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Reverie Corridor (夢幻回廊) is a space on the ground floor of the Old Schoolhouse of Thors Military Academy, Heimdallr.


The Reverie Corridor It was created by the gnomes and houses some of their finest technology, like the creation of a large-scale phase space, the expansion of flexible materials and the development of the Awakener's trial system.[1] The Reverie Corridor itself, however, is not an official trial and is the result of a disturbance triggered the action of a different trial.[1]


At the end of Trails of Cold Steel II, Epilogue: "Winter's End", the inside of the old schoolhouse transforms into the Reverie Corridor. The area has no fixed structure and changes its layout completely every time the players enters the dungeon from outside. Every time, monsters will revive and treasure chests are reset, allowing players to conquer it as many times as desired. The party can reorganised by talking to any of the team members at the base of the corridor. After reaching certain points, it will become possible to warp back to the base area.[1]

All Class VII members and supporters can temporarily use Overdrive no matter who they are linked with. The amount of link EXP gained in battles has also been increased to three times its usual amount. The enemies in this area are significantly stronger than those in the final chapter and must be approached with due caution. The specifics of enemies fought will be recorded in the "EX: Reverie Corridor" section in the notebook.[1]


  • During development the Reverie Corridor was referred to as the Infinity Labyrinth (無限迷宮) or Reverie Labyrinth (夢幻迷宮). The game's debug mode lists the Infinity Labyrinth under "Special", which would take place after "Crossbell/Epilogue". For more information and screenshots, see the entry on TCRF.


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