Robert, a NPC met in Le Locle Canyon

Robert is a man met at the Bracer Guild's training facility at Le Locle Canyon in Leman where he works as the resident orbal technician.

Trails in the Sky SC

Robert is first introduced while Estelle and Anelace are preparing for field training. After the two bracer trainees are handed their new battle orbments by Kurt, they check in with Robert who re-explains the basics of orbment management to them. The evening after the training session in the Balstar Channel, Robert takes note of a piece of advanced quartz Estelle has with her and tells her about high-level quartz and orbment slot upgrading.

That same night, Estelle and Anelace are woken up by commotion outside and find Robert and distraught Phyllis downstairs together with Kurt who seemingly suffered injuries while holding off a Jaeger attack on the lodge. Before Estelle and Anelace can get their bearings, a Jaeger comes in through the back window who they manage to subdue before being knocked out by a gas canister from a second Jaeger. After the two Bracer trainees wake up in Saint Croix Forest, escape from there and return to the lodge, they find the place a mess with Phyllis and Kurt nowhere to be seen, but shortly after they investigate the place, Robert appears and tells them Kurt bought him some time to get away.

Displaying shame that he wasn't able to help Kurt, Robert points to the Grimsel Fortress on the western side of the canyon after Estelle and Anelace mention that the enemy must have moved to an easy-to-defend location. Since he has no combat skills himself, the two bracers tell Robert to stay at the lodge and try to repair the wrecked phone so reinforcements can be called. After a brief burst of anger over the destruction of the orbal phone, Robert agrees and mentions he'll still take care of any of their orbment needs.

When Estelle and Anelace pursue the hostage takers to the nearby Grimsol Fortress and defeat a third Jaeger waiting for them at the top, they discover the entire attack and hostage situation was a performance by Kurt, Carna and Grant to test their ability and judgement in a real-life crisis situation. After Kurt explains that this sort of simulated crisis is a tradition at Le Locle, Phyllis and Robert walk onto the scene as well and the latter mentions that the ruined phone was a spare and that the original has already been replaced. He also mentions that he was originally supposed to remain in Grimsel Fortress just like Phyllis, but he came to the lodge to see how Estelle and Anelace did with their new combat orbments.

Since Robert remains in Le Locle after Estelle returns to Liberl, he takes no part in any events in the game beyond the prologue.


Robert is a co-worker of Phyllis.

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