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Rufus Albarea ( ルーファス・アルバレア), also known as Jade Rook (翡翠の城将(ルーク・オブ・ジェイド)), is introduced as the oldest son of Duke Helmut Albarea, head of one of the Four Great Houses, and half brother to Jusis Albarea.


Rufus Albarea is a hard person to define and a even harder person to define his true alliances. While he maintains a always calm persona, it is hard to see what he thinks or whether he is being honest at times.

He seems to care for his younger brother, Jusis Albarea and his father, the former Duke Albarea, but even that is unsure. Rufus can therefore be defined as someone who holds his cards close to his chest.

He is an expert at court-style dueling.

Rufus is the primary member of the Ironbloods, the governor general of Crossbell during its imperial occupation and former chief of staff of the Noble Alliance.


Trails of Cold Steel III reveals, however, that Rufus is not related to Helmut Albarea at all: he was born as the extramarital son of the wife of the duke and the duke's younger, now banished brother. The duke knew, however, but to uphold the honour of House Albarea, Rufus was treated as his own child.[1][Note 1]

When the duke's legitimate son Jusis was born through a relationship with a commoner, he kept Jusis at a distance since he had commoner blood running through his veins.[1]


At the end of the Hundred Days War, the commoner-born chancellor Giliath Osborne was elected and restrained the Four Great Houses. In S.1194, at the age of 17, Rufus is tasked by his father to threaten Osborne and employs the jaeger corps Arngarmr. Osborne, however, saw through Rufus' plan and had the entire corps assassinated, leaving Vulcan as the only survivor.[Note 2]

Osborne Attack Plan - Flashback (Sen III)

Rufus with Giliath Osborne at the falconry. (Trails of Cold Steel III)

Rufus is invited to a falconry competition in Heimdallr by Baron Teo Schwarzer, who taught Rufus a lot about the practice and its etiquettes. It is at the falconry where Rufus meets the man who turned the tables on his plan: Osborne had already worked out that Rufus was behind the attempted assault. He approaches Rufus to ask whether he was bored enough to want to play with fire and argues his life must be hollow carrying out the wishes of his family only because they are family. Osborne continues by expressing his anticipation toward the day that Rufus would overcome his father.[1]

Rufus joined Osborne's group of Ironbloods as its primary member.[3][Note 3] Realising that he may be nothing but a substitute son for Osborne, he stresses that Osborne is very special to him and the other Ironbloods.[1] They pledge full loyalty to him, not unlike how the Anguis of Ouroboros pledged their loyalty to the Grandmaster.

Trails of Cold Steel

On behalf of Duke Albarea, Rufus deals with business both within the Kreuzen Province managed by his father as well as negotiating and coordinating with the rulers of other provinces. Citizens of Bareahard hold great pride in Rufus, whose abilities on his age are rivalled only by Prince Olivert Reise Arnor. Both are said to dominate high society conversations. 

Alongside Olivert Reise Arnor, Irina Reinford and Carl Regnitz, Rufus served as a director for the Thors Military Academy

Trails of Cold Steel II

During the Erebonian Civil War, Rufus served as the chief of staff of the Noble Alliance. His reputation as a genius military strategist, who is said to hold nothing back in battle, served Duke Cayenne, leader of the Noble Alliance, to the utmost of his abilities.

On 31 December S.1204, Rufus reveals himself as the primary member of the Ironblood, operating under his alias "Jade Rook". Whereas the other Ironblood members knew there was a primary member, they had no idea who it was until he revealed his true colours that day.

Immediately after taking Duke Cayenne captive, Chancellor Giliath Osborne tasked his foremost Ironblood with the annexation of Crossbell. With the combined force of the Imperial Army of Erebonia (approximately 70%) and the Provincial Armies previously under command of the Noble Alliance, the combined powers of the Crossbell Expeditionary Force (クロスベル征討軍)[6] was enough to annex Crossbell without bloodshed.

Rufus Albarea was then appointed the first Governor-General of Crossbell.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Rufus Albarea - Iron Knight (Sen IV)

Rufus in prepration for the Rivalry against Rean Schwarzer (Trails of Cold Steel IV)

On 15 August, S.1206, Rufus takes the trial to become the Awakener of El-Prado, the Golden Deus-Excellion, in Crossbell's Marshlands.

During the Third Rivalry between Rean Schwarzer/Crow Armbrust and Arianrhod, after Arianrhod was defeated and subdued, Rufus came out of hiding and fatally stabbed Arianrhod's Argreion in the back, causing El-Prao to absorb it, giving it power and newfound wings. This brought the nearly-300 year old Arianrhod's long life to an end.

Rufus wielding Ishnard (Sen IV)

Rufus wielding Divine Blade Ishnard (Trails of Cold Steel IV)

Later, Rufus and Rean finally got a chance to hold the Fifth Rivalry when Rufus fought alongside Black Alberich as the 4th roadblock the party faced in Tuatha De Danann. During this battle, Rufus wielded the golden Holy Blade Ishnard (聖剣イシュナード), a weapon the founding fathers of the House of Albarea used to defeat Nosferatu.[7] Fighting alongside Rean and Crow, Jusis Albarea then reveals its silver counterpart, Holy Blade Elverts (聖剣エルヴァース), which he had delivered to him by their butler, Arno.[7]

After the battle, Alberich's true identity (Franz Reinford) began to resurface and he exited the area. Rufus then summoned El-Prado, and together with some assistant Magic Knights, he battled Rean, Crow, and the Soldats of New Class VII. He was defeated, and this caused El-Prado to be absorbed into Valimar. The group noted how Rufus's greed and inability to work with others is what led to his downfall, in contrast to Class VII who's bonds allowed them to triumph over him. Jusis condemned Rufus and knocked him out afterwards.

Later, Rufus was arrested, having turned himself in in order to ensure that his fellow Ironbloods would not be arrested, as they would be needed to help keep Erebonia stabilized in the aftermath of the World War.



Trails of Cold Steel

Trails of Cold Steel II

Trails of Cold Steel III

Trails of Cold Steel IV


  • Rufus (as a human) is the only non-playable character with an S-Craft in Trails of Cold Steel IV that is only fought once in the game. All of the others, even including Rufus' superior, are fought at least twice.



  1. Exact year unknown. Rufus is 29 years old in S.1206, meaning he was born in ca. S.1177. It is unknown whether Helmut Albarea was a duke at this point in time already.
  2. It happened "[b]ack when Osborne got his seat as the chancellor",[2] and "12 years ago" as seen from S.1206.[3]
  3. Exact period unknown. Rufus is called the primary member of the Ironbloods, but Giliath Osborne met Lechter Arundel before him.[4][5]


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