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Rutger Claussell (ルトガー・クラウゼル), also known as the Jaeger King (猟兵王), was the leader of the jaeger corps Zephyr and foster father of Fie.



As corps commander of the jaeger corps Zephyr, active in the northern regions of Zemuria, Rutger earned himself the alias of Jaeger King. In S.1203, Rutger and his long-time rival Baldur Orlando of the Red Constellation corps fought each other until both lost their lives. It was revealed in Trails of Cold Steel IV that their battle was actually orchestrated by Black Alberich, near the resting place of Zector. The continuous battle for three days and night straight served for the reappearance of a pseudo-Rivalry.

After his death, the members of Zephyr each went their own way and Sara Valestein, who witnessed the decisive battle, took in Fie. Zephyr regiment commanders Xeno and Leonidas hinted at Rutger's revival at the end of their battle against Class VII in the Infernal Castle during the Erebonian Civil War.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

Rutger was indeed revived as an Immortal at the hands of the Gnomes to become the Awakener of Zector, the Palatinate Knight. After his revival, he resumed corps duties with Xeno and Leonidas. He followed the Gnomes' instructions to gather information, which led him to a chance encounter with Fie near the ruined village of Hamel. He stood once again before Class VII before Juno Naval Fortress, but stepped aside per Aurelia Le Guin's intervention. He got his chance to fight with the group in the Gral of Erebos, where he fought alongside Shirley Orlando, Kreuger and Siegfried against Fie and Sara, among others.

With the Great Twilight ushered in, Rutger continued following the Gnomes' orders and visited Hamel once again in his search for a stage for his Rivalry. In the end, the Draco Shrine would come to serve as the stage for his Rivalry. His decisive battle against the combination of Valimar-piloting Rean Schwarzer and Ordine-piloting Crow Armbrust ended in his loss and, with it, his final death. Watching over his beloved daughter Fie, complimenting her growth, he peacefully vanished.


Trails of Cold Steel II

Trails of Cold Steel III

Trails of Cold Steel IV


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