Ricky (Sora)

Ricky, a NPC met in Grancel

Ricky is an inhabitant of the town of Grancel.

He's usually found hanging out near the department store in the eastern section of the royal city together with his buddy Anton.

While both Anton and Ricky appear to be unemployed and don't really have anything to do other than hang out and do nothing all day long, at least Anton is bugged about the unproductive nature of his present life. (though Ricky notes that Anton's not really looking for a job, but rather looking for HIMSELF)

Ricky, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have any desires or ambitions at all. Unlike many of his fellow citizens, he's not interested in the Martial Arts Competition ("it's just something that happens and then ends") or the political situation unfolding in the city. Perhaps a little too laid-back for his own good, he's perfectly happy to just spend the days sitting on the steps leading up to the department store observing Anton and use his friend's antics to keep himself entertained. His "dream" for the future is simply taking a nap in the castle's garden terrace.

This aspect of Ricky annoys Anton from time to time with the latter feeling that the former is a slacker.

During the Erebonian Civil War Ricky gets separated from Anton on his way to Heimdallr and loses some of his memory. Later he becomes a victim of an airship hijacking by a group of Jaegers.


Ricky is the friend of Anton

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