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Roy Gramheart (ロイ・グラムハート) is the 23rd president of the Calvard Republic, succeeding Samuel Rocksmith.



Roy Gramheart is a tall man with brown eyes, swept-back hair and a fierce expression. He wears a gray-brown blazer and trousers over a white collar shirt with the top button loose, brown shoes and a gold buckled belt. He also possesses a wrist watch and red handkerchief in his blazer pocket.


Although Roy is initially represented as a polite, well-mannered leader, he is a skilled politician, being capable of identifying threats and is solely interested in Calvard's benefit. He is willing to break treaties behind the scenes and vaguely threaten other nations into submission. Lechter Arundel considers him to be even more troublesome than Rocksmith because of said ambitions. He had a wide range of supporters with his casual but reliable attitude, but made that support even stronger by giving back the compensation from the Erebonian Empire to the people in order to revitalize Calvard’s economy.

He is known for making quick decisions, and instead of taking a time-consuming “reconciliation” approach to matters, he tends to mock those attempts as “competition” and diverts the energy spent on that to a different cause. In his politics he understands that it may create new and unnoticeable divisions between his people, but seems confident that will be manageable.[1]

Beneath the professional side and ambitions, Gramheart has a soft spot for her daughter and cares for her well being. In the game, it is evidenced that he still follows her academic performance in school and part time job closely of her. He allows her to do part-time work as long as she can maintain his expectations.


Before Gramheart's Patriot Party was formed, Roy was a member of the republican party and was close friends with Samuel Rocksmith. In S. 1206, Gramheart ran as the candidate for the opposition party in the election for the presidency of the Republic of Calvard against Samuel Rocksmith. He campaigned against the current president's policies on immigration as well as his soft response to Erebonian expansion. Gramheart easily won election and became slated to become president in S.1207.

In the aftermath of the Great War, as president-elect, he forced Rocksmith to demand astronomical reparations from the Erebonian Empire. Once he took office, he distributed those funds among the populace, making him very popular among Calvard's people.

Trails into Reverie[]

After the Retributive Tower's appearance and Elysium's threat to destroy Baratie Air Force Base, Gramheart contacts the Crossbellian Goverment, represented by Henry MacDowell, and offers that the Republic Army of Calvard could assist in its destruction, an action which would likely result in Crossbell's renewed occupation. He additionally states that he will be forced to deploy the army to protect the nation's interests if the weapon is not dealt with in time, but the group is already aware of his motives. They manage to destroy the Retributive Tower before it could fire once more, thereby keeping Crossbell safe from Gramheart's intentions.

At some point after the second Crossbell incident, with the help of MTSC and a CID intermediary, Gramheart managed to barge into a meeting between the Grandmaster, McBurn and F. Novartis in the Celestial Globe. Despite the Grandmaster referring to him as their most formidable opponent for their next plan, Gramheart states that he actually came to negotiate with her, promising to not interfere with the Society's Eternal Recurrence Plan in return for them not disrupting his research into other "possible worlds". The Grandmaster agrees to his request.

Trails through Daybreak[]

Roy makes his first appearance on a televised speech to the nation about their prosperity over the last two years and Calvard's prominence on the World Stage. Van Arkride considers him overbearing but the real deal.

It is Gramheart that gives the order for the Marduk Company to move in and add additional security when Basel is attacked by archaisms.

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During the events of Kuro, it is revealed that Roy Gramheart is Agnès Claudel's father.

Roy has his own ambitions at play during the events of the game. René Kincaid becomes his personal aide and is brought into the fold, along with Yang Cronkite and Hermes. MTSC and the Ikaruga are also employed to assist his aims. The group are working on something called the Zeque Space Military Base to revolutionise the Republic and the world.

Gramheart is preoccupied in the aftermath of Creil's demise and René takes over addressing the nation to inform them of the event. When Agnès' makes her resolve to go to Oración, Roy approves it as long as she acts with responsibility and he advises her to make use of her resources and unique position, giving her a time limit of three days for which he will cover for her before sending in the military.

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Gramheart gives a speech on Revolution Day to roaring crowds, in memorial to those lost and announcing the next stage in Calvard's military technology: the IX Alba airships, Assault Frames and Shedal series tanks. His approval ratings have soared following the swift resolution of the incident.

When Almata and Garden manifest Genesis Tower through the use of the seventh Genesis Roy takes to the field himself in the Vantaille District piloting a new Assault Frame to help destroy the Diabolos Pillars. Gerard comments that there is something special about his bloodline and that he has been working with shadowy groups. when the tower dissipates, Gramheart brushes it off to the public as him wanting to surprise everyone, wishing them a happy Revolution Day.

He can be seen watching from the window of his home when Van drops his daughter back.


Trails into Reverie[]

Trails through Daybreak[]

Trails through Daybreak II[]

Kai no Kiseki: Farewell, O Zemuria[]



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