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Roer, the Industrial Metropolis, is the capital of the Nortia Province. The city is home to the Reinford Group and is ruled by Marquis Rogner.


Buildings in Roer use a more modern architectural style compared to the rest of Erebonia. The city itself is composed of two levels with two giant escalators located in the center of the city used to traverse between them. The Reinford Group HQ is located on the second level in a formidably sized building. Other attractions of note in Roer are the Roer Cathedral and the Roer Institute of Technology.


Upper Level

Reinford Group Building

Roer Cathedral

Roer Institute of Technology

Hotel Lagrange

RF Arms

  • Karen

Dining Bar - F

  • Almina
  • Grand
  • Professor Connelly

Residence 1

  • Vanilla


  • Biblio
  • Crome
  • Old Lady Natalie
  • Gibbons
  • Security Guard Cave
  • Chief Sandy
  • Sisna
  • Maggie

Lower Level

Jackass Repair Shop

  • Jackass

Residence 2

  • Selene

RF Store

  • Edy
  • Meisser

Dvance's Diner

  • Factory Worker Logg
  • Yuuna (Adopted Daughter)
  • Dvance (Adoptive Father)

Boronia's Daily Goods

  • Old Lady Boronia


  • Security Guard Ogma
  • Todd
  • Locomo
  • Factory Worker Garon
  • Engineer Freke
  • Spilert
  • Drossel
  • Linda


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