lives.
S Craft (Sen III Skill) Nemesis Party
4S D No 100+ CP Initial
Magical - All - K.O. (50%)
A dancing attack that seals foes' fate with a giant guillotine.

Trails into Reverie

Name Power Break Unbalance Cost Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill) Calamity Throw
C+ A D+ 20 CP Initial
Physical - Line M (Set) - K.O. (40%)
Throws a large rotating scythe in a straight line.
Craft (Sen III Skill) Calamity Throw 2
B A+ D+ 20 CP Level 112
Physical - Line M (Set) - K.O. (60%)
Tosses a spinning scythe at high velocity, carving into enemies in a straight line.
Craft (Sen III Skill) Rennede
S D A 80 CP Initial
Magical - Line M+ (Set) - Nightmare/K.O. (20%)
Cuts through the battlefield, taking the lives of foes.
Craft (Sen III Skill) Rennede 2
SS D A+ 80 CP Level 196
Magical - Line M+ (Set) - Nightmare/K.O. (50%)
Cuts through the battlefield, taking the lives of all it comes into contact with.
Craft (Sen III Skill) Zodiac Code
50 CP Initial
Support - Self - ATS•ADF•SPD ↑ (M) for 4 turns - Restores 20% EP - Restores 1 BP
Makes supporting arts using a code created to oppose none other than the Astral Code.
S Craft (Sen III Skill) Nemesis Party
4S D No 100+ CP Initial
Magical - All - K.O. (50%)
Slashes with multiple scythes and seals foes' fates with a giant guillotine.
S Craft (Sen III Skill) Nemesis Party 2
4S+ D No 100+ CP Trial Door
Magical - All - K.O. (70%)
Dances around with one's scythe playfully before bringing down decisive punishment.

Trails through Daybreak II

Name Power Range Cost Acquire
Craft (Kuro Skill) Grim Ripper
C+ Area - Cone (L) 60 CP Initial
Support (Kuro Skill) Mistress Serve
Support - Self-Circle (LL) 50 CP Initial
Art (Kuro Skill) Buster Cannon
A+ Area - Line (M) 70 CP Initial
Art (Kuro Skill) Double Buster Cannon
A+ Area - Line (L) 70 CP Level 65
S Craft (Kuro Skill) Gran Rennede
S+ Area - Circle (LL) 100 CP Initial


Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Name Description Location
Scythe (Sora Weapon) Nine Lives
An Enforcer's scythe. Said to be able to claim nine lives at once.
Default weapon of Renne
Scythe (Sora Weapon) Rose Ripper
A giant scythe with saw-like edges across its blade.
Umbral Labyrinth - End
Scythe (Sora Weapon) Camellia Scythe
A scythe with multi-layered blades to cause heavy blood loss.
Sixth Plane
Scythe (Sora Weapon) Bloody Slaughter
A cursed scythe containing the soul of a sadistic killer.
Chest in the Black Ark Stern 2F
Scythe (Sora Weapon) Red Crescent
An ancient scythe resembling a staff with blades on both ends.
The Abyss
Scythe (Sora Weapon) Stella Machina
Once a traveler's. Makes a sound when blood drips down it.
Monster drop: Doppel Renne
Scythe (Sora Weapon) Crimson Scythe
A scythe with a crimson blade. Its form can be changed.
Chest in Castle Phantasmagoria
Scythe (Sora Weapon) Nemesis Ripper
A scythe that emits black light. Made from a strange ore.
Zemurian Ore weapon

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name Description Location
Scythe (Sen III Weapon) Nemesis Rip
STR+910/RNG+2/Critical rate+4%
A scythe that emits a black glow as it shears off the sins and lives of its targets.
Prologue: Default weapon of Renne
Scythe (Sen III Weapon) Nemesis Rip +1
STR+1155/RNG+2/Critical rate+4%
A scythe that emits a black glow as it shears off the sins and lives of its targets.
Act 2: Default weapon of Renne
Scythe (Sen III Weapon) Nemesis Rip +2
STR+1455/RNG+2/Critical rate+4%
A scythe that emits a black glow as it shears off the sins and lives of its targets.
Finale: Default weapon of Renne

Trails into Reverie

Name Description Location
Scythe (Sen III Weapon) Nemesis Ripper
STR+1145/ATS+165/RNG+2/Critical Rate +6%
A sin-seeking scythe that emits a black glow as it shears the lives of its victims.
Scythe (Sen III Weapon) Nemesis Ripper +1
STR+1245/ATS+175/RNG+2/Critical Rate +6%
A sin-seeking scythe that emits a black glow as it shears the lives of its victims.
Scythe (Sen III Weapon) Nemesis Ripper +2
STR+1345/ATS+185/RNG+2/Critical Rate +6%
A sin-seeking scythe that emits a black glow as it shears the lives of its victims.
Scythe (Sen III Weapon) Nemesis Ripper +3
STR+1445/ATS+195/RNG+2/Critical Rate +6%
A sin-seeking scythe that emits a black glow as it shears the lives of its victims.
Scythe (Sen III Weapon) Ixion Scythe
STR+1595/ATS+210/RNG+2/Critical Rate +8%
A burning scythe forged from Black Zemurian Ore. Can be thrown to cinder even the soul to nothing.
Black Zemurian Ore Weapon
Scythe (Sen III Weapon) Ixion Scythe +1
STR+1995/ATS+250/RNG+2/Critical Rate +8%
A burning scythe forged from Black Zemurian Ore. Can be thrown to cinder even the soul to nothing.
Black Zemurian Ore Weapon
Scythe (Sen III Weapon) Sariel's Gore
STR+2495/ATS+300/RNG+2/Critical Rate +8%
A terrifying holy scythe capable of harvesting souls and turning them into power.
Black Zemurian Ore Weapon

Trails through Daybreak II

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
Rose Ripper
Initial gear
[DMG+109 ADMG+39]
Rose Ripper+
U-Material x3 Upgrade
[DMG+117 ADMG+43]
Camellia Scythe
[DMG+263 ADMG+47]
Camellia Scythe+
U-Material x4 Upgrade
[DMG+140 ADMG+52]
Noblesse Arc
[DMG+161 ADMG+60]
Noblesse Arc+
U-Material+ x1 Upgrade
[DMG+183 ADMG+69]
Dark Anthem
[DMG+205 ADMG+77]
Dark Anthem+
U-Material+ x2 Upgrade
[DMG+232 ADMG+87]
Stella Machina
[DMG+255 ADMG+96]
Stella Machina+
U-Material+ x3 Upgrade
[DMG+283 ADMG+107]
White Scythe 'Verdandi'
Black Tamahagane x1
[DMG+312 ADMG+118]
White Scythe 'Verdandi'+
Black Tamahagane x2 Upgrade
[DMG+342 ADMG+129]
White Scythe 'Verdandi' EX
Black Tamahagane x5 Upgrade
[DMG+372 ADMG+140]


Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Line Slot Initial
All Open (Sora Slot) Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent)Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent)Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent) Water (Sora Quartz) Sapphire Gem | Base 803 EP
1 Open (Sora Slot) Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent)Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent)Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent) Wind (Sora Quartz) Absorb
  Open (Sora Slot) Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent)Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent)Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent) Earth (Sora Quartz) Septium Vein
  Open (Sora Slot) Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent)Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent)Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent) Wind (Sora Quartz) Emerald Gem
  Open (Sora Slot) Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent)Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent)Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent) Fire (Sora Quartz) Attack 4
  Open (Sora Slot) Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent)Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent)Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent) Water (Sora Quartz) HP 4
  Open (Sora Slot) Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent)Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent)Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent) Time (Sora Quartz) Death
Combat Orbment (Sora SC 3rd)
Renne (Sora Orbment)

Akatsuki no Kiseki

Line Slot InitialClosed (Akatsuki Slot)Open (Akatsuki Slot) CostBonusSlot Upgrade (Akatsuki Percent)Slot Upgrade Off (Akatsuki Percent)Slot Upgrade (Akatsuki Percent)Slot Upgrade (Akatsuki Percent) CostBonus
Master Master (Akatsuki Slot)
1   Open (Akatsuki Slot) Slot Upgrade (Akatsuki Percent)Slot Upgrade Off (Akatsuki Percent)Earth (Akatsuki Sepith)Water (Akatsuki Sepith)Fire (Akatsuki Sepith)Wind (Akatsuki Sepith)Time (Akatsuki Sepith)Space (Akatsuki Sepith)Mirage (Akatsuki Sepith)×20+ 0 EPEarth (Akatsuki Sepith)Water (Akatsuki Sepith)Fire (Akatsuki Sepith)Wind (Akatsuki Sepith)Time (Akatsuki Sepith)Space (Akatsuki Sepith)Mirage (Akatsuki Sepith)×100+ 37 EP
    Closed (Akatsuki Slot)Earth (Akatsuki Sepith)Water (Akatsuki Sepith)Fire (Akatsuki Sepith)Wind (Akatsuki Sepith)Time (Akatsuki Sepith)Space (Akatsuki Sepith)Mirage (Akatsuki Sepith)×30+ 7 EPEarth (Akatsuki Sepith)Water (Akatsuki Sepith)Fire (Akatsuki Sepith)Wind (Akatsuki Sepith)Time (Akatsuki Sepith)Space (Akatsuki Sepith)Mirage (Akatsuki Sepith)×200+ 50 EP
    Closed (Akatsuki Slot)Earth (Akatsuki Sepith)Water (Akatsuki Sepith)Fire (Akatsuki Sepith)Wind (Akatsuki Sepith)Time (Akatsuki Sepith)Space (Akatsuki Sepith)Mirage (Akatsuki Sepith)×50+ 10 EPEarth (Akatsuki Sepith)Water (Akatsuki Sepith)Fire (Akatsuki Sepith)Wind (Akatsuki Sepith)Time (Akatsuki Sepith)Space (Akatsuki Sepith)Mirage (Akatsuki Sepith)×300+ 75 EP
    Closed (Akatsuki Slot)Earth (Akatsuki Sepith)Water (Akatsuki Sepith)Fire (Akatsuki Sepith)Wind (Akatsuki Sepith)Time (Akatsuki Sepith)Space (Akatsuki Sepith)Mirage (Akatsuki Sepith)×75+ 15 EPEarth (Akatsuki Sepith)Water (Akatsuki Sepith)Fire (Akatsuki Sepith)Wind (Akatsuki Sepith)Time (Akatsuki Sepith)Space (Akatsuki Sepith)Mirage (Akatsuki Sepith)×500+ 100 EP
    Closed (Akatsuki Slot)Earth (Akatsuki Sepith)Water (Akatsuki Sepith)Fire (Akatsuki Sepith)Wind (Akatsuki Sepith)Time (Akatsuki Sepith)Space (Akatsuki Sepith)Mirage (Akatsuki Sepith)×100+ 20 EPEarth (Akatsuki Sepith)Water (Akatsuki Sepith)Fire (Akatsuki Sepith)Wind (Akatsuki Sepith)Time (Akatsuki Sepith)Space (Akatsuki Sepith)Mirage (Akatsuki Sepith)×750+ 150 EP
    Closed (Akatsuki Slot)Earth (Akatsuki Sepith)Water (Akatsuki Sepith)Fire (Akatsuki Sepith)Wind (Akatsuki Sepith)Time (Akatsuki Sepith)Space (Akatsuki Sepith)Mirage (Akatsuki Sepith)×125+ 25 EPEarth (Akatsuki Sepith)Water (Akatsuki Sepith)Fire (Akatsuki Sepith)Wind (Akatsuki Sepith)Time (Akatsuki Sepith)Space (Akatsuki Sepith)Mirage (Akatsuki Sepith)×1000+ 200 EP
Combat Orbment (Akatsuki)

Master (Akatsuki Slot)
Slot L (Akatsuki Slot)
Slot L (Akatsuki Slot)
Slot L (Akatsuki Slot)
Slot L (Akatsuki Slot)
Slot L (Akatsuki Slot)
Slot L (Akatsuki Slot)
Open L (Akatsuki Slot)
Open L (Akatsuki Slot)
Open L (Akatsuki Slot)
Open L (Akatsuki Slot)
Open L (Akatsuki Slot)
Open L (Akatsuki Slot)

Brave Order[]

Trails of Cold Steel IV[]

Name BP Effect
Calamity Sphere
5 Arts Cast Time -50% (4 turns)
AT Advance


Trails in the Sky SC[]

Trails in the Sky the 3rd[]

Trails from Zero[]

Trails to Azure[]

Trails of Cold Steel II[]

Trails of Cold Steel III[]

Trails of Cold Steel IV[]

Trails into Reverie[]

Trails through Daybreak[]

Trails through Daybreak II[]

Akatsuki no Kiseki[]

Sora no Kiseki The Animation[]

Other Media[]


  • Renne and Campanella are the only two characters in the series to appear in at least one game in each arc.
  • Renne's corresponding Tarot number (XV - The Devil) reflects her troubled childhood and the detached sense of empathy, dark thoughts and love of 'Devilish' violence it brought about. Its reversed interpretation represents her freedom from his perspective upon her departure from the Society and acceptance into the Bright family.
  • Despite at a young age, Renne has already obtained three doctorates in the field of chemistry, mathematics and information theory. She publishes regular papers in those fields. She publishes through someone else because she doesn't want someone to find out who she is.[1]


  1. Trails in the Sky the 3rd, Chapter 6: "The Guardians' Trials".