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Roy Gramheart (ロイ・グラムハート) is the 23rd president of the Calvard Republic, succeeding Samuel Rocksmith.



Although Roy is initially represented as a polite, well-mannered leader, he is a skilled politician, being capable of identifying threats and is solely interested in Calvard's benefit. He is willing to break treaties behind the scenes and vaguely threaten other nations into submission. Lechter Arundel considers him to be even more troublesome than Rocksmith because of said ambitions.


In S. 1206, Gramheart ran as the candidate for the opposition party in the election for the presidency of the Republic of Calvard against Samuel Rocksmith. He campaigned against the current president's policies on immigration as well as his soft response to Erebonian expansion. Gramheart easily won election and became slated to become president in S.1207.

In the aftermath of the Great War, as president-elect, he forced Rocksmith to demand astronomical reparations from the Erebonian Empire. Once he took office, he distributed those funds among the populace, making him very popular among Calvard's people.

Hajimari no Kiseki

After Reverse Babel's appearance and Elysium's threat to destroy Baratie Air Force Base, Gramheart contacts the Crossbellian Goverment, represented by Henry MacDowell, and offers that the Republic Army of Calvard could assist in its destruction, an action which would likely result in Crossbell's renewed occupation. He additionally states that he will be forced to deploy the army to protect the nation's interests if the weapon is not dealt with in time, but the group is already aware of his motives. They manage to destroy Reverse Babel before it could fire once more, thereby keeping Crossbell safe from Gramheart's intentions.

At some point after the second Crossbell incident, with the help of MTSC and a CID intermediary, Gramheart managed to barge into a meeting between the Grandmaster, McBurn and F. Novartis in the Celestial Globe. Despite the Grandmaster referring to him as their most formidable opponent for their next plan, Gramheart states that he actually came to negotiate with her, promising to not interfere with the society's Eternal Recurrence Plan in return for them not disrupting his research into other "possible worlds". The Grandmaster agrees to his request.

Kuro no Kiseki

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