Rolent (ロレント地方) is a region in the northeast of Liberl. It borders on the Bose region to the west, the Grancel region in the south, the Calvard Republic to the east and the Erebonian Empire to the north. Its provincial capital is the City of Rolent.



Rolent - City 2 (Sky1)

City of Rolent, also known as the Provincial City, is the regional capital of the Rolent region in Liberl. Rolent is specialised in agriculture and septium mining. The Malga Mine to its north is rich in a specific variety of septium known as esmelas.

Rolent - Perzel Farm 2 (Sky1)

Perzel Farm is a farm located to the west of the City of Rolent.  They are known for growing some of the freshest fruits and vegetables in the region. Most of Rolent get their food supplies from them.

Malga Mine (FC)

Malga Mine is a mine located north of the City of Rolent. Malga Mine is where Rolent gets most of its sepith from, esmelas in particular, to use as export goods.

Liberl - Bright Family House 4 (Sky1)

Bright Family House is the family home of Cassius Bright and his (adopted) children: EstelleJoshua and Renne.

Rolent - Mistwald 3 (SC)

Mistwald Forest is a forest located to the south of the City of Rolent. As the name implies, it is a misty area full of fog.

Rolent - Esmelas Tower 9 (Sky1)

Esmelas Tower is one of the Tetracyclic Towers, four ancient towers dating back to before the Great Collapse. It is named after the septium of wind.

Military installations

Grancel - Sanktheim Gate 1 (FC)

Gurune Gate is a border gate that serves as a guarded checkpoint between the Rolent and Grancel region. The gate is part of the Ahnenburg Wall.

Rolent - Verte Bridge 1 (Sky1)

Verte Bridge is a drawbridge that serves as a guarded checkpoint between the regions Bose and Rolent in Liberl.



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