Rhett (Sora)

Rhett, an NPC you meet in Rolent

Rhett is an inhabitant of Estelle's hometown of Rolent.

He lives in the residence in the north-western section of the city together with his wife and son.

The interior of her home is rather notable due to the presence of a large number of books and bookcases (which he frequently knocks over by accident); a result of his fondness of collecting and reading them. His hobby has reached so far that he's compelled to buy a new book every time he heads to the store. His fascination with books comes at the cost of his family though and his wife often feels that he is neglecting his family.

When Pat runs off to the Esmelas Tower together with Luke and has to be saved by Estelle, Joshua and Cassius, Rhett is shaken and promises himself to spend more time with his son.


Rhett is the husband of Serra and the father of Pat

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