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Rudolf Arundel (ルドルフ・アランドール) was the commander of the 13th Armored Division that spearheaded the Hundred Days War, who was later charged and executed for staging the Tragedy of Hamel.



Rudolf was born in S.1154, living in Lamare Province.

He was a nobleman on paper, a position he had earned for his efforts in the Imperial Army of Erebonia as the commander of the 13rd Armored Division. However, his position within the nobility was the lowest rank and he and his family were treated as commoners.

Within the army, Rudolf assumed an anti-commoner stance and closely followed the big noblemen.

His wife bore him a son, Lechter, but she eventually decided to divorce him.

Hundred Days War

Main article: Hundred Days War

In S.1192, at the age of 38, he told his son Lechter that he would be out for a while. He promised him that if his mission were to succeed, they would move to a bigger house and possess greater territory.

In April S.1192, following the massacre in Hamel, Erebonia declared war on Liberl. Charging into Liberl as the commander of the 13th Armored Division. After a swift, initial invasion, Liberl's counter-offensive proved to be highly efficient. After three months of warfare, Erebonia suddenly signed a cease-fire agreement.


Main article: Tragedy of Hamel

After his return to Erebonia, Rudolf was forced to reap what he had sowed. In an secret court-martial, he was charged with the employment of jaeger dropouts to carry out the massacre of Hamel. That was the conclusion of Brigadier General Giliath Osborne, who was tasked with the investigation on authority of Emperor Eugent III and had confidential negotiations with Alicia von Auslese, the queen of Liberl.

Rudolf was found guilty and executed in S.1192. Hamel was erased from the map and his son was taken in by then-Chancellor Giliath Osborne, who selected Lechter as one of his Ironbloods.