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Rosine (ロジーヌ) is a Squire among the Gralsritter of the Septian Church, and a student of Thors Military Academy.



Rosine is a young woman with short blonde hair and bright blue eyes. As a student or in public appearances, Rosine wears the standard green Thors uniform for commoners. When working part-time at the church, or as an assistant Graslritter, she wears the dark violet nuns' outfit for Church sisters including a long black dress and habit.

Rosine uses a small brown crossbow in combat, and is able to fire off strong arts and crafts using it.


Rosine is a very kind and polite young woman, believing in the church and for what they stand for. She cares much about others as she does for herself, even in wanting to help heal others both physically and mentally of what they have been through. She is frequently seen doing charitable work around Trista and later Leeves and is always appreciative and helpful to everyone helping her with her duties, such as the collection of records. She is also very adaptive and reliable, working under several different superiors and following their instructions loyally.


Rosine enrolled in Class V of Thors Military Academy in March S.1204.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

As she attended church in her hometown on a regular basis as well, she signed up as a sister at the chapel in Trista rather than joining a club at the academy. Sister Ornella of the Trista Chapel wondered why someone with a kindhearted personality like Rosine signed up at a military academy in the first place.

Throughout the games, she is seen talking to Instructor Thomas Lysander, who commends her on her diligent work for the Church. In March S.1205, Rosine is revealed to be a Squire of the Gralsritter supporting Thomas as the Second Dominion. They reveal themselves to only Rean Schwarzer, Awakener of the Divine Knight Valimar, to gain his support.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

Rosine quickly makes herself known to Rean during his first field exercise with his new class in The Sutherland Province. She is still helping her superior, Thomas to collect and translate the Black Records and asks Rean to contact her should he find any more on his travels around the country.

Rosine returns later to help protect the Heimdallr cathedral whilst Thomas and Roselia breif Class VII on the situation in Erebonia. She participates in the battle against the Magic Knights which manifest across the city, combing her crafts with Thomas' partitions and Vita Clotilde's magic. She stays behind to guard St. Astraia Girls' School whilst the main group proceeds to the Gral of Erebos.

After the Great Twilight, Rosine helps Gaius on board his Merkabah, although she does still meet with Thomas frequently as well. As Gaius transports Class VII across the country, Rosine looks after the transportation, including when it is damaged by the Aion Type-α and is temporarily taken out of commission.

Trails into Reverie

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Rosine is present alongside Thomas on the Second Merkabah during the attack on Reverse Babel.

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Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Rosine Note (Sen).png Year 1 Class V (Unaffiliated)
A deeply spiritual, noble-minded girl. Can get along with just about anyone.
She gives off a different impression to people when she wears her habit, a fact she's concerned about.

Rosine Note (Sen).png 1年 V組 【無所属】

Trails of Cold Steel II

Rosine Note (Sen).png Year 1 Class V (Unaffiliated)
A polite, kind girl who wants to be a sister of the church in the future. Helps out at the chapel in Trista.
Studying Medicine
While staying in Celdic, she decided to start seriously studying the art of making medicine.
Healing Hearts
Hoping to help heal the wounds in the hearts of Celdic's people, she asked for Class Vll’s help with a concert.
Reunion in Trista
Returning to the chapel in Trista after its liberation, she was reunited with the children of the town again.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Rosine Note (Sen III).png
Septian Church
One of Rean's former schoolmates. She now works as a Sister at Leeves Chapel, but is actually a squire of the Gralsritter.
Busy Squire
After performing her Sisterly duties all day, she spends her evenings translating the Black Records. When does she sleep?
Tender Smile
Her concern for Rean is clear in her smile. Seeing it, even Rean is taken aback by its tenderness.

Rosine Note (Sen III).png

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Rosine Note (Sen III).png
Septian Church
A nun from the Leeves Chapel. When Thomas acts in his capacity as Second Dominion, she serves him as his squire.
Acting Captain
Rosine took command of Gaius' Merkabah in his absence. She has plenty of experience from filling in for Thomas.
For the Kids
Rosine visited Leeves before the final battle. She joined the chapel there as part of her duties, but has grown close to the children.

Rosine Note (Sen III).png


Trails of Cold Steel I, II, III, and IV


  • Rosine resembles the eponymous heroine of Red Moon Rose in both name and appearance. However, her similarities are likely just a coincidence since the story is based around Roselia Millstein.
  • The son of Keynes, Kay, has a crush on Rosine.


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