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The Roer Institute of Technology (ルーレ工科大学) is a technology university and research institute in Roer, Erebonia. Professor G. Schmidt, one of Professor C. Epstein's disciples, serves as president of the Roer Institute of Technology.


Roer is the centre of Erebonia's heavy industry, in which the Roer Institute of Technology plays an important role. The Institute is mainly focused on research and development of orbal technology, resulting in new inventions and orbal appliances that have yet to be commercialised.

Many talented technicians in Erebonia have studied at the Institute and many of these start working at Reinford after graduation.

List of inventions

  • Courageous
  • Orbal bike (導力バイク), a prototype developed by the Roer Institute of Technology and finished by Thors Military Academy students George Nome. He still sends the Roer Institute of Technology periodic reports detailing everything he does with the orbal bike.
  • Orbal video camera (導力ビデオカメラ), tested by George Nome by recording his classmates' performance at the Thors School Festival.
  • Orbal computer OS (導力端末のOS), co-developed by Makarov.
  • Remote-controlled car (導力ラジコン), in development by students.

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