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Rosine (ロジーヌ) is a Squire among the Gralsritter of the Septian Church, an apprentice sister at the Trista Chapel and a student of Thors Military Academy.


Rosine enrolled in Class V of Thors Military Academy in March S.1204.

As she attended church in her hometown on a regular basis as well, she signed up as a sister at the chapel in Trista rather than joining a club at the academy. Sister Ornella of the Trista Chapel wondered why someone with a kindhearted personality like Rosine signed up at a military academy in the first place.

Throughout the games, she is seen talking to Instructor Thomas Lysander, who commends her on her diligent work for the Church. In March S.1205, Rosine is revealed to be a Squire of the Gralsritter supporting Thomas as the Second Dominion. They reveal themselves to only Rean Schwarzer, Awakener of the Divine Knight Valimar, to gain his support.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Rosine Note (Sen) Year 1 Class V (Unaffiliated)
A deeply spiritual, noble-minded girl. Can get along with just about anyone.
She gives off a different impression to people when she wears her habit, a fact she's concerned about.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Rosine Note (Sen) Year 1 Class V (Unaffiliated)
A polite, kind girl who wants to be a sister of the church in the future. Helps out at the chapel in Trista.
Studying Medicine
While staying in Celdic, she decided to start seriously studying the art of making medicine.
Healing Hearts
Hoping to help heal the wounds in the hearts of Celdic's people, she asked for Class Vll’s help with a concert.
Reunion in Trista
Returning to the chapel in Trista after its liberation, she was reunited with the children of the town again.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Rosine Note (Sen III)
Septian Church
One of Rean's former schoolmates. She now works as a Sister at Leeves Chapel, but is actually a squire of the Gralsritter.
Busy Squire
After performing her Sisterly duties all day, she spends her evenings translating the Black Records. When does she sleep?
Tender Smile
Her concern for Rean is clear in her smile. Seeing it, even Rean is taken aback by its tenderness.

Rosine Note (Sen III)


Trails of Cold Steel III


  • Rosine resembles the eponymous heroine of Red Moon Rose in both name and appearance.
  • The son of Keynes, Kay, has a crush on Rosine.


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