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Ricky (リックス) is an inhabitant of the town of Grancel.



Ricky is a young man with brown eyes and medium length blonde hair. He wears a smart brown double-breasted jacket with a black and gold trim, untucked white shirt, yellow cravat, green tartan trousers and knee high leather boots.


While both Anton and Ricky appear to be unemployed and don't really have anything to do other than hang out and do nothing all day long, at least Anton is bugged about the unproductive nature of his present life. Ricky, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have any desires or ambitions at all.

Perhaps a little too laid-back for his own good, he's perfectly happy to just spend the days sitting on the steps leading up to the department store observing Anton and use his friend's antics to keep himself entertained. His "dream" for the future is simply taking a nap in the castle's garden terrace. This aspect of Ricky annoys Anton from time to time with the latter feeling that the former is a slacker

Trails in the Sky FC, SC, and the 3rd

He's usually found hanging out near the department store in the eastern section of the royal city together with his buddy Anton.

Unlike many of his fellow citizens, he's not interested in the Martial Arts Competition ("it's just something that happens and then ends") or the political situation unfolding in the city.

Anton and Ricky can be found all over Liberl, with Ricky musing over Anton's efforts to win love, particularly with Aina Holden.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Ricky accompanies Anton to Erebonia, first stopping at Bareahard. After Anton fails to return on time, he submits a request to Class VII to find Anton. They find Anton on the highway and return him to town, to Ricky's relief.

At the start of the October War, Ricky heads to Heimdallr, only to be hit by falling debris. He recovers, but suffers amnesia and wanders around aimlessly across Erebonia trying to figure out who he is. He eventually boards an airship which is hijacked by the Bugbear corps. Class VII, along with Hibelle and Klein, find the airship and expel the hijackers. Ricky is then reunited with Anton, but he initially fails to remember who he is due to his amnesia. He only remembers when Anton's attempts to jog his memory fail miserably.

When Anton attempts to propose to Sharon Kreuger, Ricky watches from afar along with Class VII. Despite Anton messing up at the near end, Sharon nonetheless appreciates his honesty and gifts. Ricky is impressed with Anton's progress and treats him for his efforts.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Ricky does not accompany Anton back to Erebonia, but he is briefly mentioned by him.