Ruan (ルーアン地方) is the westernmost region in Liberl. It borders on the Azelia Bay to the west, the Zeiss region to the southeast, Valleria Lake to the east and the Bose region to the north. Its provincial capital is the City of Ruan.



Ruan - City of Ruan 1 (FC)

City of Ruan, also known as the Seaside City, is the regional capital of the Ruan region in Liberl. Ruan is a harbour city in the west of Liberl, looking out upon Azelia Bay. It was formerly a major seaport, flourishing under ocean trade and transportation.

Ruan - Manoria Village 1 (FC)

Manoria Village is a small village located between Krone Pass and the City of Ruan. It is renowned for its wonderful scenery, its views and exquisite seafood cuisine. Manoria's most famous tourist spot is its gigantic windmill.

Ruan - Mercia Orphanage 2 (FC)

Mercia Orphanage is an orphanage. It is currently run by Matron Theresa. During the Hundred Days War, founders Theresa and Joseph took in a young Klaudia von Auslese who had just lost her parents and raise her as their own until her relatives came to reclaim her.

Ruan - Jenis Royal Academy 1 (FC)

Jenis Royal Academy is an internationally renowned private a school. It is reputed to have a strict entrance examination process. The school hosts an annual festival each year with the proceeds going to charity.

Ruan - Sapphirl Tower 1 (SC)

Sapphirl Tower is one of the Tetracyclic Towers, four ancient towers dating back to before the Great Collapse. It is named after the septium of water.
Military installations

Bose - Krone Pass 1 (FC)

Krone Pass is a guarded checkpoint between the regions Bose and Ruan in Liberl.

Air-Letten (FC Evo)

Air-Letten is a guarded checkpoint between the regions Ruan and Zeiss in Liberl.

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