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Roer, the Industrial Metropolis, is the capital of the Nortia Province in Erebonia. The city is home to the Reinford Group and is ruled by Marquis Rogner.


Buildings in Roer use a more modern architectural style compared to the rest of Erebonia. The city itself is composed of two levels with two giant escalators located in the center of the city used to traverse between them. The Reinford Group HQ is located on the second level in a formidably sized building. Other attractions of note in Roer are the Roer Cathedral and the Roer Institute of Technology.

The structures built in the city are state-of-the-art and unique within the empire. Orbal turbines and generators surround the city. Its current population is about 200,000 making it the third most populated provincial capital, above only Saint-Arkh. Due its technological advancement and scientific resources such as the institute, Roer is a city where finding scientists and engineers is very easy.


Roer was developed into an industrial city due to the impact of the Reinford Group- the chief manager of the resources mined in the Sachsen Iron Mine and major manufacturer of arms since the middle ages- on the economy. The mine itself is owned by the Imperial Family, however. Cooperation between its ruler, Marquis Rogner, Reinford's founder Gwyn Reinford and Professor G. Schmidt further boosted the city's industrial capabilities. Roer also stands as a vital asset into the empire because of wide variety of products offered by the Reinford Company such as tanks, orbal weapons, and now the ARCUS units with the empire as its main contractor.

Trails of Cold Steel

Roer made its debut when Rean Schwarzer's field study group made a stopover to the city in order to change their transport heading into the Nord Highlands. In September s. 1204, Class VII were assigned to do their field study in Roer, arriving via Olivert Reise Arnor's ship, the Courageous.

Later on, the group received their briefing from Irina Reinford in the Reinford Group's HQ. After completing their tasks on that day however, they witness a confrontation between Nortia's Provincial Army and the RMP. The situation is resolved after the arrival of Captain Claire Rieveldt and Rufus Albarea.

During a late night meeting at Dining Bar F, Claire briefs Rean with information regarding the recent movements of the ILF, the involvement of the Noble Faction through funding, the inspection of the 1st Factory, and other things that are connected to recent events. On the next day, they went on to finish their task on the morning.

As the group went back from the outskirts of the city, the 2nd Factory was engulfed to flames by an archaism transported to the factory prior to its monthly shipments. Rean and co. then assisted to the rescue and barely managing to defeat the archaism before Captain Claire arrived to help . The arson was just a decoy however and the Sachsen Iron Mine was successfully captured by the ILF.

The rescue should've been fiary straightforward but the Nortia Provincial Army blockaded the mine entrance stopping the RMP from proceeding further. Without any way to proceed into the mine, their group return into the city in which they met up with Angelica Rogner, George Nome and a video call from Towa Herschel. She stated that the nobles and the staff of the 1st Factory conspired with the Noble Alliance to smuggle the iron ores mined at the Sachsen Iron Mine into unknown hands.

The group obtained a key from Irina to a secret emergency corridor connected to the Iron Mine and Class VII proceeded to rescue the miners. In the midst of their rescue operation, Crow volunteered to escort the first miners they have found into the emergency corridor. Class VII and Angelica ended up confronting Vulcan and then "C" whom were defeated and escaped via orbal airship. However, the ship was shot by an unknown element and exploded.

Meanwhile, the RMP received a full authorization from the emperor to assess the iron mine with Prince Olivert as the liaison and the Provincial Army was disgraced for their neglect of duty. As the conflict ended and the Class VII returned into Trista, Angelica received an order from her father to return home as he formally broke his ties to the academy.

Trails of Cold Steel II

In December 22 s. 1204, the Courageous received a transmission call from Angelica Rogner requesting assistance in confronting her father. Class VII decided to head into Roer to assist her and to rescue Alisa's mothe, following Heidel Rogner takeover of the company .Rean and company then headed on to investigate the city and to search for Angelica whom was disguised as a nun. They then came up with a three stage plan.

First, Rean and co. went on to Sachsen Iron Mine to rescue Irina and found the mine under the watch of Jaegers. They then rushed into the Eisengraf to save Alisa's mother.

secondly, They then used the Eisengraf to head into Reinford HQ via cargo area and divided into groups to secure the structure from Heidel Rogner. In the CEO room, Rean and Co. fought and defeated a specialized Archaism programmed with Eight Leaves One Blade techniques. In the end, Irina arrived with Sharon and knocked out Hiedel.

Finally, Angelica rallied her loyal soldiers and attacked the Schwarz Drache Barrier. She then fought and defeated her father on a one-on-one fist brawl fight with their Soldats until Vulcan intervened and requested a final fight with Rean and Valimar. He was however defeated and despite effort to save him, died in a resulting explosion.

Later on, the Marquis declared his province's neutrality in the war efforts of the Noble Alliance and pledged his full support to the Imperial Family. Henceforth, Roer was declared to be liberated from the alliance.


Upper Level

Reinford Group Building

Roer Cathedral

Roer Institute of Technology

Hotel Lagrange

RF Arms

  • Karen

Dining Bar - F

  • Almina
  • Grand
  • Professor Connelly

Residence 1

  • Vanilla


  • Biblio
  • Crome
  • Old Lady Natalie
  • Gibbons
  • Security Guard Cave
  • Chief Sandy
  • Sisna
  • Maggie

Lower Level

Jackass Repair Shop

  • Jackass

Residence 2

  • Selene

RF Store

  • Edy
  • Meisser

Dvance's Diner

  • Factory Worker Logg
  • Yuuna (Adopted Daughter)
  • Dvance (Adoptive Father)

Boronia's Daily Goods

  • Old Lady Boronia


  • Security Guard Ogma
  • Todd
  • Locomo
  • Factory Worker Garon
  • Engineer Freke
  • Spilert
  • Drossel
  • Linda